I have a form of a facial nerve disorder and part of my face is paralyzed. I go to a special facial nerve clinic where they administer botox and facial filler – restylane – to try lessen the synkinesis from the nerve damage and the restylane to try and make my face look more normal ( the facial paralysis results in twitchy painful muscles and a droop on one side).

The botox is covered under my medical plan but the restylane is not and I have to pay out of pocket.
Can I use my HSA funds to pay for this restylane?


Most medical expenses are HSA eligible, but some things like cosmetic surgery aren't. Treatments related to trauma or disease it should be covered. However, you would want to check directly with your HSA provider for specifics. Remember, even stuff that is covered by your plan, but requires out-of-pocket spending, may be HSA eligible.

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