What Do I Do If I Didn’t Get My Insurance Card Yet?

I applied months ago and have not received a card. How do I go to a health provider and prove I have coverage?

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First Care hasn’t mailed out my insurance card. I called 1/30/2017 and the man said there was a problem, no cards had been mailed out yet
He said he would personally mail me one that day but to give it 3 weeks
Two months later, still no card
Calling in the AM. AGAIN


You should probably read these answers before you post it. There are several grammar issues and also poor wording like “The above being said your best bet is to hound the insurer”.

if they aren’t field in the wrong way


Thanks for the feedback, we have a small team and we’re human. We always appreciate feedback though and will do our best to fix the grammar errors.


google gave me this stating it shows MEDICAID; i don’t see anything about getting a medicaid card NOR how long, days it takes to receive in mail.

PLEASE cover this important topic! thanks!

my niece was approved 1+ month ago; son has ADHD/ODD and on rx narcotic meds for his illnesses. NO CARD; they won’t give meds until last pill is GONE; no exceptions.

must pay over @250/month ouf of pocket since they don’t have medicaid card for this son! she’s been thru this over & over.

husband, 34, dx with jaw cancer; ate up most of his jaw bone; 10% in lung/abdoman. THEY DON’T NEED THIS CONTINUOUS STRESS plus in march she, 28, had a HEART ATTACK. has enlarged heart & on meds now for it.

please get someone off their butts to get the medicaid cards to a family in HARDIN COUNTY, IOWA!! thanks!

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