Can You Help Debunk These ObamaCare Claims?

I wrote a post on Facebook about how thankful I am that we finally have access to insurance and not prevented because of preexisting friend posted this reply..can you help?

“..I am very thankful that you have insurance….I think we should be able to take care of our people….what I have a problem with is the cost to us…..don’t get me wrong I have many friends who would not have any ins with out it…….its the way it set up I don’t like….When this all started our neighbor was paying 300 a month for her ins….now its 575……thats crazy…..know several others in the same boat…have a couple of friends that are working only to pay for the high insurance and their child care…..others that cant afford it but its eating their tax return……….I also have a friend I just had this conversation with thats from Canada….I asked he how it was set up there…….she lives in Alberta……..all of her family pays 110.00 per year for all their insurance…..medical, rx’s vision…everything is included…..the government picks it up………the difference it their gov is not sending millions of dollars each year to support other countries….I have no problem helping other countries but not until we help our own people……thats my problem with it”

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