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Unaffordable Coverage at X Hundred a Month

The cheapest plan is typically $200 – $400, cost assistance caps the cost between 2% – 9.5% of MAGI. It’s rare that someone would pay over $600 for individual coverage, let alone $800.

I Signed Up For a Quote and Now I’m Getting Many Calls

Some of the less reputable third party companies on the internet resell leads or spam phone calls when customers fill out a quote form. This is not a practice that is endorsed by any reputable entity including, HealthCare.Gov, or any major insurer, broker, or advertiser.

Multiple Mammograms Not Covered?

Preventive screening, including mammograms, is covered at not cost under ObamaCare but additional exams may have cost sharing or may not be covered.

I Moved and the Enrollment Period is Over, What Do I Do?

If you move to a new state you have 60 days to enroll in a plan via special enrollment in that states Marketplace. There will never be an instance where you move out of state and aren’t allowed to enroll in an individual health plan

Can I Decline Employer Insurance?

You can decline employer health insurance (it’s called a waiver of coverage), but you won’t be able to get cost assistance through ObamaCare or dependent coverage through the employer plan if coverage was offered.

How Do I Provide Coverage for an EX-Spouse?

The best way to provide coverage for another person who you don’t file taxes with is to look into their cost assistance options through ObamaCare first and then look at private or employer options.

How to Switch Medicaid When Moving

ObamaCare expanded Medicaid, but each state has a unique Medicaid program, when moving contact the state you plan to live in and arrange coverage before you move.

Does ACA Cover Prophylactic Procedures?

The ACA does not require coverage of prophylactic mastectomy or reconstruction procedures, but some state laws do. Thus it will be plan specific and state specific.

What Student Plans Count for ObamaCare?

A student health plan counts as Minimum Essential Coverage for ObamaCare for ObamaCare if it’s fully insured or self insured, paying for university medical or counseling services doesn’t necessarily count as a student plan.

Life Insurance For Chronic Illness?

Life insurance, unlike health insurance under ObamaCare, is not typically guaranteed issue. However, there are options for those with chronic illnesses.

What Happens to ObamaCare When Obama Leaves Office?

ObamaCare is short for the Affordable Care Act and is a U.S. law so it won’t go away when Obama leaves office. All Republican candidates want to repeal it, but will have a hard time undoing many of it’s provisions due to the way our system works.