Can I use my HSA to Pay for Restylane?

Most medical expenses are HSA eligible, but some things like cosmetic surgery aren’t. Since this is related to trauma or disease it should be covered.

Insurance for Studying Abroad Under ObamaCare

Under ObamaCare when studying abroad you can get a PPO with coverage outside of the US, a student health plan, an employer plan, or some foreign insurance to avoid the fee, travelers insurance won’t avoid the fee.

Missionaries and ObamaCare

Missionaries living outside of the US for more than 330 days in a 12 month period are not required to get coverage but can get coverage.

How Do I Avoid Gap in Coverage When Moving?

When you move to a new state you can enroll up to 30 days before the actual move so your new coverage starts on or close to the date the old coverage ends. This helps avoid a gap in coverage.

Can I Switch Health Plans Mid-Treatment?

You can switch plans mid-treatment but cost sharing doesn’t carry over from plan to plan so in most cases you should stick with the plan you are on until the end of the policy period.

Waiting Period For Travelers Health Insurance?

Travelers health insurance and short term health insurance can start as soon as the insurer allows after the payment is processed. This can mean getting coverage within 24 hours in some instances.

Switch Plans or Get Supplemental Outside of Open Enrollment?

If you have a plan you don’t like, for instance due to cost, you can switch plans via special enrollment or look into supplemental options. That being said for private insurance there isn’t really a supplemental option that makes financial sense.

Health Insurance for Extensive Travel Inside and Outside US?

If someone travels often inside and outside the US, but lives in the US they still need health insurance. We suggest a multi-state plan, that will cover the person no matter which state they travel in. BCBS offers multi-state plans for example. The person should also get some sort of travelers insurance for when they travel outside of the US (although that part isn’t required by law).

How Can Homeless Get Insurance?

In many states you don’t need an income to get Medicaid or CHIP, if your state didn’t expand Medicaid you can consult a local non-profit hospital, public hospital, or other assistance program for help.

Do I Need ObamaCare if I Have TRICARE?

If you have TRICARE, including TRICARE prime, it counts as minimum essential coverage and you don’t need ObamaCare coverage and can’t get cost assistance.

Is Obama Care the Only Way to Get Insurance?

Under the Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare) there many ways to get covered including the new Health Insurance Marketplace and new Medicaid options. Those aren’t your only options, but are the only options that qualify for cost assistance.

How to Replace Health Insurance Card

If you didn’t get or lost your health insurance card simply call your insurer and request a copy, an insurer can tell your info and fax a copy to your doctor.

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