I will be moving to Oregon in April, and believe that I will then qualify for coverage through Obamacare, as the insurance I receive in Hawaii will no longer be available to me.

My question is: If Obamacare is eliminated in the future, will the state of Oregon still provide affordable health care for an individual 60 years of age?


If ObamaCare is repealed in full, then millions will lose coverage and both healthcare costs and federal spending on healthcare will go up. If the ACA is replaced on a federal level, the impact will depend upon the replacement plan. If it's replaced at a state level, one could assume that the states that expanded Medicaid would step up and/or band together to create a quasi-ObamaCare Medicare-for-all system. Since Oregon technically has it's own exchange (ish) and is are relatively liberal state in the north you should assume that you'll have access to affordable coverage despite what happens in King V. Burwell or if we get a GOP President in 2016. For those in "red" states, the future of Medicaid and Marketplace cost assistance hangs on a thin thread that is wholly dependent on the Supreme court ruling and getting a Democrat for President.

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