Turning 26, Married Couple, What are Our Coverage Options?

My name’s Catherine I’m 25, I’m a stay at home mom to one child and my husband works full time. I’m currently still on my parents insurance but I turn 26 in November so I’d like to have a plan for being insured after that date. My husband and daughter are covered under the insurance from my husbands work the problem is if he adds me to his insurance the cost goes from 200$ a month to 800$ a month and there is just no way we can afford that.

He makes roughly 50,000$ a year but some months are better than others they mostly get paid in bonuses. We know having to add me on his insurance would be detrimental to our finances. I’m hoping I can individually sign up for obamacare, and that it will be less of a burden on our family. I only need the bare minimum of coverage, I’m fairly healthy and not planning on having any more kids , so aside from emergencies and being able to get birth control I don’t need much. I live in Midlothian VA . I don’t smoke and have no preexisting medical conditions. So what , if anything is available to me?

Thanks very much any information would be greatly appreciated.

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