ObamaCare CDC Report

A new CDC report shows the largest decrease in the uninsured rate was recorded among young adults age 19-25, from 19.8 percent in 2013 to 14.9 percent in first quarter of 2014.

Was it the the expansion of Medicaid, woodworking effects, under 26 young adults staying on their parents plan, subsidies that 82% of uninsured young adults got access to? Whatever it was, the end result is uninsured young people wanted insurance and they got it. Another strike against anti-ObamaCare scare tactics and talking points.

Please note, although the data is interesting it doesn’t show pre-ACA uninsured rates as the way this data was calculated has changed since 2010. However, independent reports, including Gallup, show the current uninsured rate is at the lowest it’s been since well before the ACA was signed into law.

Also note, this data doesn’t account for signups that occurred after the end of open enrollment. Uninsured is expected to be even lower for all under-65 demographics due to special enrollment and further Medicaid signups (those count toward uninsured, remember uninsured is more than just the marketplace sign ups).

Read more about the new CDC report here.

Author: Thomas DeMichele

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