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Here is our ObamaCare videos section. These ObamaCare videos will help you to understand aspects and current events surrounding the Affordable Care Act. Share our these videos with your friends to help them get a better understanding of the new health care reform law.

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Video Explaining ObamaCare

These videos explain ObamaCare, the Affordable Care Act, in very simple terms.

Obamacare Explicada

Learn What to Do With Your Health Insurance Now that You Have it

ObamaCare Videos: New Benefits, Rights and Protections of the Affordable Care Act

ObamaCare Videos: Health Insurance Premiums

ObamaCare Videos: What the President Wants You to Know

ObamaCare Videos: The Health Insurance Marketplace

ObamaCare Videos: Healthcare and You by healthcare.gov

ObamaCare Videos: Young Adults and the Affordable Care Act healthcare.gov

ObamaCare Videos: Small Business and the ACA

Here is a timeline sections contained in the ObamaCare small business video in case you want to skip ahead:

1:09 -The 4 Company Size Categories of ObamaCare
1:33 – What FTE’s are and how to calculate them for your business.
2:41 – Small Business Health Options Program (SHOP Exchanges)
4:05 – ObamaCare Small Business Healthcare Tax Credit
5:34 – The Employer Mandate
6:30 – New costs for small businesses
7:07 – How Obamacare differs based on the number of FTE’s you employ

ObamaCare Videos: Small Businesses and the Affordable Care Act healthcare.gov


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ObamaCare Videos