Obama Health Care Bill

Barack Obama Health Care Bill for Health Care Reform in America

The Obama Health Care Bill is Obama’s healthcare bill of reforms to the insurance industry. The Obama Health Care Reform Bill reforms the healthcare industry by expanding Medicaid and Medicare and creating an insurance exchange pool that provides affordable insurance to low-to-middle income Americans. The bill, often referred to as ObamaCare, includes many provisions that focus on expanding quality, affordable health care coverage helping tens of millions of Americans find coverage. Let’s take a few minutes to talk about what kind of reforms are in Obama’s health care bill (also called ObamaCare, and officially called Affordable Care Act) and how the new law helps improve the US health care system.

Obama Health Care

Why Do We Need the New Obama Health Care Bill?

President Obama’s Health Care Bill reforms to current health care system address long standing problems. Many aspects of the current health care system are unfair, uncertain, wasteful and unaffordable. The Affordable Care Act enacts reforms that help to curb the cost of insurance, increase the quality of health care and expand consumer protections and rights.

The new health care bill includes a strong focus on improving employer based health care making it available to more employees. The bill also makes a number of improvements to care for specific groups such as Women, Seniors and those who did not previously qualify for Medicaid by expanding Medicaid to over 15 million Americans.

Obama on Health Care Reform

Barrack Obama and the Obama administration have made it clear that they believe in American Health Care reform. The new law, laid out in Obama’s health care bill, aims to make the American healthcare system a system that works for health care providers and consumers.

The Concept Behind the HealthCare Reform Bill

The basic idea behind Obama’s health care reform bill is that those who can afford to buy health insurance will be able to buy better quality insurance, while more Americans who previously struggled to obtain care will have greater access to it, by the way of Medicaid or subsidized insurance on the health insurance exchanges.

Obama Health Care Bill: Health Insurance Exchanges

One of the biggest changes that President Obama’s health care bill makes to the current health care system is the creation of “health insurance exchanges”. These are online marketplaces where Americans can shop for insurance at competitive rates. They can also receive cost assistance through the exchanges to help insure all Americans can afford insurance.

Obama’s HealthCare Reform Bill Overview

We won’t go into the details or propaganda of why Obama’s new health care bill is good or bad, but simply state one simple truth. Sick people need health care. For a long time Americans have put off care or have been declined proper care due to the rising cost of insurance, while the health care industry has continued to profit at exceeding rates. Whether or not the Affordable Care Act is perfect comes second to the fact that the United States needed some sort of health care reform to curb the disparity.

The reforms in President Obama’s health care bill are the first step to finding a balance between a for profit health care system and system that puts patient care before profit. The private health care industry isn’t going anywhere and any rhetoric claiming “ObamaCare is socialism” is a vast inaccurate oversimplification of the real issues.

The Obama Care’s Health Care bill’s main focus is on providing affordable, quality health care. The reforms of Obama’s health care bill regulate the insurance industry and helps to cover millions of Americans. While Obama’s health care reform isn’t perfect, Obama’s health care bill a great step toward controlling the $2.6 trillion dollar American health care system.

ObamaCare Means Affordable Health Care For More Americans.

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