No Insurance, Will ACA Help with Hospital Bill?

I have a question, i was shopping for health insurance and then was rushed to hospital for emergency appendix surgery I have my bill now and struggling to pay.

Does Obama care help with this or what are my options. I was born in England and have a permeant resident card.

Thank you so much for your time

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I too had insurance & got cut off. Less than a month after Obama took my insurance away, I ruptured a gallbladder and almost died because I wouldn’t go to the hospital. The hospital bills have ruined my credit & my life. I can’t even get a loan for a car! I still don’t have insurance because i can’t afford the WONDERFUL Obamacare the president has graciously offered & now, I hear I’m getting penalized because I can’t afford the insurance! Oh yeah, the car I am driving is becoming very undependable. Therefore, if I miss another day of work, I get fired! Please tell me how this program has benefited me in any way?!?

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