Unpaid Medical Bills Reduced By ACA

According to HHS the expansion of Medicaid and the increased coverage under the ACA has led to a reduction in unpaid medical bills saving taxpayers and hospitals billions. Highlights from the factsheets can be found below (for a list of citations see page 3 of this PDF). NOTE: This information is from a 2015 report. Logically…

ObamaCare Under 26: Rules for Children and Young Adults

Children can stay on their parent’s plan until 26; when they turn 26, they qualify for special enrollment. Dependent coverage is also offered by employers. Below is everything you need to know about the Affordable Care Act and young adults under 26. What the ACA Does for Young Adults and Children Under 26 Young adults…

Am I Covered For Preexisting Conditions on BCBS Idaho?

No insurer can deny you for preexisting conditions, once you start the plan all treatment is covered. Treatment sought before your plan started isn’t covered, but ALL treatment that counts as a covered benefit is covered at the plans cost sharing amount.

Do All ObamaCare Plans Have to Cover Lung Cancer Screening?

Yes. Since cancer screenings are a preventive service (one of ObamaCare’s Minimum Essential Benefits), all ObamaCare health insurance plans have to cover lung cancer screenings. In most cases, this service must be offered at no out-of-pocket costs.

Can Child Stay on VA Plan Until 26?

TRICARE and VA coverage are excluded from some ACA rules including the rule for staying on a parents plan until 26. You can learn more about what parts of the ACA TRICARE and VA coverage embrace and what rules are specific to those insurance types here: http://fas.org/sgp/crs/misc/R41198.pdf.

ObamaCare and Immigrants

Let’s look at how ObamaCare affects immigrants and how immigration status affects Marketplace coverage, cost assistance, Medicaid, and coverage requirements. Most immigration statuses qualify people to use the Marketplace, but only lawfully present immigrants have access to cost assistance and are required to obtain coverage. Limitations apply to specific groups in regards to Marketplace coverage, Medicaid, and…