What has Obama Accomplished?


What Has Obama Done for America?

Back in 2012 we did a list of Obama’s Accomplishments, here in 2016 the list has grown. Here is some highlights of Obama Accomplishments so far, with citations.

The list comes (in part) from the family friendly in all but domain name, “THE LIST OF 358 OBAMA ACCOMPLISHMENTS SO FAR, WITH CITATIONS“.

Our list is going to focus on legit accomplishments that any conservative or liberal can appreciate, so premium tax credits and the mandate certainly don’t make the list, neither does bailing out the banks, or growth in airports, housing markets, stock markets, or auto industry, or trade agreements, or global finance measures. While these things are commendable for ensuring the local and global economy didn’t collapse, they don’t make our cut due to the wide-spread criticism of them being “a little too corporation friendly” and contributing to the wealth gap, for instance many argue the bank bailout should have came with a more strict ruleset and certain agencies and committees shouldn’t have been filled with “insiders” (see the mega list above for a broader list).

What Has Obama Accomplished As President? Sometimes you’ll hear, “Obama hasn’t done anything”. That just means the person isn’t paying attention, or is paying attention to the wrong “news” sources. A little digging shows the President has done a good bit, and perhaps this is where some of the real anger on the right is coming from.

Highlights of President Obama’s Accomplishments (that anyone can get behind)

Highlights of President Obama’s Accomplishments (that… almost anyone can get behind)

A Final Word on President Obama

Obama’s willingness to work with corporations, powerful agencies and groups, and financial institutions (i.e. “the establishment”), may come under fire, but it is hard to deny the President has pretty much stuck to his word, made progress, and operated from the center. For more hope and change, we can’t just kick and scream, we have to follow Obama’s suggestions, get involved and support the change we want to see.

  • No, Obama didn’t do everything he set out to, and no it wasn’t a perfect run.
  • But, he did accomplish a lot, and there is still more work to be done.
  • In other words, “Yes he did, and yes we still can!”

President Obama Delivers the Commencement Address at Howard University. This speech works as a metaphor for hope, change, and what the Democratic party can accomplish if united under the right values. It even suggests learning from and working with those we don’t agree with. I suggest watching the whole thing, but starting around 25:00 or 35:00 will net you some amazingly powerful and honest messages from the President.

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