I Have a dear friend in the Florida that has Obama Care. As many others she was denied health Insurance prior to the ACA due to the pre-existing condition. She is currently undergoing kemo treatments for a condition she has endeared for a long time.

My question is this….

Will she be able to continue her kemo treatments and beyond those treatments or will she get thrown
under the bus should the court rules against the ACA?

She is sick with worry.


If ObamaCare is repealed those who get cost assistance and those with preexisting conditions could lose coverage options.

The biggest thing to note here is that the specifics depend on if a flat out repeal bill is passed or if a repeal and replace bill is passed.

Republicans under Trump are trying to pass a repeal and replace plan, and that specific plan has specific implications.

So let's talk about this specifically and in general.

In general, under any plan, people would likely not lose coverage right away, rather the way the healthcare system works is that things would switch at the start of the new calendar year.

We would like to tell you that those with preexisting conditions could keep their plan, but without key provisions like cost assistance and limits on what plans could charge, that may not be an option due to finances (this is the case with the new TrumpCare bill which seeks to allow states to charge more for being sick in the past and age).

In other words, people can keep their plans, if they can keep up with the payments (which could be considerably higher without all the ACA's protections for those with preexisting conditions; although the bill allows for state-based waivers, and thus it matters what state a person is in).

Here in 2017 we aren't discussing theory any more, today we are discussing two things:

  1. The latest attempt to repeal ObamaCare by Republicans.
  2. What exactly ObamaCare does and what could be lost.

Both of those things are a little complex, and given that we have already written about both in detail I suggest checking out the above links or the next link below.

See also: Our other page on "What Will Happen if ObamaCare is Repealed" for what will happen to the Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare) if the latest TrumpCare passes.

Feel free to ask any questions!

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Terra Beaver on

If Obamacare is repealed will my adult children (under26) lose their coverage under my health insurance?

ObamaCareFacts.com on

It would repeal the provision that mandates this, but it wouldn’t prevent private entities from offering it any way. Same with preexisting conditions, insurers could be cool and elect to give people affordable healthcare even if they are dying from cancer or something… it is just that, you know, probably not a realistic expectation. Let us hope it isn’t repealed.

rudi on

obamacare = i no longer can afford insurance … BUT … I do get to pay the $1800 Tax penalty and not have insurance for my family (kids).

Nancy on

I didn’t have insurance before Obamacare because I have MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS couldn’t afford it and I STILL don’t have insurance on Obamacare because I can’t afford it, but they think I should be able to afford the $750 penalty that I’m going to get hit with when I file my taxes.

Erin on

Have you tried applying for a hardship exemption from owing the fee for not having insurance? If you are having financial difficulty affording insurance, you may qualify and save the penalty money to cover your costs.

Jeff schaefer on

Aren’t there provisions in Obamacare to help pay for insurance premiums for people who can’t afford the full price?

Karen on

Trump is evil, I have cancer

jack on

He Won. Make America great again! Get well soon!

Al on

Make Russia Great again.

penny white on

you are part of the problem….American can’t be great without universal health care….everyone deserves health care…look at Europe, Canada, Australia…..don’t you see what you are supporting when you support Trump…he is without a doubt, mentally ill….and the alt right will now run things…happy yet?..Fool

Rudi on

Sure, I really wanted to increase my insurance payments to 675 a month from 320 … i guess I should find a night job just so others can have health coverage. federal tax, state tax and property tax and tax on daily goods is not enough, i guess. But, will it ever be enough? O, we forgot free college education is also needed for everyone …. gee my brother is a fool for quitting college and working two jobs so I could get my college degree.

Sylvia PK on

I paid 636.00 per month for private insurance because I retired at 62. Got my pension and regular social security. I was insured by Humana. I did not use Obamacare because I am a cancer survivor and was afraid of changing because I am high risk. Obamacare would be at the mercy of the Republican Party and they are going to get rid of it. You cannot play Russian roulette with health insurance. By the way even with the insurance I had to pay $400.00 per day for first 5 days of my hospital stay. $200.00 for emergency room. Copays for doctor and medication. Obamacare slowed the price increase of insurance and medicine. It will affect everyone so trust and believe your premiums, copays and medicine will cost you more.

Rab on

Trump did everything he promised , and he has done more in one day then Obama did in the last eight years. Trump won get over it. Take your temper tantrums somewhere else. Obama, and Hillary are the mentally ill.

ObamaCareFacts.com on


I can feel you on the “Trump won, get over it” sentiment. I recall feeling that way for the past 8 about Obama, so I have empathy… but for the claims you make, see the above link.

bobert on

seriously? why is the Wall even a good thing?? Give me one reason.

Michael on

I dont really see how anyone thinks this is a good deal? The premiums for those of us that have to pay for it,are outrageous,the deductible means ill be paying for 90 percent of my doctor bills out of my own pocket.Insurance companys are the very reason your healthcare is outrageous,doctors bill a LOT more when insurance is paying for it.And in return insurance companies make more profit because you cant afford to pay the doctor,forcing you to buy insurance.All they had to do was make it a law that if you wAnt to be an insurance company in the USA, you got to cover all who apply.They make a lot of money with insurance schemes.YOU DONT! Just to put things in perspective just one Bank Bailout would have built 20 2 billion dollar a piece hospitals in every state, where they could have offered doctors free room and board if they treat so many poor people free. We could have done so many much more intelligent things than mandating american citizens to purchase a third parties goods and services.

Linda J Haelsen on

uhhhh no. He’s EVIL

rudi on


Marc on

Jack you’re a F’n monster and I hope you get a disease!

bradley thompson on

Im sorry for your illness however aside from allowing pre existing conditions, The way obamacare was tied up with insurance companies it was a terrible health care plan for many people on the opposite side of the fence as my families coverage doubled the first year of obamacare and raised again this year, obamacare would now cost nearly 600$ a month for my family of 3 when before it was roughly 250 a month now my family is without insurance cause I literally cant afford to pay that much.

Cecilia on

I’m so sorry to hear this. I will pray for you! It is unconscionable to me that a country as wealthy as ours doesn’t insure health care for All it’s citizens!

kasey on

It is only fair that this is repealed. I sympathize with those who cannot afford healthcare, but it is unfair to take money from some to give to others.

Charity should be optional, not mandatory. Hijacking my paycheck, which is meant for my family’s survival to give to others is unconstitutional. We pay enough taxes as it is.


John doe on

It’s not unconstitutional you rube and everyone pays one way or another that’s why we need universal health care because we all will need it one day and in the long run every one pays for it gets some education before you open your mouth

Marie on

Well said!

Not communist on

To John Doe u r a communist jek I give them from your own money. Not. From my paycheck shame on you. I am sure you are living on our tax money

Megan on

I don’t wish to pay for obomacare. I have not had assistance ever in my life. I can hardly afford the ACA. The only one that I can afford has a 6000 dollar deductible. So if I am dieng may be useful. When I tried to pay for the better insurance. Coincidentally even the simplest things like a pap smear or a blood test. Did not get covered because they use the wrong insurance codes and when you fight them you get no where. I end up paying for my health care out of pocket and paying my monthly insurance bill.

Jerome on

That’s the truth

T Wadsworth on

The idea of Affordable Care has split my family. I use it. I pay for it even though it is hard coming up with the payment and I would have died a year ago due to a badly infected gall bladder had I not had it. On the other hand, my sister on the other hand hates the Affordable Care Act. She calls it the, “Big Hand Out.” She believes we poor people believe in only entitlements. This is a woman who has a well off financially set husband. She has always lived with him in financial comfort. She worked 10 years as well. She has never gone without. I have. I am single. My husband died years ago and for years I have worked off and on struggling just to keep my roof over my head. There are so many people that are worse off than me and rich comfortable people to often just don’t feel compassion. Who ever is contributing to people like me that need assistance will someday be dependent on other people to help them. In this system what goes around comes around and people are not losing out just because they are contributing to the well health and well being of people who will never have what they have.

rudi on

do the math … everything cost … someone has to pay for all your freebies. years, years and years i had health insurance now i don’t, WAY WAY to expensive but I do get to pay an $1800 dollar TAX penalty instead of health coverage. So, if I pay $1800 dollars as a penalty and have no insurance BUT in return you get your health insurance free ….. I guess mathematically it balances out. WOW!!! who would have guessed this works out as long as one of us gets insurance no matter who pays for it. I never understood the Constitution in this way.

Bilgar on

Then you should voluntarily be giving 75% of every dollar you earn to pay for other people that don’t want to pay for shit themselves. You worthless Libtards are all the same. Just cause 1 guy has 50 bucks he should run out and give 4 lazy people 10 bucks each cause that’s “FAIR”. The guy that goes out and breaks his back to earn the money shouldn’t get to keep it. Stupid, stupid,stupid. I will be so overjoyed when Odumbocare is repealed. That treasonous Muslim should be banned from America like all his cousins.

Jan on

If you pay taxes, are you ok with “your” money subsidizing oil companies and big pharma and big agriculture? They are “taking your money”. If you make less than $200,000/year, your taxes aren’t touched for aca. If you make less, when this law is repealed your taxes will likely go up. Watch. Taxes are what countries do. Personally I hate the thought that mine go towards war. But I pay them. And I gratefully accept subsidies. I am not ashamed of this in any way. I have helped many understand the aca. There is a terrible amount of misinformation out there.

Jan on

If you make less than $200k/year, you didn’t contribute one single penny to Obamacare.

I, for one, grateful received a subsidy to purchase my insurance the past four years. My taxes have gone towards wars I didn’t agree with, towards farmers whose food I find unhealthy to eat, towards oil companies that make billions of dollars in profit. If I happen to get a subsidy to purchase something that is an actual RIGHT, then I will take it and I don’t care what people like you think about it.

ObamaCareFacts.com on

I appreciate the comment, but to be more specific, while many of the tax increases only hit those with high incomes, many making less than $200k did face increases. Lower incomes may have higher rates, pay the increased pay roll, or owe the fee. The ACA isn’t without its costs, but it also isn’t without its benefits. A repeal will repeal the benefits, but only addressing the underlying costs of healthcare will truly relive us of cost burdens. The issue is complex and it will likely continue to be complex in the future.

Jennifer Woods on

You are incorrect. Please know what you are talking about before you try to educate someone. Person’s making 200,000 or over, pay additional taxes. We, the working class, also pay for “Affordable Healthcare”.

rudi on

Gee someone out there understands … Thank You!

TheReality on

You guys are talking about 200k, unfortunaly i have to work part time, and if I make under 11770 , i am not entitled for obama care??????/ and working part time is unpredictable.
so repeal !!
the only way to stop high health insurance is:
1. make a law to stop sueing doctors.
2. make medical schools free (costs by far less than subsidizing health care) , so doctors will not have to pay 500k student loans, so they won’t charge us so much.
3. Make a law to forbid health care companies to be on the stock market, because being on the stock market, mean you have to increase profits every year (therefor charging more or reducing coverage),

get this idea in your mind fellow citizen, and pass it to your children, because , if you dont, medical care will always increase.!!

Biggest Midget on

You are wrong, if you make under 10,000 you might qualify for a certain amount if you are over 10,000 you might not qualify for as much but you may qualify for some other reduced costs, I didn’t understand the website so I looked up cheap insurance, I filled out a form and my phone started ringing, I talked to about 5/6 reps before I found someone who worked with me until I got affordable insurance in my income bracket…. also if you don’t qualify for subsidies you can always choose insurance that offers tax breaks which means more money in your pocket come tax season

Perla on

My family makes less than $40,000 a year and we’ve been fined thousands of dollars. For what? Because the “affordable care act” is anything but affordable. I have to pay a fine that increases 1% of my income every year because I can’t afford $200 a month for crapy coverage and a $6000 deductible. I feel like I’m being robbed every year but who cares about people like me right. We’re evil, conservative, right wingers who don’t deserve representation because we don’t conform to you liberal, ideological standards?… And yes!!! I am pissed that the government is stealing this money from my family cus that’s exactly what it is! Theft!

Fredricj on

So my healthcare doubled for no t m reason then?

JoAnn on

As a small business owner paying $14,000. py before Obamacare, deleting tax credits, that Republicans propose, will force small businesses to drop insurance or close shop. All the lower income folks who voted for Trump will also bare the brunt of this change.

Not my President on

I guess you don’t pay any taxes. And who do you think the cost gets passed on to when the uninsured end up in the ER. You pay for it in higher premiums .

JL Brashier on

Third world countries have health care for everyone. Without your health you have nothing in this world. People lose their homes, have to file bankruptcy. This affects all of us. Yes, i believe health care is the most vital expense we should all want to chip in & assist others. One day the shoe may be in the other foot.

Biggest Midget on

What 3rd world countries do you know of that offers universal health care…. please tell me

ObamaCareFacts.com on

Well, third world is an insult. But Slovenia, Brunei, Bahrain, Kuwait, Cyprus, and more less-well-known countries have it. Plus all developed nations except for us and John Galt island I think.

I was personally going to move to Galt, but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


haverwench on

OK, so…if you sympathize with those who lack insurance, but you think it’s unfair to tax others to help them pay for it, then what *would* be fair? Should people who can’t afford insurance simply have to go without and hope they don’t get sick? Is that more fair? If not, what’s your solution?

Kathy on

I just want to say that I am so sorry for the angry people that feel that they are the only ones entitled to health care. Probably $5 of your taxes a year fund this. If you are so worried about the few cents you pay I will gladly send it to any of you. I never worry about what other people have that I don’t. I am grateful for what I have and I want to help others that are less fortunate. When you live a life of giving you will feel much better and be much healthier. You might want to try that because if the ACA goes away it will affect every single persons premiums so you angry people most likely won’t be able to afford it any more.

Robert Cuillo on

I make mess than 200k and I’m now paying more for less insurance. How is this good ? Repeal

Jan on

Yes we need that money so the wall ( that Mexico is not going to pay for) can be built. God help u if u or your family gets cancer and cannot work. You obviously are very blessed or unsympathetic to anyone. Open your mind a little.

jojo bob on

No. the wall should not be built and we should not waste our money on something ludicrous and horrible as this!

Richard on

Lets see you explain that to a relative of yours when they lose their insurance get sick and possibley die. I cannot believe the selfishnes of the people on here. The ACA is NOT perfect, it needs to be fixed, NOT repealed, National health would be the ideal as we are the only industrialized nation in the wolrd not to have it. Even third world contries have it. If I lose my insurance, I know I will be safe on the government programs I had before the ACA for my medications etc, BUT think people, who do you think is paying for those programs……educate yourselves, learn compation

Richard on


LGB on

Y’all are talking so much about the repeal and health insurance but everyone isn’t discussing the issues like Medicaid and medicare will end along with social security. I’m over 50 and this is a great concern! The aging will be way below the poverty level again and it’ll be a nationwide crisis. Especially with housing, food and senior care. Scary!!

Chelsea on

What? Unamerican

Cheryl on

Well using that logic, why should any of my taxes fund education, social security or medicare? I am not using any of these programs. I have no children, I am under 66 and already have an insurance plan. Maybe you should home school your kids.

Linda J Haelsen on


JJ on

You are a real compassionate American–very proud of you and your exclusionary comments. You must have been raised right.

Sandra Harrison on

You don’t know what your talking about! That’s why it’s called Affordable. It’s health insurance. Each individual pays for their own depending on their income. If your annual income is poverty you don’t pay,as much for your Health Insurance if your Annual income was $45,000. It’s not Free.

Kay on

Thank you!! I have obama care and i pay for it. Nonthing is given to me. I work every day and pay my taxes as well. People kill me acting like people that have affordable care just sit and collect. I work hard to make it just like everyone else.

laura on

when you lose your job under the republican adminstration and don’t have health insurance for your family, I would love to hear from you then. I bet your opinion will be different.


Wow, there are common sense thinkers out there …. thank you!

Dwbbie on

who do you think pays for people who dont have insurance, taxpayers do through higher insurance rates higher cost of medicine and hospital care will go sky high which will make the insurance rates go up

Erica on

How could you say that? I understand we pay enough taxes as it is. But my god, 4 million children COULD lose their healthcare!! That’s cruel and inhumane, I don’t care what the situation is. At least have something in place so these families have SOMETHING.

Bilgar on

Maybe those 4 million (Anchor baby) children that are going to be without health insurance should ask their parents to take them back to the illegal parents homeland and get health insurance there so I don’t have to pay for it.

S. K. on

You and people like you are why people like me are dying. Rest easy knowing that. Rest easy knowing you’re praying for my death.

Brenda OSullivan on

Wow you have a rude awakening coming; your check is going to get smaller and your health insurance is not going down.
You are not an island; when you see Republicans taking away from those who have a little, you better believe you are next.
Wake up

Robert on

Ill give you your .25 cents back

Tj on

Spoken like a true republican

Clarence Blair on

Money over someones life huh? smh

Johnson on

Without ObamaCare I would have been disabled or dead by now. If Trump wants to make America great he needs to continue with Obama Care and save the nearly 1.7 million people!

rudi on

my brother had to give his insurance up way to expensive … sure glad for you!

Beverly Patterson on

I work at a call center that processes the Affordable Healthcare applications. I’ve worked there since the beginning of the contract, along with hundreds of other people. What will happen to the call center workers who take care of the Marketplace phone calls when Obamacare is repealed? Are we going to just be let go or will we be asked to stay on and handle the calls that come in for the newly re-vamped program that will arise out of the Trump administration? This is about to worry all of us at work to death!

ObamaCareFacts.com on

This is a good question. I would guess that there will still be millions who need health insurance under any plan and the repeal and delay plan they started is looking rather messy. We are in purgatory right now, hard to say for sure what is going to happen on the other end. One thing is for sure, people will need healthcare and we will be updating the site as we know more.

Rosemary Russo on

Last night, January 11, congress voted to repeal the ACA, including the pre existing conditions part and the children being allowed to remain on their parents’ policies until age 26. I do not know if that is final or if it will need more votes. I thought the republicans said they would replace it, but this vote just repeals it with no replacement anywhere in sight. Does anyone know the answers?

ObamaCareFacts.com on

I tis the first part of the budget reconciliation process. It is way more complex than can be transferred in a sound bite. But the best term is perhaps “defund, repeal, delay, and replace”. They plan to do all this through a mix of processes… but no replacement plan is in sight yet, and that is a real worry.

As for the provisions you mentioned, it isn’t as simple as just losing a few popular provisions. All provisions are in different types of jeopardy, some could see repeal soon, some will be delayed, some may be replace before any real impact is felt. These are otherwise uncertain times, sorry there are no certain answers.

Learn more: https://obamacarefacts.com/2017/01/11/obamacare-2017-repeal-and-replace-updates/

TIP: Our News section will always have the latest information one needs to know: https://obamacarefacts.com/obamacare-news/

rudi on

What those of us who don’t have health care anymore …. way to expensive … cheaper to pay the $1800 dollar TAX penalty and isk not having a heart attack or other illness.

Darryl Curtis on

Why is it that so many Americans don’t seem to understand that no American citizen is entitled to another American citizen’s money? We used to call the concept of taking other’s people money without their consent “stealing”.
Any American citizen can buy anything that they EARN the money to pay for, but the government is not supposed to take ONE PENNY of another American citizen’s money and give it to you…
Insurance is not a right…insurance is not a privilege…insurance is a PURCHASE…but YOU have to buy your own…and if you want to force other people have to give up their money to pay for what you want, regardless of how much they make, you are nothing more than a common thief..
A person who steals from someone that makes over $200,000 per year is still a thief, wouldn’t you agree?
The fact that Obama made stealing legal doesn’t mean that it is not stealing…

ObamaCareFacts.com on

I get the gist of the logic, but you can’t apply this. By this logic there can be no taxation or tariff. The world would implode immediately if we stopped all forms of taxation. I can’t even begin to list off the problems with this.

The sentiment is generally ok, but the logistics don’t hold up.

R.J. Diaz on

Yes, but why do I have to pay a fine for not having health insurance? Riddle me that. I understand car insurance and property insurance, but my health is not something I purchased. Why am I now legally obligated to insure it?

ObamaCareFacts.com on

Because it is the only way they could come up with to get healthy people to enroll in care.

People can’t predict “i’m going to get cancer and then need to have had been insurer” and we don’t just let people die on the street in America (ideally). So they needed some incentive to avoid people waiting until they got sick.

I get that it isn’t something you purchased, but it is something you are burdened with. Good lord bought you that one, now you are stuck with it.

Sandra Harrison on

If you don’t understand standard how the Offordable Healthcare works you should not comment false statements. It’s affordable you pay for it based on your income. It’s not free. When you State stealing you’re referring to as Theif. You’re breaking the law by slander. That’s a real crime.

rudi on

Well said… thank you

Debbie on

It’s not stealing, its called paying your taxes

S. K. on

Because bootstraps! John Wayne! Guns! MAGA! You ignorant bastard.

ObamaCareFacts.com on

Sad… Terrific. Great! Terrible. Sad.

James on

The reason they think its ok is because we have become the society of the intitled. We all understand about the 200 k. “Tax” cut off as well So stop going to the well for that defense! What daryle and others are trying to get across is that even though our tax dollars may not be going to pay for the aca our hiked premiums, out of pocket expenses and penalties do… And many including myself have had to stop thier insurance because of the burden put on us. I keep reading about fairness but what is fair about that? I still pay no matter what and get no insurance? My children go without so someone else’s can? As our founders outlined this republic federalism was the key to liberty and its the answer now. Let the states run them selves. Let those at the local level govern thier people and live the way they want to live. If you want socialized healthcare live in a state that has it. If you want a socialist utopia make it happen in your state. No ones way of life is wrong but it shouldn’t be forced on a people by a bloated central gov through a sudo direct democracy. We are and have always been a representative republic . small central gov and federalism would solve alot of our issues and infighting.
God bless all Americans and our country!

James on

Btw you don’t have to pay the penalties. Read the law, this was just pointed our to me by a tax lawyer I went to college with. You must voluntarily pay it our they can automatically take it from your return or subsequent returns. But that’s it , they can’t come after you beyound that. Check it our of this a concern to anyone!

Zpette on

Your an idiot and life has a way teaching each of us a lesson. Yours is coming.

Ashraf choudhury on

In Newyork there are many plans they hire marketing rep who work’s in poor neighborhood to help the people to get Madicaid.you have to work very heard to make money .your job so far I no no accountability.so don’t worry.If you can move your a** you have a job.

Brynn on

Please get rid of Obamacare. It’s way to expensive. I had better insurance before it started and it was much more affordable.

Robert Dils on

Insurance was sooo much less expensive before Obamacare. Now not only can I not qualify for Obamacare, I can’t afford health insurance because the price went through the roof. On top of that I am penalized every year because I don’t have insurance? Repeal it…

rudi on


Candace on

The academic was a god send for me, at rates of $600 plus a month for insurance with deductibles of $4500 or more, I went without insurance for years, because it was just out of my price range. When it comes down to a roof over your head or health insurance, guess what has to happen.

Candace on

Good Ole auto correct, should have been, the ACA not academic

Darlene on

I think that everyone in congress should hand over their pay and then spend time figuring out what they really want to do in life. Such child like behavior from a bunch of white men that hate even themselves.

Angelo Jensen on

So basically those with low income that couldnt pay for obamacare and found coverage with the state they lived in, will lose their coverage and not have insurance? My gf said i will lose my insurance if obamacare is “canceled”


I had insurance for many years, which i purchased with my money …. then along came obama care i have no insurance now …. LOL and now I get to pay a penalty for not having insurance $1800 dollars. Go Figure!

Lee on

Is Congress/Trump allowed to dismantle Social Security as well as keep all the money we have paid into it? Pls tell me this can not happen? Also could the Country impeach him for this?

ObamaCareFacts.com on

They plan to privatize (not eliminate) all the safety net programs as a rule of thumb. Google it. This has been the plan for decades.

Debbie on

This has not been a plan to implement this program, yes it was brought up and talked about, but it was realized it was a bad idea

ObamaCareFacts.com on

Wow. I would love it if you are right. Lot of privatizing talk and Speaker Ryan’s plans had seemed clear about his intentions. But let us hope you are right and I am wrong.

That said, privatizing something isn’t always a bad thing. For me I think America just needs to see a plan on the table so we can talk openly. The secrecy and uncertainty isn’t great.

Rudi on

There is no money in the ss fund this was taken long long ago and placed in the general operating fund … now spent. SS has been ruled as not a mandatory payment, as i understand it. And, each year congress has to appropriate the funds each year … set aside the money to pay out. Trump didn’t spend the money but I believe he will try and keep it going … we are 20 trillion dollars in debt as he enters the white house … I would pray for him he will need it and we need it.

Raven Ende on

I am terrified that due to pre-existing conditions and our ages that me and my fiance are going to lose our insurance or have to pay egregious fees for a private healthcare. She has narcolepsy and I have some mental health conditions that are chronic and life-long. I read somewhere that if it impairs your day to day function, you are not likely to get affordable insurance without Obamacare. Is this true? What can me and my future family expect if Obamacare is repealed?

rudi on

I don’t purchase insurance anymore, I go without it and pay the $1800 TAX penalty dollar fee. Keep in mind I had health insurance like forever, that is until obamacare made it to expensive, I mean real real real expensive. so i gamble now with my life.

Tom on

I have a health plan with help from the federal government, if Obamacare is repealed will I lose my coverage immediately or keep it till the end of 2017?

ObamaCareFacts.com on

That is a very good question. I want to say end of 2017, but we all know how Republicans feel about Government. They voted to be able to pay Federal workers a $1 the other day. https://www.washingtonpost.com/local/virginia-politics/house-republicans-revive-obscure-rule-that-could-allow-them-to-slash-the-pay-of-individual-federal-workers-to-1/2017/01/04/4e80c990-d2b2-11e6-945a-76f69a399dd5_story.html?utm_term=.b6ffdf63ac9f

Not kidding. If you work for the government you should be as worried as the 20 million. That said, Congress has jobs to keep, so now is the time to kick up a fuss and call your Congress person.

Ms had enough on

So, since congress will also be paid $1. They are such hypocrites since they have all amenities and benefits free from our pockets. Where do they get off?

Steve on

I no longer have health insurance I am 60 years old and retired. I can’t afford the premiums, so I go without.
I don’t have to pay the penalty.
I have to roll the dice and wait until I’m 65 to receive Medicare.
Paying the $800 a month premium at my income is not an option, unless I live in my truck and eat only top ramen.

ObamaCareFacts.com on

This is one reason I like tax-credits based on age, at least they help all incomes. I think it is a little much to extent that to the high earners and not to aid the low earners a little more, but it would help this situation.

Although single payer catastrophic with a supplemental private option would be way more helpful to everyone.

T Wadsworth on

I don’t think Social Security will be chopped. Too many people collect it and politicians need their votes. Nope don’t think that one will happen.

Peter Alexander Thoegersen on

So we are supposed to just f**k off and die. If we don’t like this option, are we unpatriotic? This is the most idiotic country in the world. The ONLY country with zero healthcare. HOW CAN YOU PURSUE LIBERTY AND HAPPINESS WHEN YOU ARE SICK???? Stupid f**king conservashits have missed something in the constitution about illness. I know there was a town medic who was paid through taxes collected by the townspeople. This was probably such an obvious function that it was negligently precluded by oversight. THERE IS NO FREEDOM WITHOUT GOOD HEALTH. America is not the land of freedom. NOT WITHOUT HEALTHCARE FOR ALL.

Kelsie on

I have a question: I have Apple Health Medicaid in WA and am not allowed to be on parents insurance plan due to being an independent. If the ACA is repealed will I be dropped from insurance?

Erin on

If the ACA is repealed, the state’s Medicaid funding could be reduced as well. This wouldn’t happen over night and Medicaid is administrated (and partially funded) at the state level. It’s difficult to say how a given state would respond to funding reductions, if that were to happen.

Christine Herrington on

My daughter is autistic and gets ssi will that stop?

Erin on

It is really unclear what the majority in congress wants to do with SSDI, but this is something you should definitely communicate with your state and local legislators. As I understand it, Social Security and Medicare and Medicaid Expansion are all on the table for funding cuts. If you’re concerned about that you need to tell the people who write and vote on the laws.

Sarah Coviello on

If I lose my health insurance over this I WILL NEVER VOTE REPUBLICAN FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE

Ben on

Well I’m just about to turn 26, and the options for decent affordable healthcare for me without the ACA are slim to none. Looks like I won’t have any insurance now that the know-nothings in congress are going to rip 20 million people off of their current coverage.
It makes me sick. They’re going to literally be letting people die for their own short term political gain. Inhuman monsters.


I find both positives and negatives in Obamacare. I agree that everyone should have universal health care, but holding us as the public accountable is not the way to go about it. We should have government sponsored health care where routine check ups, doctors visits, common prescriptions, dental and vision, etc. are all covered. We should then be allowed to purchase supplemental insurance for additional coverage. There also needs to be a MAJOR overhaul in the way the insurance companies and health care providers charge us for care. There is absolutely ZERO reason so many of these services should cost as much money as they do. That is absolute robbery. We are looking at health care the wrong way and we need to turn the system over and start picking at it from the other side. Penalize the providers and insurers for over charging, not us for being unable to afford it! I can’t afford insurance through Oamacare. I am happy that it has helped those that it could, but it needs work.

DarkVader on

No douby that Obamacare has helped many. Saved me from colon cancer, gallbladder removed and laminectomy that I needed to just get out of bed and walk. Improvements may be needed but to repeal and no show of a replacement, America this is what you wanted?

Sally Panting on

The politicians should give up their healthcare untill a affordable and good coverage for all is found.See how they feel about having no healthcare. President Obama had the right idea for helping the American people. A true American.

[email protected] on

If essential plan is repealed all these people will be back to Madicaid.Essential plan is repealed the federal grant will stop.who will be paying for those Madicaid receipents.us the home owners.

Erin on

I’m confused by your statement. A part of the ACA was expanded Medicaid, so for states that have expanded Medicaid to include low income non-disabled adults, a repeal to the ACA can mean losing Medicaid coverage as well. States administrate the expanded Medicaid programs, but they are in part federally funded. It’s not clear how states would respond to funding cuts.

Angelica Gonzalez on

If ACA is repealed do I still have to pay the penalty on my tax return this year?

Should I wait until April to see if they repeal it and I don’t have to pay the penalty anymore?

Erin on

None of the changes in the works right now are going to exempt you from the penalty for not having insurance last year. It’s also just as likely that it won’t eliminate the penalty for not having insurance in 2017. Your best option is to try and get a hardship or affordability exemption from the fee. Trump’s executive order about the ACA directed HHS to, among other things, “grant exemptions from” the taxes and fees that they can under the law as it exists. Granting exemptions and the process is under the authority of HHS, so they have a bit a leeway for interpreting the law, but they do have specific guidelines they still have to follow.

fdsa on

Repeal it lock, stock and barrel. End it now. Do not replace it. The public voted for Trump and that’s what they’re going to get: Trumped. If I were a Democratic Senator, I wouldn’t filibuster at all. And no replacement either. No replacement whatsoever. That’s what the public wants, that’s what it gets. No reform at all. Back to square one. Then just let the economic fallout happen.

One of these days the group of voters that continually votes against its own economic self interest will wake up to the sham that they’ve been sold by xenophobic racists. But only if they learn the hard way – quite likely the very hard way. At least I’ll continue to have coverage regardless.

Gary on

My insurance in the private market has increased every year for the past five years. If doctors and hospitals have obsorb the cost of twenty million people who now have ACA, how much do you think your private insurance will increase. If the ACA is repealed, to be fair, let’s repeal social security, the prescription plan, oil subsidies, agriculture programs, and all other program’s subsidized to lower our cost of living. Let’s focus on our fellow man rather the accomplishments of a black president. I am white. When one our senior leaders stands up to say ” we are going to make our President a failure” it weakens .America.

Barb on

You people who voted trump in are foolish sheep. You think Aca was bad, just wait for Mr. CLUELESS TRUMP to really screw it up!


Yeah hell sgrew it up by returning a fair market system. Where insurance companies will have to compete. Before ACA they made bank money after the ACA most of there stock prices quadrupled. If they were so willing to help everyone couldnt they take a little profit cut? Lower your premium omit the outrageous deductable? THis scam did just what it was designed to do, make billionaires into trillionaires,get YOU off the corporate payroll,by eliminating 40 hr a week jobs,and even beneifts big oil by making every one drive to 2 jobs a day,WHAT A DEAL!

Ed on

Will there be a tax penalty if OB care is relieved?

Dianne Coyne on

I read that if Obama care is repealed – since the word obamacare is copy-righted- Obama will be paid 500 million dollars outright.

ObamaCareFacts.com on

That is pure fake news. The term ObamaCare isn’t copyrighted, the name of the law is the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

This fake story wouldn’t even come up in Google for an exact search for “obama will be paid 500 million if obamacare repealed”. That is the first hint. Second hint, nothing about that makes sense given any US law.

I dug hard and finally came up with this website, which despite its plain look and causal conversation, concludes that what you are citing is satire. http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/f-bloggers/3118233/posts

Watch out for divisive fake news, there is an information war out there that seeks to divide our country.

Brian on

It tears my heart out of my chest to think my daughter and I will lose my beautiful wife who just barely turned 30 to stage 4 cancer that requires her to get chemo every 3 weeks if obama care is repealed. We get no payment assitance and pay full price but in the care act her pre existing condition was allowed and it has given us this time. On December 31st without barely notice they discontinued her plan and we are trying to get approved again.. but it could happen again in 2018 but a full apeal will remove them having to take her and after missing her treatments that cost 100k every three weeks my wife will die. I’m a hige Trump fan but scared to death to lose my wife next year.

shelley on

will people be reimbursed their insurance already paid to Obama care if it is repealed

Dave on

Make it simple – in 2015 the US used about 140.43 billion gallons (https://www.eia.gov/tools/faqs/faq.cfm?id=23&t=10) if the us would charge 1 cent for health car per gallon used as a “Healthcare Fee” I would think that after a year 140.43 Billion dollars of revenue would be ample for a start. Then throw an average of 1% state tax to ALL states and that % goes to each states Health care. So if a state has 4% it goes to 5%, Other option is for the states to have one flat tax across the border and supply a 1% of the states tax to their own states healthcare – this then goes to NO COST to the consumer, and if anything happens, All medical will be covered. Average cost of 2017 Medical would be 3.07 trillion at this rate, with what I would love to see, it would be a lot less due to the fact Doctors cannot make their own prices.
So lets see how the Canadian plan works:
The Canadian health care system was built around the principle that all citizens will receive all “medically necessary and hospital physician services.” To that end, each of Canada’s 10 provinces and three territories finance and run a statewide health insurance program. There is no cost-sharing for the health care services guaranteed under federal law.

While Canadians are guaranteed access to hospital and physician services, it is up to each province to decide whether to cover “supplementary” benefits, like dental care and drug coverage. About two-thirds of Canadians take out private, supplemental insurance policies (or have an employer-sponsored plan) to cover these services.

While Canada is traditionally thought of as a publicly financed system, spending on these supplemental benefits means that 30 percent of health spending comes from private sources. One 2011 study found that nearly all Canadian spending on dental care came from non-government dollars, 60 percent covered by employer-sponsored plans and 35 percent paid out of pocket. Some Canadian legislators have made pushes to increase the scope of Canada’s public health plan, to cover more services, but have so far proved unsuccessful.

While Canada’s health care system is publicly financed, many providers are not government employees. Instead, doctors are usually reimbursed by the government at a negotiated fee-for-service rate. The average primary care doctor in Canada earns $125,000 (in the United States, that number stands at $186,000).

If it works for Canada why not here

Confused & Worried on

So i am a little confused. My daughter who si only 2 years old, was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis at only 15 days old. This is uncarable and DEADLY..she is on about 5 DAILY meds (in which some are taken multiple times) and a vest for lung therapy. She has to go to a CF specialist every 3 months. Plus not to mention a simple ‘cold’ could make her be put in the hospital for weeks and could even kill her….her treatments and meds are VERY expensive. LUCKY she qualified for Medicaid..cz if not i couldnt afford to keep my daughter healthy and treatment she needs. My question is….is she going to lose her insurance now?

Erin on

There is no indication that CHIP (children’s Medicaid) is going to go anywhere. Though it depends on federal funding too and many in congress are wanting to reduce funding to programs, CHIP is a state run program that is extremely popular and available to a larger group of American families. CHIP isn’t typically on the funding chopping block and there’s no indication that it will be any time soon.

Steve on

Lose your job. Lose your employer benefits..then get a cancer. Good luck getting treatment obamacare haters..there’s always a non profit hospital emergency room to walk in for treatment. They will write off your treatment and the taxpayers will end up paying for your treatment. I support giving ppl who have been denied treatment with previous existing conditions a right to treatment. I will pay my share..this will make America great again.

Margaret Sanders on

If Obamacare is dismantled will people still be able to get insurance for free. I think everyone should have to pay something for insurance instead of expecting it free.

Bill Ross on

Let’s face it. Obamacare was poorly done. No one should be penalized for not being able to afford healthcare. That’s just plain crazy. Here we have the ACA that holds a gun to your head forcing you to spend money you don’t have. It needs to be repealed. Trump is doing everyone a favor.

Jeff on

If someone is a breast cancer survivor and is covered by their employer, will the Obama Care have an impact? Or does it only impact her in the case of a job change?

Jeff on

Sorry…will the Obama Care repeal have an impact..

Erin on

It isn’t clear yet what the replacement plan or changes to the ACA with regards to pre-existing conditions. Prior to the ACA employer sponsored coverage couldn’t discriminate base on pre-existing conditions because of a provision of the HIPPA law. So, being denied or price gouged based on past health was primarily a problem for folks without access to employer sponsored insurance. There’s been at least some indication that employers sponsored insures will still be held to that standard. However, it is not very clear whether the changes in the planning will keep, limit, or exclude the very popular pre-existing conditions provision.

Crystal Eatherton on

My father is on expanded Medicaid Program through Obamacare now that it’s been repealed is he going to lose his insurance

Erin on

If it is repealed and not replaced, then he could lose Medicaid in a future year or the state may chose to require small copays or premiums (like Health Indiana 2.0). Medicaid is state administrated and Trump has repeatedly mention “Medicaid Block Grants.” That is to say that states will have less rules to follow to get the funding and the actual amount of the funding hasn’t been specified yet. If it’s significantly less, you may see states dropping their program altogether. It won’t happen overnight though.

Kg on

I do not wish for people to lose their insurance but the penalty should be removed i have paid my doctors myself and if i dont want health insurance due to the fact that most of the time i pay out of pocket and insurance doesnt seem to cover anything and yet i was paying them over $300 a month as a part-time worker, in which i could have paid for the procures needed with the money i paid a company that is supposed to help me do just that, i personally dont like obamacare for the fact that i know people who had to get it then had to quit their jobs just so the could get state help for the fact that after paying for the obamacare they could not afford their medicine, and most importantly could afford their rent,food, or utilities, as the same with myself i cant afford my own place, let alone the price that insurance companies charge with or without going threw the company i work for, i work hard everyday to hear a bunch of people saying yay or nay but the fact is us lower class people are the ones footing the bill, and that lower class thats not recieving assistance from anyone but what we get with our two hands, yet i have over a third of what i work for go towards taxes instead of going toward good healthy food that isnt riddled with chemicals, this country preys on those who do all the physical labor, what would happen if the lower class said enough are the people that make 200 no 100,000 a year going to step in and do these jobs that they tell us lower class to do cause if you make 100,000 or more your ceo or someone high up that probably doesnt truly understand how it is to live only make 20 to 30,000 a year, to always turn around to hear you owe us more and more. I dont ask for government assistance cause i will make my own way but for them to tell me i owe them cause i dont ask is not right and it should be stopped cause one day it will happen and the lower class that many call middle class( glorified name) are just gonna step back and say you do it to the govt and those who reap but do not sow. This is my rant and apologize for those who take offence but i am one who thinks people deserve better without giving up the the little they have left they have worked hard for.

Bubba shrimp on

Save Obama Care. Your making me sick. How dare you try and save some evil crap commie medical. Its a dam evil joke he’s gone and soon that evil crapola will go bye bye like the Dinosaurs. You libs Disqust me and all true Americans. Trump is your president now.. Get that stuck in your heads…

ObamaCareFacts.com on

Well of course, insinuating that the 60 million who voted for Trump are somehow more American than the 260 million that didn’t is like, how we say in the biz, “not very cool”.

Save ObamaCare is about saving the parts that are working and repairing the parts that aren’t… not punishing conservatives with “evil commie” stuff. Although I will say, the mandates aren’t exactly communist, they are an alternative to single payer first offered ideologically by the heritage foundation.



ObamaCareFacts.com on

I would seriously doubt it. More-so you can expect that the mandate will go away by 2018. We don’t know for sure though.

Rachel on

Do we still have to pay the penalty?

Jael cahoon on

Can I cancel my policy right now without penalty because I really can afford this anymore?

ObamaCareFacts.com on

You can cancel your policy, but there is no official word on whether or not the fee will be owed this year. This is to say, you may end up with a penalty at the end of the year if you don’t meet the requirements for an exemption.

Michael on

800 + per month. I can’t afford Obcare.

Ann on

It is hard enough making ends meet on your own. I am not able to afford health insurance, so instead they penalize me every tax year so now I also owe the IRS a chunk of change. How come “others” who can’t afford it don’t get penalized, they get “FREE” healthcare. Doesn’t seem fair. I was born in the United States and have worked since I was 14 years old. I wish someone can tell me the secret to getting “FREE” everything. Someone has to pay, I guess it’s me and every other fed up American.

ObamaCareFacts.com on

After hearing comments like this over and over, I am starting to think people should be able to opt-out.

I like paying for people who appreciate it, I like a society with a safety net, I think it is moral. But I could go without paying for people who don’t. If some don’t want to cooperate, I don’t see why we try to force them (individuals under a certain dollar amount should be able to opt-out of the income tax, healthcare, education, etc). They can just pay the other taxes. It would save America a headache.

Tara Stuart on

Thank you for this article. I will be 80 in September and am on California’s Medi-Cal, and live on only my SocSec. checks. So far I’ve been in excellent health. But what will happen to me if the so-caled AHCA is voted in? Maybe my SocSec check will be reduced because I will have to pay a Medicare premium. If so I will be out on the street with a pushcart and I won’t be able to have my 2 cats.

Melissa Jackson on

ok so i am on a methadone tretmeant program and i am onmedicare does this mean i cant get that paid for by medicare now

ObamaCareFacts.com on

On Medicaid, not Medicare (generally speaking), in states that offer coverage, yes.

With that in mind, how we treat addiction is an other issue all together.

Nancy on

My question is of the 22 million people that will loose coverage if Obamacare is repealed does that include the 15 million people that opted out of Obamacare???

ObamaCareFacts.com on

No, that 22 million just counts those on all ACA related provisions. So a total of 50 million plus uninsured (as the total not on right now is more like 28 million).

Loretta on

This current government is shameful. We have a sitting president, that does not care about anyone except himself. Therefore, it is just like him to say repeal the ACA even without a replacement. he might as well unleash nerve gas on us, and kill us all now and get it over with. I hope the people that put him in office is happy. The man is crazy!!!!

Rena Boley on

The Extra Help Program I receive if Obama are is repealed will the Extra Help Program stop

Keith Breading on

I am still unclear. If Obamacare is repealed today will I have my cover cancelled tomorrow.?

ObamaCareFacts.com on

No. The law is not directly connected to the insurance market. People would not lose plans and would not lose assistance in general, instead insurers might take a hit and then when you go to renew you could lose cost assistance options and see changes. The specifics are complex to answer and depend on a number of factors, but generally, no you don’t just lose your plan right away in the case of repeal. Instead people lose plans as an effect.

scott on

we need to continue to help the sick the diabled and help all that need healthcare scott

VM on

Teachers in WV are on strike, “planned work stoppage” according to them. They are wanting higher pay and health lower insurance. They claimed they health insurance has increased significantly. Did getting rid of the Obamacare mandate have anything to do with their insurance increase?

ObamaCareFacts.com on

The mandate getting repealed didn’t yet have a direct effect, but you could argue that the GOP’s plan to repeal was priced in as far back as 2016. It is complicated.

Dawn Anderson on

I am currently paying on this fine with interest . If it is repealed will I be exempt from this fine fee ?

ObamaCareFacts.com on

I don’t believe you would be exempt from fines from past years, instead it would only change the rules moving forward, so you wouldn’t incur a fee moving forward.

With that said, right now there is no fee for not having coverage in most states for 2019 forward, as that part of the law was already changed.