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Can I File my Taxes Without Form 1095A?

You can file your taxes without a 1095-A if you didn’t get cost assistance. If you did, you’ll need it. Some states won’t have their 1095-A forms ready to be mailed or viewed online until the end of February.

Do I Need to Reapply for Medicaid During Open Enrollment Each Year?

Medicaid can require re-enrollment to prove you are still eligible. Contact your state Medicaid department. While you won’t have to re-enroll in Medicaid during open enrollment. You can re-apply or re-enroll at any time of the year. Usually you’ll be prompted to “re-prove” your eligibility.

How Do I Get an ObamaCare Plan?

To get an ObamaCare plan you should go to HealthCare.Gov and enroll in a plan. It’s not your only option, but it’s the simplest.

How Does COBRA Work with Special Enrollment?

When COBRA ends it triggers a 120 day special enrollment period which starts 60 days before the cancellation and extends to 60 days after. This allows you to get a new plan and prevent a gap in coverage. 

What Do I Do If I Projected the Wrong Income for ObamaCare?

f you got too many or too few tax credits in Advance, then you’ll file the Premium Tax Credit form 8962 and adjust your credits. If your income was lower than expected you’ll be owed a refund. If your income was higher you’ll owe back credits up to the repayment limit for your income level.

Are ObamaCare Premiums Based on Household Income?

Cost assistance amounts are based on household Modified Adjusted Gross Income. The only other things that can affect cost assistance are being over 65, having coverage through work, or not being eligible due to citizenship or incarceration.

Why Do I Have to Pay the ObamaCare Fee? (Low Income)

If you work part-time and have a low income, then you either qualify for an affordability exemption or free or low cost health insurance. You won’t owe the fee. The program is actually specifically designed to help families like yours and not punish them.

Can I Cancel Marketplace Insurance When I Get a Job?

You can and should cancel your Marketplace health plan before your new employer coverage starts. Make sure to drop your plan so that the employer plan starts when the old plan ends. You won’t want a gap in coverage. You won’t lose cost assistance eligibly until the employer plan starts.

Will I Be Penalized for a Coverage Gap?

You can go less than three months in a row without coverage without owing the fee each year. This is due to a short coverage gap exemption, this allows for things like changing jobs or being between coverage options.

Living in Two States, What do I Do about Switching Plans After Accident?

If you are on a plan, and getting medical attention for an injury, do not switch plans mid-year without consulting your insurer. Cost sharing is based on policy periods. If you switch to a different provider and a different state mid-treatment your insurer could start pulling out loopholes to avoid payment.

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