President Obama on Colbert Report

President Obama made his third appearance on the Colbert Report to present a Colbert style monologue on ObamaCare.  Watch Obama on Colbert below and let us know what you think in comments section.

While the above video is fairly funny to watch, it makes a few really important points.  They are:

  • The website has been running smoothly for over a year with now more than 8 million folks enrolled.
  • Young adults can stay on their parents plan until 26.
  • Most young adults, including those who can’t stay on their parents plan, can get marketplace coverage for $100 or less.
  • The more people who benefit from the law, the more popular the law becomes.
  • The chances of repealing the law while the President is in office are slim.

Go to HealthCare.Gov to get lower costs on health insurance during open enrollment Nov 15, 2014 – Feb 15, 2015.  Don’t forget to verify your plan and information from last year before Dec 15, 2014 for coverage that starts as early as Jan 1st, 2015.

Author: Thomas DeMichele

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I think President Obama is an awesome president and we should all be so pride of having elected such a smart, gracious, and dignified man to this office. He does not deserve the ugliness and obstructionism that Washington DC has delivered to him. The Affordable Health Care Act has benefited me because we are not yet 65 and my husband retired at the end of 2014. We were able to get coverage that was very affordable. The deductible is high but we can afford to pay the small stuff if we have to and are most concerned about coverage for big expensive events. Thank you President Obama.

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