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$200 Dollars Despite Medicaid Coverage?

I would just like to know how they can mandate that I pay 200$ per month for insurance as a single mom with 3 kids (who are eligible for Medicaid). I do not think that this is right and its pay the 200$ or pay for something with a $6000 deductible!!! I realize this is
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Multi-State Insurance

I am currently in California but I travel a lot and live in different states, especially in the West. How do I get insurance that covers me in multi-states? Also, I am confused about the prices. To get half way decent insurance it will cost me at least $600.00 a month that is more than
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Who Chooses My Insurance Company?

For most of my 16 year olds life we have had Kaiser as our insurance company, and have been very very happy with them! Recently my husband changed employers and according to him and I quote, “he filled out all necessary paperwork and turned it into his employer for our health insurance”. He told me
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Disabled Cannot Work

I am on Workmen’s Compensation I broke my neck on the job and cannot work. I am 100% disabled. Workers compensation pays some of my medical, but not all of it. Can I get ObamaCare insurance? What do I do?

Liens on My House Due to ObamaCare

A friend told me that if I received any help at all with ACA and have bills they can put liens on my house and take everything I own. considering insurance is mandatory now. How can that be true?

Charged 10% of My Income

I am barely paying my bills as it it and don’t have a savings and i can’t find insurance that is under $178. I’m being told that i’m going to be charged 10% of my income because I can’t pay for insurance. So then I get put into collections, what do I do? I don’t
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Green Card ObamaCare Question

Hello, my name is Z. I have a specific question regarding my mother’s health situation. Her name is O, and she is 47 years old single female. She just came to the U.S on September of 2014 with her green card (permanent resident ID card). It is her first time coming to the states and
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Staffing Agency and ObamaCare

I am having trouble figuring how much to charge my employees. I am a temporary staffing agency and people work all different hours, and I want to charge them the 9.5 percent. However, I don’t know where to begin, since they start and stop so frequently, how do I take money out when they are not
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5 Year Ban on Medicaid For Newly Legal Residents

I wanted to know which are the rules for legal/permanent residents when applying for Medicaid. Do they have the 5 year ban or not? Will the individual need to be in the US for 5 years before they can apply for Medicaid?

Summary of Benefits Question

Under ACA are health care insurers required to provide full plan documents prior to enrollment deadline? I found that the Summary of Benefits documents do not disclose enough about coverage and my insurance company refused to provide full documentation until after I enrolled.

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