A Little Bit of Time and/or Money Could Make all the Difference in Someone’s Life

Join ObamaCare Facts in supporting medical crowdfunding, fundraisers, and donations. We will be featuring different ways to get involved in personal, social, or political battles for health care.

Helping to spread the facts on the Affordable Care Act has been an awesome way of helping to ensure that Americans get the health care they deserve. Still everyday men, women and children across the country continue to not be able to afford the care they need. Here are some simple things you can do to lend a hand:

    • Crowdfunding: Help real men, woman, and children reach their medical goals on gofundme.com or your preferred crowdfunding site.
    • Medicaid Expansion: Call your Senator and let them know you support Medicaid expansion in your state. In 2014 5.7 million will go without proper healthcare due to states rejecting expanding Medicaid to the 138% Federal Poverty Level.
    • Support the Affordable Care Act: Donate or simply sign up and support Organizing For Action. Organizing for Action (OFA) is a nonprofit social welfare organization and community organizing project that advocates for the agenda of President Barack Obama.
    • Create or Sign a Petition: Voice your opinion on ObamaCare (The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act) by creating or signing a petition on whitehouse.gov.

If everyone of our visitors donated $1 a month to a health related crowdfunding campaign, we would have together raised tens of millions of dollars and saved countless lives.

Medical Crowd Funding

Thanks to the Internet it is now easier than ever to help folks in need via health related crowdfunding. crowdfunding, in simple terms, means a person sets a monetary goal (ie. $10,000 needed for a medical treatment) and then folks around the world pitch in to help that person reach their goal through online fundraising websites.

Help someone in need reach their goal on gofundme.com or your preferred crowdfunding site. Please Contact us today if you know someone who needs help with a health related crowdfunding project or would like to share your story related to health care.

Medicaid Expansion

5.7 Million Americans will go without proper health coverage in 2014 because 24 states decided that expanding Medicaid to everyone below the 138% poverty level would be too expensive. Let your state representatives know that you support Medicaid expansion by giving them a personal call or two.

  • Alabama*: Gov. Robert Bentley (R)
  • Alaska*: Gov. Sean Parnell (R)
  • Florida*: Gov. Rick Scott (R)
  • Georgia*: Gov. Nathan Deal (R)
  • Idaho*: Gov. C.L. Otter (R)
  • Indiana: Gov. Mike Pence (R)
  • Kansas: Gov. Sam Brownback (R)
  • Louisiana*: Gov. Bobby Jindal (R)
  • Maine*: Gov. Paul LePage (R)
  • Mississippi*:Gov. Phil Bryant (R)
  • Montana:(R)
  • Nebraska*: Gov. Dave Heineman (R)
  • North Carolina: Gov. Pat McCrory (R)
  • Oklahoma: Gov. Mary Fallin (R)
  • Pennsylvania*: Gov. Tom Corbett (R) UPDATE: Congratulations Pennsylvania for agreeing to expand Medicaid under Pennsylvania’s “Healthy PA program.  Once the program is in action we will take your name off of the list.
  • South Carolina*: Gov. Nikki Haley (R)
  • South Dakota: Gov. Dennis Daugaard (R)
  • Tennessee: Gov. Bill Haslam (R)
  • Texas*: Gov. Rick Perry (R)
  • Utah: Gov. Gary Herbert (R)
  • Vermont: Gov. Peter Shumlin (D)
  • Virginia: Gov. Bob McDonnell (R)
  • Wisconsin*: Gov. Scott Walker (R)
  • Wyoming*: Gov. Matt Mead (R)


Organizing For Action

If you like the ACA one of the best ways to show your support is by joining the President and millions of Americans in Organizing For Action.

Create or Sign a Petition

Did you know that you could create or sign a petition on whitehouse.gov? Petitions that get enough signatures are brought to the public attention and are addressed. Create or sign a petition regarding health care reform and make sure America continues to deal with the health care crisis.

Make Suggestions

Give us your suggestions. Do you know someone in need and want to share their crowdfunding profile, or do you have a great suggestion for a charity, issue, or non-profit you think needs support? Contact us today and let us know.

Together We Can Make a Difference