If you created a Marketplace account for 2015, in most cases, you have until February 22nd to complete your enrollment process for ObamaCare.

We had been telling shoppers to at the very least create a Marketplace account, as last year creating an account bought you extra time to enroll. Thankfully our educated guess bought our readers an extra chance to enroll in a health plan.

  • If you created a Marketplace account during open enrollment, but had trouble getting your application verified or had trouble enrolling in a plan. You qualify for a Special Enrollment Period which ends February 22nd.
  • If you didn’t create an account you may still have options. Find out what to do if you missed the deadline.
  • If something else happened and it prevented you from signing up, you’ll need to attest that you had trouble signing-up because of a website or call center problem. You may be granted a short special enrollment period due to a number of different qualifying events associated with missing the deadline.



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