I am a Retired Veteran and 40% disabled. I currently have Tricare Prime and I am being forced by my Contract company to pay for the Obamacare also. I pay for Tricare Prime also. I have been on the Tricare web site and it states that my coverage covers the Affordable Health care act. So basically I am paying for both and not being given an Opt out option by my company. Is this legal or not.


If you have TRICARE, including TRICARE prime, it counts as minimum essential coverage and you don't need ObamaCare coverage and can't get cost assistance.

In your case specifically: An employer can only offer group health plans (or in the case of the Military VA and TRICARE), it cannot require you to enroll in health insurance through the Health Insurance Marketplace. You should not opt out of TRICARE.

The following types of TRICARE are minimum essential coverage:

  • TRICARE Prime
  • TRICARE Prime Remote
  • TRICARE Prime Overseas
  • TRICARE Prime Remote Overseas
  • TRICARE Standard and Extra
  • TRICARE Standard Overseas
  • TRICARE For Life
  • TRICARE Reserve Select (if purchased)
  • TRICARE Retired Reserve (if purchased)
  • TRICARE Young Adult (if purchased)
  • US Family Health Plan
  • Transitional Assistance Management Program (transitional)
  • Continued Health Care Benefit Program (transitional)

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Lana Love on

I know of many veterans who were enrolled in VA healthcare in 2014 and received tax credits, but since they hadn’t used it in so long they forgot, so they enrolled on the health insurance marketplace. In 2015, they were told they met the mec requirement. The problem is that they don’t know what to do now: do they have to repay the tax credits they received in 2014 and if so, how do they do this? Is there some way when they’re signing up that you guys can tell them that if they have VA coverage they meet the requirements and can’t get tax credits?

ObamaCareFacts.com on

Owing credits is all about dealing with the IRS, getting credits is all about dealing with Healthcare.gov. I’d always start by contacting healthcare.gov as they exist for just such a reason. If repayment is necessary the IRS should make it clear what they expect, most likely they will send you a bill. I’ve never heard of them being shy about that. But in both cases, check with the entity first.

kim on

You are wrong. after 34 years of military service, I have been told that I don’t qualify for the Tri-Care Prime that has taken care of me for the last three years since retirement.

I need to now pay a higher premium, and can no longer go to my doctor of 30 years. plus my deductible is much higher by thousands.

ObamaCareFacts.com on

Thank you for the insight. I would say though, we are saying if you have access to TRICARE, including Prime, it counts as minimum essential coverage. We aren’t saying any other than this.

Fritz on

Please check with your military benefits folks at your closest base. Not sure of your age, but at 65, you have to go on Medicare (Parts A and B), and enroll in Tricare for Life, which becomes your secondary plan.


did President Trump’s Executive order on the Affordable Care Act change anything about Tricare coverage?

ObamaCareFacts.com on

No, I don’t think so. The order doesn’t do much of much, just tells government to not enforce any taxes it doesn’t have to.

It is just another thing to get the ball rolling toward repeal. Tricare is i’m sure safe, VA on the other hand, I would be far less comfortable about. Still, even VA I don’t think is really directly effected by any of the ACA’s tax provisions.