Marilyn Tavenner, who took over CMS in 2011, will resign. Andy Slavitt, a former UnitedHealth executive, will move into Tavenner’s job on a temporary basis. This is important as CMS (Center of Medicare and Medicaid services) is closely intertwined with ObamaCare (the Affordable Care Act).

In general, everyone who helped get the ACA off and running now has a round of fingers pointed at them for it’s rollout. Tavenner was one of the main forces behind HealthCare.Gov and a few “oops moments” such as the reporting of 400,000 dental sign ups as health insurance sign ups.

A UnitedHealth Group unit, run by Slavitt, was responsible for may repairs to the HealthCare.Gov website. Thus, it makes sense that he will step up to fill the void until another person can take Tavenner’s place.

Speaking of which, these are no small shoes to fill. Being in charge of the majority of public healthcare in the United States is rumored to be even more difficult than actually reading the entire Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

“We came together and faced the challenges and are now providing millions of people with access to an affordable, high quality –- and in some cases a lifesaving — health-care plan,” – Marilyn Tavenner


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Health-care plans do not save lives. Health care saves lives. Americans want every resident in America, including illegal immigrants, to have immediate access to life saving health care. So why didn’t Obama’s administration build public hospitals rather than special interest industry marketing websites?

Instead of just a wall, Trump should build public hospitals along the entire length of the Rio Grande, demonstrating to the world that human compassion is what best defines America’s borders. Doctor and nurses are cheaper than border patrols, so Trump could call this the “Affordable Border Act” (ABA). Turn about is fair play, so Trump could re-train America’s former insurance executives to perform the clerical EHR data entry tasks of those ABA hospitals (LOL!)