Last Day to Get Coverage for Jan 1st

December 15th is the last day to get a health plan that starts by January 1st. The 15th is also the last day to verify your plan and information for the 1st.

Visit HealthCare.Gov or find your state’s Health Insurance Marketplace and enroll in a plan by December 15th. This general rule applies for private insurance purchased outside the Marketplace as well.

Enrolling, Switching Plans, and Verifying Info For the New Policy Period

This year you’ll need to enroll, switch plans, or verify info by December 15th to make sure you have the plan of your choice at the right cost assistance amount starting on January 1st.

Since all of your out-of-pocket costs apply to an annual policy period you aren’t doing yourself any favors waiting until the last minute to get your coverage in order.

You’ll have all the way up until open enrollment closes on December 15th to enroll, switch plans, or verify info for next year.

Why Verify Plans

Plans may auto-renew, as will cost assistance in many cases. In some cases a similar plan with similar assistance will renew. Plans have changed this year, so have prices, and cost assistance amounts. By verifying your plan and info you take control of what plan you get and ensure that your getting the right amount of cost assistance.

Author: Thomas DeMichele

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Hi, I will turn 67 in Dec 26. For my age your information says I have to go through Medicare. The problem is Medicare’s COSTS for me aren’t affordable any time during 2014-2015 and they didn’t give me the Plan D for drugs, what I mostly, deeply need so a friend of mine told me I could apply for OBAMACARE and please, it will be very helpful to me if you, MEDICARE,could send me the basic informations for my applications as Senior (67 years old, single Female, without a job untill today).


When is the latest I may enroll?

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