Sanders Endorses Clinton, Clinton and Obama Endorse Public Option

Big News for Progressives, the Democratic Party Doubles Down on Progressive Policy and Unity

Hillary’s campaign slogan is “stronger together”, a fitting title now that Sanders has endorsed Clinton, and both Clinton and Obama endorsed a public option, expanding Medicare and Medicaid, and cracking down on pharma. These positions mark a big leap forward in the Democratic party embracing progressive healthcare reform that respects the accomplishments of the ACA, while addressing its sticking points.

Sanders endorses Clinton, Obama presents a summary of ACA, and all support the fight against big phrama and for a public option.

How to Understand the July 2016 Unified Stance on Healthcare Reform from Progressive Democrats

It works like this, Sanders has been putting pressure on Clinton to “be more progressive”, Clinton responded by bringing her own bold progressive ideas to the table (some exactly like Sander’s own positions, some close, like public option rather than pure single payer). This led to a fairly progressive party platform (so far, its still a final draft) and to Clinton and Obama officially embracing some progressive positions.

This can be confirmed in two ways.

  1. This series of editorials from the President on the future or the ACA, debating drug prices and ensuring a public option (a popular idea struck down before it could be implemented with the ACA). These editorials 100% without a doubt the best insights I’ve seen on the ACA since the last CBO report and the law itself. Seriously, if you read nothing else about the ACA ever, read these.
  2. Sander’s speech in which he announces he will endorse Hillary. This video is also very important, Sanders fought a long hard road to get to this point and so did Clinton. I think all progressives are going to better for it.

While the “further-left” will likely begin to protest the endorsement or putting a public option before single payer, but those moderate progressives and true Bernie supporters couldn’t have asked for much more.

If you favor the fight for a public option and other equally as important, but less catchy healthcare fixes, you really couldn’t have asked for much more than what happened on this week in July.

Bernie Sanders endorses Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire.

SeeFULL EVENT: Bernie Sanders & Hillary Clinton Rally in Portsmouth, New Hampshire (July 12, 2016).

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