How Do I Avoid Gap in Coverage When Moving?

My husband and I are possibly moving from California to Washington State. We presently have Covered California health insurance. How can we get Washington State’s affordable health care without a gap in our health insurance?

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I just spoke to insurance agents and they said I have to be actually living there before enrolling which contradicts what it says about enrolling 1 month prior


Indeed, that is confusing for me as well. Did you contact about this? That is who I would call.


I currently live in Washington, DC and have health insurance through my employer. I am leaving my job before the end of June (I lose health coverage the day I resign) and moving to Washington state in early September to start grad school. I will be traveling up the east coast and in Europe between June and September, with no permanent address. How can I get minimum essential coverage on the marketplace between June and September while I am traveling? I will be buying short term travel insurance to cover me while abroad, but this does not count as minimum essential coverage against the requirement. I know I can be un-insured for 90 days without incurring a penalty, but I am more worried about being denied a plan in Washington State because I didn’t have the minimum essential coverage for at least one day within a 60 day period of beginning a new plan in Washington state. I’d be happy to buy a plan from the Maryland or New Jersey marketplaces for June-September (where I have family) but I will not meet the residency requirement because I don’t “intend to reside” there. Is the very expensive COBRA plan my only option? Thanks!

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