Do I Need to Reapply for Medicaid During Open Enrollment Each Year?

Question 1: I am currently on state disability in California and receiving medi-cal benefits. Do i need to reapply during open enrollment if i have no change in my situation? In other words will my coverage continue if i do nothing?

Question 2: i will be 62 in october and am applying for social security retirement. Do i need to enroll for medicare before feb 15?

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Glenn Latterner

I want to know how to enroll in Medicaid online since the offices are closed because of the virus


You should contact your state Medicaid department and let them walk you through the process in your state:

Carmella Grescowle

Do I need to re-enroll in medicaid during the enrollment period, or will it just continue from 2019 into 2020?


The above answer is the answer in general for any state. “Medicaid can require re-enrollment” thus “contact your state Medicaid department to check.”

You may have been re-enrolled, but instead of guessing, check 😉


I need to reapply for dedicated


I and my husband had our Medicaid cancelled because I didn’t think I needed to re-enroll unless something had changed. How do I go about getting it back?


You should appeal to Medicare immediately

The sooner the better on these things.


I am trying to apply for Medicaid for my aging 87year old mother and so confused with so much information and sites to visit.
Should I go to an office in my area to apply? I am in Houston , Texas. Can I do it online?
What is the best way to handle this?
Thank you


If you are looking for Medicare (which is offered after 65) then is the place to start.

If you are looking for Medicaid specifically, the one for low-income adults who don’t qualify for Medicare, then is the place to start.

Medicaid is certainly the simpler program, but as a senior her only option may be Medicare.

Hope this helps to get started on the right track.


Do I have to re enroll in Medicaid for the 2016 calender year if I currently have Medicaid? I live in Ohio. I put in my email at and it said there was no record of my email account. Also I have received no notice in the mail that my coverage will be cancelled as I have the previous year.


These links lead to a difficult to navigate site for my state (Colorado), with complicated charts and eligibility calculations intended for social workers. How about a simple yes/no listed by state?


Good suggestion. The Medicaid system is different in each of the 20 states. It’s so complicated and changing it’s hard as private entity to provide that depth of information. Will keep the suggestion in mind. Certainly the states that expanded (like CO) are easier to figure out. If you make less than 138% of the poverty level then you qualify for Medicaid.

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