The Ways in Which ObamaCare is and isn’t Free

ObamaCare is free for some via Medicaid expansion, offers cost assistance to others via the marketplace, and cost those without cost assistance money. Below we discuss all the ways ObamaCare is or isn’t free depending on income and state.

TIP: All cost assistance mentioned below is based on family size and household income as compared to the the federal poverty level guidelines. Cost assistance eligibility is the same in all states except in Hawaii and Alaska which use unique guidelines, and in states that rejected Medicaid to low income adults (those states may have stricter CHIP guidelines too). Also, exact assistance amounts differ by family, region, and health plan.

The above is the simple version of the ways ObamaCare is or isn’t free, our who site is dedicated to the cost of ObamaCare, how to get and maximize cost assistance, and how the tax related provisions work. See the links above for more information on each aspect of Obamacare and cost.