The GOP Repeals Mandate, And Trump Claims This Means ObamaCare Is Repealed (We Clarify What Actually Occurred)

President Trump declared that ObamaCare was repealed, but in reality the GOP tax bill simply repealed the mandate for individuals to get coverage.[1]

In other words, the mandate was repealed, but ObamaCare wasn’t repealed (as Trump’s remarks on Dec. 20th implied).

To clarify then what might not be clear. This means 1. there will no longer be a penalty for not getting coverage, but 2. Americans can still get cost assistance, Medicaid is still expanded, reforms are still in place, and benefits, rights, and protections still stand.

ObamaCare AKA the Affordable Care Act is 1,000 pages of benefits, rights, protections, taxes, and rules to reform healthcare in general. The GOP tax bill simply changed one provision, the one commonly called “the individual mandate.” That isn’t exactly the same as ObamaCare being repealed.

“When the individual mandate is being repealed, that means Obamacare is being repealed… We will come up with something much better.”

– President Trump

You can read more at CBS News: Is Obamacare repealed, as Trump said?


  1. CBS News: Is Obamacare repealed, as Trump said?

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