I have a question, i was shopping for health insurance and then was rushed to hospital for emergency appendix surgery I have my bill now and struggling to pay.

Does Obama care help with this or what are my options. I was born in England and have a permeant resident card.

Thank you so much for your time


You can apply for an exemption from the requirement to get covered with unaffordable bills. However there is no specific relief from medical debt in the ACA. However, many local non-profit organizations will provide help with medical bills those who apply.

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Tara Capps on

I too had insurance & got cut off. Less than a month after Obama took my insurance away, I ruptured a gallbladder and almost died because I wouldn’t go to the hospital. The hospital bills have ruined my credit & my life. I can’t even get a loan for a car! I still don’t have insurance because i can’t afford the WONDERFUL Obamacare the president has graciously offered & now, I hear I’m getting penalized because I can’t afford the insurance! Oh yeah, the car I am driving is becoming very undependable. Therefore, if I miss another day of work, I get fired! Please tell me how this program has benefited me in any way?!?