I am a special education teacher. I have a seven year old student who has Down Syndrome and has had heart surgery. The mother went in to the dentist and was told his insurance was dropped. (Obamacare) He is also out of heart medication because of being dropped from insurance. The other siblings are still on the plan, but she was told this child was no longer covered. Is there something she needs to fill out in order for him to be covered because he has disabilities…or did he age out? Thank you for your help!


In the case where a child needs immediate attention, but was dropped from their insurance plan, they should call the Marketplace and seek help at a hospital.

They most likely qualify for a special enrollment period, CHIP, or even Medicare due to the disability. There are a number of options, and it's odd one child would be dropped without getting transferred to other coverage. Feel free to comment with more information.

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