Hello, I am not understanding, why we get a penalty for not having insurance? I know that if I have a problem with my body I go to the ER if needed. Some check ups are not needed. I work Part time and make $8/biweekly an hr for Walmart. I do not qualify for their insurance. My checks will not cover the bills I have. I will be homeless if I have to try to figure out paying insurance each month, rent at $1121, power, car insurance, car note. i have not bought any clothes for myself in 16 years. I have no free time to do it. Working and taking care of my twins. I hate this plan. Not helping me at all.


If you work part-time and have a low income, then you either qualify for an affordability exemption or free or low cost health insurance. You won't owe the fee. The program is actually specifically designed to help families like yours and not punish them.

Both of your twins qualify for free or low-cost CHIP. The only downside is that some states have rejected Medicaid expansion meaning your state leaders may have prevented you (not your children) from having access to affordable health insurance.

Go to HealthCare.Gov now to find out your options. Open enrollment ends Feb 15 each year.

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