Ideologies and Tactics Related to Defunding ObamaCare

Defund ObamaCare: Why Take Power Away From Government?

Why would so many people push to defund ObamaCare when Government programs like the ACA are created the average citizen?

Programs and services like Medicaid, Social Security, ObamaCare, Unions, NPR, PBS, Education, etc. cost Big Business billions in taxes every year (taxes must be collected to pay for these programs, and those who make the money pay the taxes, which means a lot of tax responsibility for employers and high earners).

Meanwhile, other government regulations and protective programs, like the EPA, stand in the way of maximizing profit for big businesses by imposing regulations that decrease profit for the sake of human and environmental rights.

While big business owners and investors may have every reason to want to repeal ObamaCare, the average American has few reasons outside of ideology.

obamacareBig Business Manipulation Tactics

Moving public programs like Medicaid to a state level isn’t the only Big Business tactic used to defund ObamaCare or Repeal ObamaCare. Here are some other Big Business Facts you might not know.

• Every year Big Business gives hundreds of millions of dollars to fund political campaigns with the stipulation they support their interests. They use lobbyists and superPACs to do this legally.

• Big Business calls those who support Government programs “socialist” to make people think that these protections are un-American. This is a form of manipulation. The American Government was created to offer protections to the people of the Commonwealth. It’s rhetoric that helps them convince voters to stand against their interests and support interests of big business.

• Big Business funds campaigns that use divisive issues like income (Medicaid), race, religion, patriotism, national security, and women’s health services. If these problems are manipulated effectively, business owners get to pay workers less and ensure worker retention by holding necessities like health benefits over workers heads. Unions were created in response to this type of behavior as a protection for the people. Notice these same people have been trying to dismantle unions ever since by calling them corrupt.

• A manipulation tactic used by politicians and big business is to accuse someone of exactly what they themselves are doing. So for instance, saying Unions are corrupt takes America’s eye off the corrupt activity of the business, and it’s backers in political circles. Try to notice other instances where this happens.

• Another tactic, aside from just dismantling and repealing programs, is to privatize them. This idea of less regulation on the free market has the same basic result. Taking a public program and letting private interests profit from it and control it doesn’t work. What it does do is take something that is in the public interest and gives private interest a way to make money from it. It’s worth noting that, in many ways, ObamaCare doesn’t socialize healthcare. It regulates private insurance. In many ways, ObamaCare is a hybrid of a public and private program.

Did you know just about every Government program that benefits the people was attacked by Big Business backed political smear campaigns calling the programs communist and anti-American. Big business owners didn’t want us to have Social Security then; they don’t want us to have ObamaCare now

The economic situation becomes dangerous to individuals when a nation is in debt, and the deficit is large; big business has all the power, so there is less protection from Government; there are fewer taxes to run our country; unions are weak; there is inadequate social security and no guarantee of healthcare. When these factors are working against you, it makes it very hard for your to ask for a raise, go on strike, or stand up to your employer. The corporation you work for would be in control, and it would be your new Government. See the events leading up to the great depression.

Repeal ObamaCare: Are Big Businesses and Small Business. Distorting the Truth Regarding ObamaCare? (superPACs)

The organizations and businesses with the most interest in blocking ObamaCare are the ones who will have to pay the most. These people and organizations are willing to fund influential people and sources of information to push their agendas. They often use of superPACs.

It’s important to note that any business that has enough money to fund a superPAC or other legal means of influencing an election is in the top 3%. Big business is funding a lot of what you hear about ObamaCare.

Facts about the Businesses Who Want to Repeal and Defund ObamaCare.

Some of America’s 1%, the Big Business owners, stand to lose Billions upon Billions from increased tax rates and mandates to insure their uninsured. It is far less expensive for them to defund or repeal ObamaCare.

For instance, in March of 2012, there was a vote to protect $24 billion in tax breaks for Big Oil. The 47 senators (43 Republicans, 4 Democrats) voting against the bill received $23,582,500 in career contributions from oil and gas. The 51 senators (All Democrats) voting to repeal oil tax breaks received $5,873,600. The elected officials who received the most money stood against the bill. This is exactly what is happening with Obamacare and many other government services that you hear about eliminating, from the EPA to social security to Unions.

•Taxes on rich people (capital gains and income) are historically low, so raising them would begin to bring them back in line with prior prosperous periods.

• Dozens of rich entrepreneurs have already gone on record confirming that a modest hike in capital gains and income taxes would not have the slightest impact on their desire to create companies and jobs, given that tax rates are historically low.

• Big Business doesn’t trickle down wealth and jobs; small businesses create the most jobs. Of course, big business employees many Americans, as does Government. Consumers create wealth by spending money, often at companies owned by big business.

• Small businesses struggle or are unable to provide employees with benefits they would be given at larger firms. ObamaCare helps to offset this by increasing the tax rate on Big Business and giving tax breaks and credits to small businesses.

• Four donors funded $8.5 million out of $10 million given to NFIB (National Federation for Independent Business) between 2010 and 2011. The NFIB funded the 2010 lawsuit against Obamacare using that money.

•The more divided the country is, the easier it is for Big Business to continue to push their agenda.

•The more workers depend on their employers for health care, the less likely they are to strike or quit.

Regardless of what our political stance is, and it’s really a matter of income, not politics anyway, the facts are starkly clear. 97% of small businesses and their employees benefit from Obamacare with taxes and healthcare; some of the 3% of Small Business and Big Business do not. Therefore it is in the interest of Big Business to fight against ObamaCare by funding anti-Obamacare messages and in the interest of the 97% of businesses owners and 98% of Americans to support ObamaCare.

Repealing ObamaCare: The Politics of ObamaCare Taxes

In most cases, healthcare reform doesn’t involve Democrats versus Republicans. To some extent, the majority of Democrats want to continue Obamacare, while the majority of Republicans want to repeal ObamaCare or defund ObamaCare.

Those who want to repeal and defund ObamaCare are willing to hold up Congress in the interest of “the top 2%.” The top 2% employ a large portion of workers., However, part of what this group doesn’t like about ObamaCare is the amount of money it will cost to insure those workers. Another unmentioned aspect is the increased taxes on unearned income which helped to “rollback” some of the Bush tax cuts.

ObamaCare Taxes Fact Check: The actual “2%” is somewhere between 1.5% and 4.2% of taxpayers. It depends on a range of factors. However, the IRS and Census agree that the number is typically under 3%.

FDR taxed income over $400k at 92% and capital gains at 25%. Today income is taxed for $370k plus at 35% and capital gains at 15%. Obama’s tax plan took those numbers back to the Bill Clinton tax rates.

The Clinton tax rates were 39.6% for incomes over $250k and capital gains taxes of 29%. These additional taxes helped to improve government services, created jobs and decreased debt by putting more money back into the economy. This is what happened after the Clinton tax rates were established.

History Repeats

The more tension there is between Red and Blue states the harder it will be for the people to band together and support the federal government. The less federal protections people have, the easier it will be for big business to control regulations, taxes, and the people as a whole.

One of he oldest tricks in the book is to divide the people in order to take control (divide and conquer). Government shared by the states and the Federal government is fundamental to our Country. Calls for less government may resonate, but it’s important to understand its implications.

During the time of the Civil war, slave ownership became such a big divisive issue that we went to war with ourselves. Since the Constitution and Declaration of Independence were drafted, there has been tension between the “Red and Blue” states as to how the Government should be run. Today some big businesses and politicians tend to strongly support the same ideas, “less Federal Government and more free market.” These are the same ideas that tore the nation apart during the civil war and led to the great depression of the 1920’s.

As with all things, the answer doesn’t lie on the radical left or right, but rather it’s lies in “common sense solutions” from both sides of the isle that address our very real issues of spending and access to healthcare.

Not everything in the health care reform law is great. Many Americans above the 400% FLP would be better off financially if the bill were repealed or defunded, however for most of us a move to repeal ObamaCare or defund ObamaCare would hurt our wallets, our healthcare and our Government as a whole.

Author: Thomas DeMichele

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