Can I file my taxes without form 1095A? I have been trying to get a straight answer from MA health connector representatives for the last two weeks. They do not pick up the phone, even after waits of more than 20 minutes, or when you are able to get a hold of someone, he or she does not know about this requirement. Also, YOU CANNOT OBTAIN A COPY THROUGH THEIR WEBSITE.
Please, I would like to know what can be done about this situation. Thanks!


You can file your taxes without a 1095-A if you didn't get cost assistance. If you did, you'll need it. Some states won't have their 1095-A forms ready to be mailed or viewed online until the end of February.

See our updated instructions on what to do if you didn't get your 1095-A yet.

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Rhonda Scott on

Need a copy of my 2015 tax form.

Erin on

Here is some information about how to get a copy of a previous years tax return from the IRS:

Pierreline on

I need 1095a plz