Do I Have to Get Dental for Children Under 18?

The statements regarding REQUIRED dental insurance for children under 18 is very convoluted!

Is a parent required to provide dental insurance coverage for a child under 18 years of age?

I recognize that some plans offer it as a benefit…my question is related to the requirement of it being absolute or selective.

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Still didn’t answer the real question of is it required that I have to get dental insurance for my kids under 18? My premium is $900 a year from Blue Cross and it doesn’t even cover the two cleaning visits a year for my 4 kids. I still have to pay out of pocket.


I added some clarity to the page, although the answer is already there. You do not have to get dental coverage for kids under 18. It is also though important to note that insurers MUST offer it. So they have to offer, but you can decline.

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