Progressives Demand Answers from Aetna in light of DOJ Suit and Exchange Exit

Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, and three other progressive senators are leading an inquiry into why Aetna is pulling out of 11 of 15 of ObamaCare’s exchanges.

The company had cited losses, but many are pointing to high profits and saying that the choice was really a matter of the Department of Justice trying to block a merger with Humana.

Independent Sen. Bernie Sanders (Vt.) joined Democratic Sens. Elizabeth Warren (Mass.), Ed Markey (Mass.), Sherrod Brown (Ohio) and Bill Nelson (Fla.) in penning a letter to Aetna CEO Mark Bertolini on Thursday.

You can learn more about the AETNA decision here, or read more about the inquiry at Huffington Post.

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JA Schlegel on

AETNA [ and many other Insurance Companies ] is a Deliberately Indifferent Insurer who has Deliberately avoided Many if not all Federal / State Laws, with Impunity, for years– and have gotten away with this, for unknown reasons? They have a “Fiduciary Duty to do what is In The Best Interests of their Customers– and The American People as well as “following The Color of The Law Requirements, that also requires Them to follow The Laws of the USA– or Go to Jail—

Plus State Consumer Protection Agencies have sued them and fined them, and some looked the other way, by financial and political influence peddling, yet they plead “poverty” ?/ This is Absurd, unethical, [ which does NOT exit in Insurance Industry – just like banking– auto–etc.- ] — CEO’s / Boards of Trustees –that provide “permission” and training to break the law- MUST GO TO JAIL– just like all other prosecuted American Citizens. SADLY this will never happen and this absurd behavior will never stop!