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Ted Cruz Becomes the Poster Boy for the Anti-ObamaCare Movement

Ted Cruz and ObamaCare have become closely entwined since the Republican Senator from Texas took the forefront in the defund ObamaCare effort. This “rise to fame” came at the cost of being the face of a movement in which house Republicans caused a Government shutdown for the first half of October 2013. This lead to him running for President in 2016, which proves that sometimes even bad attention is good attention.

Ted Cruz asks the hard questions like, “Can you read this for me one more time before bed.  Please?!?!”

Ted Cruz Enrolls in ObamaCare

Ted Cruz announced he may enroll in “ObamaCare” or as we like to call it “buying health insurance for his family”. While we are sure we will be forced to address this issue as it get’s media attention, we will just throw out our projection for how this whole thing is going to go.

  • First off, Ted Cruz is a super-smart showman and Politician (this is how he got in the position he is in).
  • We are very sure his intention is to pick a plan that ensures that he has a bad experince with the law.
  • If he does use the exchange he will most likely use the experince to prove “ObamaCare is bad”.

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Ted Cruz Dr. Seuss

As perhaps his most famous stunt, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) spoke for 21 hours non-stop. He didn’t mention the law itself or discuss any provisions, but he did read Dr. Seuss’s “Green Eggs and Ham”. The story is about a grumpy guy who gets very upset that a character in the book, Sam I Am, keeps asking him to try green eggs and ham. He gets angry and repeats that, “I do not like green eggs and ham”. By the end of the book he actually tries green eggs and ham, as he had not actually ever had it before, and realizes that it is actually really good. The moral of the story, don’t knock it until you try it.

Ted Cruz Receives Taxpayer Subsidized Health Insurance

Ted Cruz became the GOP spokesperson for the 16-day Government shutdown over ObamaCare. One of his main criticisms of the law is it’s cost to taxpayers, specifically due to subsidies offered to low-to-middle income Americans and the fact that large employers will have to offer coverage to full-time workers. Ironically we have recently learned that Cruz has a $20,000 a year health plan for him and his family through who wife who is employed by Goldman Sachs (they often fund anti-ObamaCare causes).

It is estimated that the $20,000 Goldman plan amounts to about $8,000 in taxes that the general public won’t see, as the cost of health plans is tax deductible for the employer. In other words Senator Cruz’s employer based health plan costs the tax payer far more than the cost of an Average families total health insurance costs and far more than any would receive in subsidies.

How Employer Health Plans Cost Taxpayers Money

Employers who offer health plans can pay workers less and don’t have to pay taxes on the health plan. Maintaining the tax deduction reduces federal and state tax revenues by $260 billion a year, the government’s third largest health care expenditure behind the Medicare and Medicaid programs.


Ted Cruz and ObamaCare

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