What is The Health Care For America Plan?

ObamaCare also known as Health Care For America aims to reform the healthcare system. In America right now many view the current health care system as unfair, uncertain, extensive, wasteful and unaffordable (the healthcare reform under the current ObamaCare bill is making headway each year to repair this). You can make any argument you want but the bottom line is that private insurance companies control the medical complex and we, the American people are at their mercy when we inevitably need their survives.

obamacare-cartoon-4-aBarrack Obama and the Obama administration have made it clear that they believe in American Health Care reform and Obama Care / Health Care for America aim to make the American healthcare system a system that works not just for the Private Medical industry but for all Americans.

The basic idea is that those who can afford to buy into the private health insurance business will be able to do so, while those who can’t will be offered affordable coverage. Those who cannot afford anything will be subsidized and those who can afford to pay millions will have that option.

We won’t go into the details or propaganda of why health care is good or bad, but simply state one simple truth. Sick people deserve health care if we the people are able to provide them with it. We can, we are and we will. If you care more about the American Medical Complex than you do about the average American you need to take a step back and think about what you are doing. The private health care industry isn’t going anywhere, Obama care and Health Care for America is simply providing an alternative to relinquish the control that the medical industry has over the people of the united States of America.

Obama Care’s Health Care For America means health Coverage for All Americans in a sustainable and just way.


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