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What Student Plans Count for ObamaCare?

A student health plan counts as Minimum Essential Coverage for ObamaCare for ObamaCare if it’s fully insured or self insured, paying for university medical or counseling services doesn’t necessarily count as a student plan.

Life Insurance For Chronic Illness?

Life insurance, unlike health insurance under ObamaCare, is not typically guaranteed issue. However, there are options for those with chronic illnesses.

What Happens to ObamaCare When Obama Leaves Office?

ObamaCare is short for the Affordable Care Act and is a U.S. law so it won’t go away when Obama leaves office. All Republican candidates want to repeal it, but will have a hard time undoing many of it’s provisions due to the way our system works.

What If Income Is Just Under ObamaCare Threshold?

We have reported that our joint income will be 25,000 for this tax year. If our income falls slightly below this amount, will we still be eligible for Obama Care or would this negatively affect us? I understand that the limit to be eligible is 12500 per person..

Insurance for Studying Abroad Under ObamaCare

Under ObamaCare when studying abroad you can get a PPO with coverage outside of the US, a student health plan, an employer plan, or some foreign insurance to avoid the fee, travelers insurance won’t avoid the fee.