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Is ObamaCare Self Funded?

Many people have said that there is no way Obama care can be totally self funding, it has to be subsidized by Federal funds. If this is true, from where are the funds generated?

Union’s Say ObamaCare is not a Group Policy?

Our company has one employee who was on a Teamsters health plan. The company paid his portion of the health costs, and he paid prox $4.00 – $5.00 per Hour to cover his wife. Combined with his other union dues, this left his wages at almost poverty level to care for his family. The employee
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Do I Qualify as Full-Time with Seasonal Hours?

I’m not sure if this is the right place to ask these questions, but I will. I work for a school district in New Jersey. I have been hired for 20 hours per week, but there are times additional hours are available. In the summer months, June, July, and August, I have worked 40 hours
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Am I Exempt If I Moved From Outside of US?

My sister came to U.S on September 2014. I am supporting her fully till she finds a job. I am claiming her on my 2014 tax return. However, I have been asked to pay for obamacare fee (penalty) although she was not here for the open enrollment of obamacare. Does she qualify for an exemption?
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Do I Have to Get Dental for Children Under 18?

The statements regarding REQUIRED dental insurance for children under 18 is very convoluted! Is a parent required to provide dental insurance coverage for a child under 18 years of age? I recognize that some plans offer it as a benefit…my question is related to the requirement of it being absolute or selective.

Is There a Free or Low Cost Dental Program for Seniors?

My husband is disabled and has Medicare for insurance, but there is no dental insurance. As retired senior citizen he needs dental insurance, without dental coverage the costs are too high. I too am retired and I too have Medicare. My consider is my husband in dental insurance. Please direct me too someone who can help a senior citizens
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$200 Dollars Despite Medicaid Coverage?

I would just like to know how they can mandate that I pay 200$ per month for insurance as a single mom with 3 kids (who are eligible for Medicaid). I do not think that this is right and its pay the 200$ or pay for something with a $6000 deductible!!! I realize this is
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Multi-State Insurance

I am currently in California but I travel a lot and live in different states, especially in the West. How do I get insurance that covers me in multi-states? Also, I am confused about the prices. To get half way decent insurance it will cost me at least $600.00 a month that is more than
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Who Chooses My Insurance Company?

For most of my 16 year olds life we have had Kaiser as our insurance company, and have been very very happy with them! Recently my husband changed employers and according to him and I quote, “he filled out all necessary paperwork and turned it into his employer for our health insurance”. He told me
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Disabled Cannot Work

I am on Workmen’s Compensation I broke my neck on the job and cannot work. I am 100% disabled. Workers compensation pays some of my medical, but not all of it. Can I get ObamaCare insurance? What do I do?

Liens on My House Due to ObamaCare

A friend told me that if I received any help at all with ACA and have bills they can put liens on my house and take everything I own. considering insurance is mandatory now. How can that be true?