Who is ObamaCareFacts.com and Who is Behind Them?

ObamaCareFacts.com is an honest, independent, and grassroots informational website created by two guys sick of digging through the talking points to get to the facts. All content can be attributed to the (dog) Media Solutions authors listed below.

  • We are honest in that we don’t have hidden motives, we support the American people and their healthcare, and we support better, cheaper healthcare, but with that in mind we try to remain as unbiased as we can when presenting information.
  • We are grassroots in that we have no political funding or agenda (in other words this is an independent site with no ties to any political party or state or federal Government, or HealthCare.Gov. We also don’t have any ties to insurers aside indirectly through advertising. We also don’t get funding from any political organizations or even non-partisan organizations. This site is just the result of internet + the first amendment + web skills + moral duty + good old fashioned capitalism in the digital age).
  • We are independent in that we aren’t affiliated with a party or a specific healthcare plan.
  • We are open to any and all contributions from the public, and have made it a goal to continually increase community involvement.
  • The quality of information on this site is important to us. If you feel any information is inaccurate, misleading, is missing, or could be improved just let us know.
  • If you are looking for answers to an Affordable Care Act related question, and can’t find the answer on our site, just ask us.
ObamaCareFacts.com is run by (dog) Media Solutions. We  support truth and education on the World Wide Web.


Transparency in Business

In an effort to be transparent, our small business is (dog) Media Solutions located in Spokane WA.

  • We have spent the past 15+ years helping businesses around the country succeed online.
  • We have also created a number of other free informational websites.
  • We offer consulting to select clients.
  • Our main focus is on creating free informational media and participating in free public education via the internet.
  • You can check out another fact site we are working on called FactMyth.com here.
  • Yay internet.

Our team consists of:

  • Tom DeMichele: Head Author and Content Strategist for (dog) Media Solutions project’s including ObamaCareFacts.com. (All content on this site is written by Tom DeMichele except when otherwise noted).
  • Carter Bastian: Author and Editor
  • Erin Georgen: Design and Editor
  • Linda deSolla Price: Editor
  • Paul Mullen: Author and Advisor
  • Mark Rudnitskiy: Social Media
  • Sean Sullivan: Advertising
  • Walt Whitney: Marketing

Aside from using the internet to spread the truth on important subjects, other favorite past-times include: filming hurricanes and long walks on the beach.

Quality Content and Free Information

We want to live in a world where quality information is free, accurate, easy to find, and easy to understand. We feel the best way to ensure that we live in that world is to help create free informational websites and to help like minded people understand how to get important information seen.

We try to keep our site unbiased, because we believe that the facts should speak louder than talking points.  That being said we are happy to know that we can play a small part in helping tens of millions of Americans get affordable coverage.

What Makes You So Smart?

Since early 2012 our team has been researching the Affordable Care Act, the healthcare industry, and the history of American healthcare.

Our research includes:

  • Reading the PPACA
  • Reading CBO reports
  • Reading updates and clarifications to the law
  • Staying up-to-date on the latest changes to the law
  • Following related court cases
  • Reading updates from HHS.Gov, CMS.Gov, HealthCare.Gov, Whitehouse.Gov, etc
  • Following the news and AP reports
  • Staying on top of updates and forms issued by the IRS
  • Studying how the law impacts businesses and state budgets
  • Talking to our readers to understand what aspects of the law are polarizing and why
  • Studying polls from Gallup, data and reports from Kaiser, and looking at other smart non-official sources
  • Studying benefit sheets, insurance jargon, and how health insurance relates to healthcare
  • Talking to local hospital workers, people, and politicians to understand what they think

It’s been over a thousand days since we started researching the Affordable Care Act (that’s more days than the PPACA has pages!). While we don’t have some magic certification that officially makes us experts, we have a pretty solid understanding of the PPACA.

We are a secondary source that compiles and connects information from other primary sources. We are not doctors, lawyers, or tax professionals. We don’t offer professional medical, legal, or tax advice.
We depend upon the community to help fill in the blanks by contributing suggestions, answers, or questions.

Relevant Quality Advertising

In the world of healthcare and health insurance there are a lot of players.  Luckily for everyone, the healthcare industry is highly regulated (even more so now under the ACA).  Still, we try to vet all the advertising on our site to make sure they will actually show you your options inside and outside the marketplace. We also try to make it clear when You Are Clicking On An Ad.  We also do our best to ensure that all advertisers are complying with law, not reselling your information, and always pointing folks in the right direction for them. We didn’t create the health insurance industry, but we feel we have the responsibility to help you understand it and shop smart.

The money we make from advertising is used first and foremost to improve ObamaCareFacts.com and to pay our team. We are a for profit company. We believe that giving people access to free and accurate information is a profitable business model. The key to this is advertisers, but our primary allegiance is to the people and the truth. Thus, we focus on relevant quality advertising that augments our goal, rather than detracting from it.

Other Media

We also use other media to help spread the awareness of truth and to promote education. This includes video, social media, and more.


We are continually in a process of research and development in an effort to improve this site and to refine our work moving forward.  If you’d like to help with anything or just want to say nice things.  Contact us now.

Citing Us

If you want to cite our site for school, then you can cite it as a secondary resource. We include links to all primary sources we use when stating facts. If you are citing us in an online article, then a link to the site is fine.

Get a Job

If you are a good writer, editor, researcher, or just have a burning desire to jump down rabbit holes and report on the truth, then we may have a job opportunity to you. We aren’t just asking for community involvement, we are actually willing to expand a spot on our team to anyone who can make the cut. We pay terribly, but there is cake.

NOTE: Offer for cake may be a video game reference. Actual offer may not include cake, but if you happen to be an expert on the ACA, healthcare, and fact-checking we would love to hear form you.