Those who want to repeal ObamaCare due to being upset with the cost or the mandate should think carefully about why guaranteed coverage for preexisting conditions matters.

Here are a few facts about preexisting conditions that help paint a quick picture of how it used to be before the ban on preexisting conditions and how it could be again in the future.

In short, yes, preexisting conditions did cause costs to rise for those who were sick in the past, but that is because so many sick were previously pushed out of the market or forced into a large company to ensure their coverage. The old system was unfair, the new GOP “fixes” for preexisting conditions are also unfair, we must move forward with a healthcare reform plan that does not jeopardize our sickest and poorest in an effort to keep the costs down for the rest of us.

SEEAt Risk: Pre-Existing Conditions Could Affect 1 in 2 Americans: 129 Million People Could Be Denied Affordable Coverage Without Health Reform.

This video lists off some of the many health conditions that count as a preexisting condition.

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