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President Obama cares about US… The most recent Obama facts beyond “Obamacare”

It’s time to get the facts on Obama. Our Obama facts don’t just focus on ObamaCare but on some truth that tells us that Obama cares about America.

Not everyone has time to do “President Barack Obama facts” research, so we decided to compile a list of some of his biggest accomplishments. All the opinions bog down our ability to get the facts on President Obama, ObamaCare is just one of the many things President Barack Obama has done for US since he has been in office. Sure he isn’t perfect, but after reading this list it’s kind of hard to believe that he has “done nothing for us”.

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Obama Facts

Just Give me Some Truth on President Barrack Obama

Read the list and get behind Obama based on the facts. Don’t listen to the hype, Obama cares about us and we owe it to him to judge him on his accomplishments and facts, not the rhetoric.

Here are the top 23 things Obama has done, not just for healthcare, but for the country since being sworn into office.

President Barack Obama Facts 2014

1. Passed Health Care Reform

2. Passed the Stimulus

3. Passed Wall Street Reform

4. Ended the War In Iraq

5. Withdrew Troops From Afghanistan

6. Got rid of Osama Bin Laden

7. Rescued the auto industry from collapse saving more than 1 million jobs

8. Recapitalized Banks

9. Repealed “don’t ask, don’t tell”

10. Ended Gaddafi’s 42 year rule

11. Helped to end Mubaraks 30 Year rule

12. Reversed Bush Torture Policies

13. Improved Americas Image

14. Kicked Banks Out of Federal Student Loan Program, Expanded Pell Grant Spending

15. Established historic fuel efficiency standards, which will save families $8.2k at the pump per vehicle.

16. Implemented ObamaCare reforming the health insurance industry and helping to insure tens of millions of Americans including small businesses, children, low-income Americans, students and seniors.

17. 18 tax cuts for small business and supported loans to help 150k small businesses

18. Established a college tax credit which helped 9 million students and families save money for tuition in 2011

19. Cut taxes by $3.6k over his first term for the average middle-class family making over $50k

20. 5.4 million new jobs in the private sector over the past 32 months. That’s 32 months of straight Job growth under President Barack Obama.

21. Cut taxes by $3.6k over his first term for the average middle-class family making over $50k

22. Supports marriage equality

23. Supports states rights for marijuana laws. Proceeds of these laws are projected to raise 1.8 billion for Washington healthcare, recovery and education programs.

(Some facts from Washington Monthly Article By Paul Glastris, Ryan Cooper, and Siyu Hu March/ April 2012)

These are just some of the things Barack Obama has done for the country since getting sworn into office. Do your part and get out there and vote for politicians who support the policies that matter to you. If you support health care reform or any of the other reforms under accomplished under President Obama it’s up to you to make your voice heard. Keep checking back for more facts on ObamaCare and more Obama facts.


Get the facts on Barack Obama and ObamaCare

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