My husband and I are possibly moving from California to Washington State. We presently have Covered California health insurance. How can we get Washington State’s affordable health care without a gap in our health insurance?


When you move to a new state you can enroll up to 30 days before the actual move so your new coverage starts on or close to the date the old coverage ends. This helps avoid a gap in coverage. Make sure to notify the old state's Marketplace once the new coverage is in place to avoid overlapping coverage.

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ET on

I currently live in Washington, DC and have health insurance through my employer. I am leaving my job before the end of June (I lose health coverage the day I resign) and moving to Washington state in early September to start grad school. I will be traveling up the east coast and in Europe between June and September, with no permanent address. How can I get minimum essential coverage on the marketplace between June and September while I am traveling? I will be buying short term travel insurance to cover me while abroad, but this does not count as minimum essential coverage against the requirement. I know I can be un-insured for 90 days without incurring a penalty, but I am more worried about being denied a plan in Washington State because I didn’t have the minimum essential coverage for at least one day within a 60 day period of beginning a new plan in Washington state. I’d be happy to buy a plan from the Maryland or New Jersey marketplaces for June-September (where I have family) but I will not meet the residency requirement because I don’t “intend to reside” there. Is the very expensive COBRA plan my only option? Thanks!

sara downing on

I just spoke to insurance agents and they said I have to be actually living there before enrolling which contradicts what it says about enrolling 1 month prior on

Indeed, that is confusing for me as well. Did you contact about this? That is who I would call.