Does ObamaCare Provide Travel Insurance?

Short term and travel insurance are sold by private companies, they don’t count as coverage under the ACA, but if you’ll have a less than three month gap you won’t owe a fee.

How Do Exemptions Work When Moving Back to US?

When you move back to the US use the 330 day presence test to claim an exemption the 12 months before you move back, then use special enrollment to make sure you are enrolled in a plan

What State Do I Enroll in if Moving?

When you move you’ll switch your coverage at that point using special enrollment, don’t enroll in the new state until you are ready to move.

Am i Eligible for Health Insurance?

Every legal US resident is eligible for health insurance, either through ObamaCare or private coverage. However, cost assistance is based on income.

Meridian Health Insurance?

Meridian health insurance is a physician-owned and operated group of health plans and companies. They service Medicare and Medicaid in low-resource environments. In some states, in some regions, they really let insurers (of all types public and private) get away with some B-S. Essentially the insurer is offering a network that is so tight that your coverage becomes lackluster (to be fair you coverage was also probably cheaper than other offers)

Allowed Amount and Balance Billing (Health Insurance)

An allowed amount is the maximum amount an insurer will pay for a covered health service, the remainder owed by the insured is called “balance billing”. Allowed Amount Versus No Dollar Limits No lifetime or annual dollar limits means there is no limit to what an insurer will spend on all care as a whole,… Read More

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