I have a blue cross blue shield insurance plan that is very expensive monthly and has a $10,000 deductible. Is there any way i can check into an alternative insurance through obamacare? Or should i get some sort of supplemental insurance plan. My husband is 50 and i’m 48. We pay $580 a month for insurance , with a co pay of $30.


If you have a plan you don't like, for instance due to cost, you can switch plans via special enrollment or look into supplemental options.

That being said for private insurance there isn't really a supplemental option that makes financial sense. The only options outside of open enrollment would be short term, and it wouldn't be economical to put your out-of-pocket dollars toward a short term plan rather than your deductible on your primary coverage.

A better idea would be to open up an HSA and use tax free dollars to pay for care. This would lower your taxable income and help bring down your deductible. That way if you need catastrophic coverage you'll be in the best place possible. During next open enrollment or if you qualify for special enrollment you can switch plans.

Don't forget, if your income qualifies you, you can save money on deductibles by choosing a Silver plan on the Marketplace. Those with MAGI of between 100% and 250% of the Federal Poverty Level get lower costs on cost sharing.

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