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  • Call the number to Ryan’s office 202-225-3031.
  • Wait past the dead air (up to 60 seconds).
  • Press 2 for the survey.

Once there, you can press “1” to express support or “2” to express opposition to Obamacare.

There is also an option to leave a voicemail, however the inbox has apparently been full.

Some Twitter users said it’s possible to call back and leave a message.

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Charles Badon, Jr. on

First thing, tell the American people the truth! Bullet points are not insuring Americans. Get a bipartisan plan and get the American people insured. Block grants to the States would be a disaster as shown by my Governor Bobby Jindal who allowed thous and of Louisiana citizens to die because of partisan ideology.

Hong Pham on

Hi ,
My name is Hong Pham, I worked for over 30 years since I came to US. I had insurance via Co. with High Deductilbe, I hated it. Last year I paid $4000 bill then insurance will kick in, but I got laid off I can’t continue to buy insurance (too much), I had to stay home with sick ( During i had insurance , insurance paid nothing becuase High Deductible). I waited for this year but I worried Obamacare, becuase i heard Obamacare is very bad. after I enrolled Obamacare, now I know it and I love it (not like what i heard), cover very good better than before I had from Co, the deductible is very good it’s not the same as the private insurance, next year the rate is increasing is not much ( I don’t know what GOP talking about the rate increasing 20, 30 , 50%). Any way I love Obamacare, if GOP doesn;t like the name of Obamacare then replace the name.

Hong Pham

Erin on

They are referring to the base price of the premiums, which have been going up over 100% in some regions. However, if you receive cost assistance on the marketplaces than you aren’t necessarily actually seeing or feeling those rate increases because your cost assistance increased to cover it. The Premium Tax Credits you are eligible for is based on making the Second Lowest Cost Silver Plan available to you no more than a certain percentage of your income (progressively higher until 400% the FPL). If you aren’t eligible for cost assistance, however, the increasing premiums have been impossible to miss. Thank you for sharing your story though. Those who are having success under the ACA don’t tend to be as vocal as those who are not.

Renee Brown on

Seniors on limited incomes often can’t meet basic needs. Privatizing medicare is a huge mistake. Don’t do it. We know that no perfect solution exists as evidenced by experiences of other countries who have implemented both national and single payer systems. We have to find a way to help society as a whole while knowing that as a result, people like me who have rare life who have serious illnesses or have need of significant medical care. I can’t afford the marketplace and to reinstate high risk insurance pools would be even less affordable. I’m a 52 yr old woman with Severe Aplastic Anemia. I would like to see more funding and innovation in actual research. I believe it is the right of companies and innovators to make money but not be greedy. I ask that serious considerations for options, hopefully not the removal of the pre existing condition protection we now enjoy. I would like to see a system in which everyone contributes , easy to manage, less bureaucracy yet allows for profit of providers, insurance , and investors as this stimulates economy and ultimately benefits everyone. I would give anything just to talk t Paul Ryan in order to offer a real perspective that may benefit in a way that would assist in finding the best solutions. I’m not an economist yet I am a consumer who is in a unique position to contribute meaningfully. I personally support the National plan with medicaid expansion in ways that do not place extra burdens on the elderly, disabled and with extra support for middle class income earners. Raising taxes is an unnecessary evil. Let for profits make their money but lets stop the extreme excess. Paul Ryan come live just one day in the life of . Gain some perspective. Continue to pray for wisdom. Mr. Trump, you are wise in business matters. You have a good heart and I am confident you love our country but you as well need the benefit of insight. This may cost you because your focus, your ability to be successful is the bottom line. You don’t have the luxury of rabbit trials into complex situations yet I encourage you to see for yourself. The sacrifice may prove to be worth it in the long run. I have every confidence in you that you will make our country great again.

Sarah David on

Obamacare has been wonderful for me. I am a low-income, full-time working woman in her 50’s who was uninsured for years because of minor pre-existing conditions and huge premiums that I couldn’t possibly afford. Thanks to the subsidy, my $900/month Silver-level Obamacare costs me only $30/month.

I have received vital screenings for the first time in years, including a colonoscopy that discovered and removed several precancerous polyps.

Please don’t repeal Obamacare and please, please, please don’t privatize or block-grant Medicare and Medicaid. You know in your heart that is a recipe for disaster and it will put America below every civilized country in the world where public health coverage is concerned.

I truly don’t understand why you want to abandon and attack so many ordinary Americans when all we want is good and simple services from our government in return for all the taxes we have paid over the years. Have you no conscience? How can your plans do anything but hurt us? We can’t afford your alternatives and they have never worked.

Joel Moreno on

Do not repeal the Affordable Care Act! That would cost the nation so much money, I rely on it heavily for my medical care needs and the taxes to the rich it invokes helps redistribute the wealth that this country desperately needs. Especially without a plan in place, repealing it would be highly irresponsible and ignores the needs of millions of Americans.

paula Leigh on

I can’t belive we have a fine for people who already can’t afford insurance?! How cruel. And how can you be fined for something you don’t have? Didn’t want, and can’t afford to buy?! Also other clauses in this that have nothing to do with health services! Young people can’t even afford to go get an xray. Deductibles plus insurance are to high for a student working part time . It was a terrible idea!

D. M. on

Do not privatize Medicare…19 months until I go on Medicare…Fix some issues to make it better…
Privatizing is not a fix…

Woodeene Koenig-Bricker on

Without the ACA I would not be able to get any insurance. I am self-employed with slightly elevated high blood pressure (probably from being self-employed), but that is enough to get me banned for life for a pre-existing condition. Make changes to improve health care access, but please do not repeal and let the insurance companies have free rein to do whatever they want.
You, Mr. Speaker, have both wealth and excellent health insurance. This insulates you from the pain of obtaining health care that many Americans, including all who are self-employed face. Be aware that along with your privilege comes responsibility to those who are not in your socio-economic level.

Dan on

Everyone is worried about rates going up with the ACA shouldn’t the question be how much PROFIT and Stock Value are the CEO’s of the Insurance companies and the Insurance companies themselves making? It seems in the healthcare system there are a lot of event centers that are named after healthcare names such as “Sanford” doesn’t that show healthcare costs are going up because of stupid greed instead of taking care of people?

chuck cruz on

Mr. Ryan. I am a registered nurse, a veteran and a democrat. I disagree fundamentally with much of what your party stands for…expecially when it comes to healthcare. as you are well aware of, 20 +% of this nations GDP is either directly or indirectly related to healthcare. Meaning, a small amount of people are making vast profits on the illnesses of others. Not only is this wrong but immoral. In a country such as ours, healthcare is a right not a privilege. SHAME ON YOU and people who think like you. since the passing of the ACA the only thing you and your ilk have done is try to get rid of it….NOT try to make it better. for your children’s sake and for the sake of all americans do the right thing and do what is right for ALL. Not just for a select few.

Thomas Kristich on

I am totally against disassembling Obamacare. Please do not repeal it.

patricia merritt on

i am enthusiastically responding to your request for comments regarding obamacare. i have been severely impaired by this program although it is routinely touted as having a positive impact for everyone. i am a senior citizen that survives on an income below the poverty level. yet, on my 65th birthday, i received information through the mail that i now qualified for the medicare program and, at the same time, my monthly social security check of $675 lessoned by $124 a month. i urgently investigated where this much needed money was going and found that this money was paying for an insurance premium for part B of obamacare…..which i had NOT REQUESTED NOR AGREED TO. i found that part B is basically FORCED on everyone…and, in fine print on the medicare ID card, there is a statement that informs you that if you do NOT want part B, you have to check a box that states that AND return your ID card by a certain date.
i was appalled …. if part B is optional, it seems to me that it must be offered and a person agree to it, before any monies can be withdrawn from an individual’s social security account….to automatically put it into effect and then to advise the individual that IF YOU DO NOT WANT IT, you must sign and return this card, is, at the least, an approach that would be considered inappropriate, unethical, and which WOULD NOT BE TOLERATED if practiced by a private business. to remove funds from my ss monies without my knowledge, and certainly without my approval, seems to me to border on the illegal.
upon further investigation, i found that the system is set up to dissuade you from cancelling part B. in fact, there is a form that must be filled out BUT an individual cannot access that form directly and it can only be completed by an employee of the program, either by phone or a personal office visit. (and even then it is obvious that they have a persuasive “script” to follow to keep you on the plan.)
for the past 12 months i have suffered severely from this loss of money from my monthly check and HAVE NOT USED any of the plan B services since i was focused every month on removing myself from the program. what is most appalling is that the social security office obviously has all-inclusive information on my total income yet obamacare overrode this fact to force me to pay these premiums. now that i have visited this site to send you these comments, i see that i easily qualify for coverage exemption under the headings of “coverage considered unaffordable,” and “income below the filing threshold” which states that it is an AUTOMATIC EXEMPTION, so please help me understand HOW AND WHY obamacare impacted my daily effort to survive, let alone thrive! can you assist me at this time in retrieving the money that was so unfairly taken from me for the last 12 months? (UPDATE: i have been steered into other programs which will cover the cost of my monthly premium and have been reimbursed for 3 months of premiums but as of january 2017 the premium is still being extracted from my monthly social security check.)

Erin on

This was an element of Medicare before the Affordable Care Act and will continue to be a thing even if the Affordable Care Act is repealed. Medicare is not actually free and it never has been. It costs premiums which are taken out of Social Security Checks even is that is the persons only income. They are also responsible for copays and deductibles unless they “spend down” to 100% the Federal Poverty Level.

While I understand your frustration, I just want you to understate that will continue to be a frustration for you even if the Affordable Care Act is repealed and replaced. At this time, no one has suggested making any changes to Medicare in the replacement plans the GOP has presented that would make it cost less. In fact, those Medicare premiums are far lower than what most would pay for private insurance. The “Voucher care” proposed to replace Medicare could mean you have far less premium cost assistance, you’d have to actually shop for and buy your own insurance, and you’d would have far higher deductibles and copays. You’d also likely lose the “spend down” to 100% Federal Poverty Level safety net where Medicaid steps in to cover remaining costs of care at 100%.

Mary Krosch on

Do NOT repeal Obamacare! Rich Republicans have never cared about anything but their own money and best interests! The working poor are nothing to republicans. Of course, the rich republicans use the working poor to do the work for them, which makes them rich! But they don’t care if we get sick and die. Their idea of HSA accounts and high deductible plans are BS. First of all, the working poor make little money and can’t afford to put $3,000 into and HSA in the first place. Then to pay high monthly premiums on HIGH DEDUCTIBLE plans is more pig manure. The monthly premiums are high for those of us with pre-existing conditions and will make us uninsurable! I have had to use these high deductible plans in the past and between the high monthly premiums (which I could barely afford) and the high deductibles, I had to stop many of my medicines because I simply could not afford them. But Ryan, Trump and other psychotic politicians don’t care! And yes, they are psychotic. You see, only psychotics take pleasure in harming others. Trump, Ryan and other republicans are harming tens of millions of Americans and take pleasure in it which makes them total psychopaths. Of course they justify it as “balancing the budget”. Watch and see, they will find plenty of our tax dollars to give to rich businesses! I think it is time for the working poor, not matter what color or creed, to come together and take back our rights.

The Trump/Ryan etc. regime is not a democracy of, by and for the people. It is an evolving rich republican monarchy and must be stopped now.

Evan Carpenter on

For business, the 30 hour rule to classify someone as full-time is a killer for business. What will be your solution? How will the new plan affect us?
Evan carpenter

Julie F Brooks on

Mr Ryan,
My son’s life depends on access to affordable health insurance.
Prior to the ACA he was not able to get ANY insurance because of his pre-existing condition.

My 26 year old son is bi-polar.

He has graduated with a BS in Psychology and is currently working as a Research Assistant with a prominent psychology professor at the University of Colorado @ Boulder and hopes to be accepted into a Psychology Phd program.

Without his medications, he would not have achieved these accomplishments. In fact, I am sure he would be dead. I have been with him through 2 suicide attempts, which happened as the result of not being able to afford his medications without insurance.

Without his medications, my successful, bright and productive son will lose everything he has accomplished, will not be able to fulfill his dream to help others and will live in misery and perhaps commit suicide.

Many many Americans have pre-existing conditions. Are we really going to deny these people medical care? Are we really going to let people live lives in pain? Are we really going to let people die?

We need improvements to the ACA which will make it affordable for all! But until then, some of us will have to pay for those in need, unless you can look these people in the eye and say “I don’t care”.

yamel del valle on

This is a free country. Give to the people the option if they wants to have health care or not.

Leta Fisher on

Please don’t take away Obama Care without a good replacement. I love it, it has been a true blessed no as I have chronic diseases.

william lorenzo on

we assume(per our gov.)that we have freedom of many rights per the constitution
!!!! he nor ANYBODY can force us to do what we don’t want to,is this some type of hitler type of control??? only GOD has rules that i follow and freedom to do or not to do whatever i want..i CHOOSE to follow the words of GOD and not some dictator in a suit!!!!

Becca Pinckney on

So my family uses Obamacare so that I can have my own Private Practice and the family is still covered for health insurance. I am very thankful to the Obama Administration for this. It was something that allowed my small business dreams to come true. In 2017, thanks to the Obama Administration, health coverage for my family will be NOT ONLY BETTER BUT CHEAPER! YES you heard that correctly BETTER & CHEAPER!!! I fear what will happen to Obamacare. My family including two young children NEED IT! DO NOT REPEAL OBAMACARE!!!!!

Leidacardona on

1. Obama care is hard to deal with.cannot pay easily, had to enroll, and do any updates thru marketplace. Spent a lot of time on the phone. 2. Doctors do not want to take the plans. What did I pay for. 3. Deductibles are too high. 4. Cannot cancel easily. Have to wait 14 days. So now I am paying thru marketplace and employer for the rest of the month. Unfair to pay twice to same ins carrier. 5. Get rid of govt enforcement in pmt, and cancellation.

Marie on

You are throwing the vulnerable and elderly under the bus with your plan. No medical professional organizations, physicians, nurses are in agreement with you. Do you listen to these professionals? Or are you just concerned with YOUR agenda and tax cuts for the wealthy?

Sheila Anderson on

Please,please don’t change Obama Affordable Care Act. We need the pre-existing health care conditions wiped out or we will never get health insurance. I tried for several years to get health insurance and couldn’t for many years because I was over weight. Then when I did get it I couldn’t afford it and then if the INSURANCE company let you have it, it was so expensive (cost 978.00 per MONTH) you could never ever afford it. I am a hairstylist and have no employer to help pay for it.. It just doesn’t pay to be a small business in America.. Please, please, help us and think about a regular American!,,,

Deborah Wilk on

I like the idea of more Americans gaining health care insurance, but some of the mandated benefits should not be required. For example, my husband and I are retired and we do not need maternity care, so we should be able to exclude that coverage and reduce our premium. We also do not want chiropractic or mental health benefits but we are required to have them and pay the extra premium. I recommend that people be allowed to select the coverage they need for their specific situation. I have an insurance background, so I feel comfortable selecting what we need. But, I fully understand that the majority of the population may not understand what and how to select insurance benefits. The customer service representatives at the marketplace would need to be trained to help people make selections so that they are informed and knowledgeable about their benefits, what is covered and not covered.

Margaret Neal on

Is it true that congress passed an amendment that exempts congress from the very changes they are trying to force on citizens (i.e. exempt from pre-existing conditions).
Which means they will keep a very important aspect of Obamacare.

If this is correct, this is OUTRAGEOUS and the public needs to know about this.

ObamaCareFacts.com on

Yeah, it is true. They it exempts congress from the changes and lets them keep ObamaCare, funnily enough.