Gov. John Bel Edwards (D) announced he will expand Medicaid to 300,000 Louisianans, something Bobby Jindal (R) had failed to do since other states expanded in 2014.

Luisiana’s Governor Edwards signed an Executive Order to adopt the Medicaid expansion on 1/12/2016, but coverage under the expansion is not yet in effect.

See for details.

See the official .gov site for Louisiana for up-to-date details.

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Robert Ward Sr. on

I am glad to see someone in office that truly takes the concerns of the citizens to heart.
So often politicians take an office and once elected get so wrapped up with politics “as
usual” that they forget the real reason that they got elected, and that is to serve the people that put them in office. Whether rich or poor we should all be equal in the eyes of our God and our country.Based on the actions that you have already implemented, I believe that you will only grow in support of the public,especially in my eye. Keep up the good work. Keep God first and Louisiana NEXT.

Robert Ward Sr.

Tedric Mcgee on

I just got out of jail no job no insurance? Do I qualify for health care? I am 28 years old been diagnosis Bipolar? What can I do? on

You should call, this is the best bet if you don’t fully understand what direction to take. If that doesn’t work then the next step is to call the state medicaid office. If your income is to high look for employer coverage or temporary coverage via a short term policy.