Today we released our free ObamaCare eBook, the Guide to Open Enrollment 2015.  We help you understand how to get covered and stay covered in the Health Insurance Marketplace.

obamacare open enrollment 2015 guide from

Click the image to view our guide to ObamaCare 2015.

We also review tips and tricks for getting lower costs, getting the right plan, and explain everything from the fee, to open enrollment, to health insurance jargon, to shopping for quotes outside the marketplace.

Making this guide comprehensive and easy to understand was no small task, so we hope that it will help you to better understand your options under the ACA.  Please feel free to share the eBook with your friends and family to ensure we all get the best plan at the best cost.

Click the image to get our free eBook now or simply follow this link to read the guide online now.

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Please send free ebook guide to Obamacare.

tirath uppal on

please send me guide

Fnu Washington on

Please send me free ebook guide to Obamcare free insurance plans on

We don’t have a way to mail anyone the guide right now. Please download, view, or print out free eBook by using this link:

You can also use the links on the lefthand side of the site to learn more about any aspect of health insurance or the Affordable Care Act online.

Senthilkumar on

The Obamacare is really a excellent health insurance plan

Thanks to Obama


Please send me the free guide on

Make sure to check for the link in the page above. Simply click the link to download the free guide or view it online.