I got laid off this week and my company insurance cover to the end of this month.
can I skip December without penalty?


Every American is allowed two full months without coverage a year, so if you find yourself missing a month you can take the short coverage gap exemption on form 8965. Be aware:

  • When you miss a month you won't have health coverage and risk big medical costs in an emergency.
  • If you miss more than three full months or more you'll owe a fee.
  • One day in a month with coverage counts as coverage.
  • You can lose your opportunity to re-enroll by missing your special enrollment window.

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George on

The above answer is contradictory:
Every American is allowed two full months without coverage a year…
If you miss more than three full months or more you’ll owe a fee.

So, is it 2 or rather 3 months gap allowed without having to pay penalty?
E.g. what happens if you miss 3 full months?

ObamaCareFacts.com on

It’s so hard to word! It is best worded as ” you can miss up to two full months”. In other words if you have 3 full 1st – 31st months without coverage you owe a fee for one month. If you have 2 full months and 29 days you don’t.

Grace on

So my husbands employer changed insurance plans the first of September. they took out insurance premium the first week. Then they “forgot” to take out insurance the rest of September, all of October, and November. Then they took out insurance all of December. So according the rules we won’t be penalized. Now they want us to make up those premiums they “forgot” to take out in 2015. So essentially we are paying double premiums now.

Two of my husbands co-workers had medical claims denied during the last three months of 2015. When I questioned if we were insured, I was told we were. But if there is a claim, they have “other” resources to fund it. I feel this is a nasty way to steal three months worth of premims from employees, and left us uninsured.

Lisa H on

So if I am losing coverage halfway through February because I am switching jobs and will pick it up with a new job in mid May will I be fined or not?

ObamaCareFacts.com on

As long as you have less than 3 full months without coverage you are fine, although be careful about this. If your coverage doesn’t start right away you could be facing the fee. You need to research special enrollment and the exemptions.https://obamacarefacts.com/obamacare-exemptions-list/

Al on

What if I have one month without health insurance and then another month later in the year? Both are not after each other (ie February without coverage and November without coverage). Would I be fined?

ObamaCareFacts.com on

They have to be consecutive generally speaking. You may want to look at other exemptions if you have two gaps. To be clear you can be exempted from one.

megan cychosz on

I am going down to part time at my job where I currently take the insurance but once I go down to part time I am no longer eligible to receive the insurance which the last day of coverage for us is 7/31/16. I am starting a new part time job and taking their insurance but I need to work 20 hours a week for two consecutive months before being able to go on their insurance. So as long as that insurance kicks in before three full months pass we will not be penalized? Even if it happens that during the third month (if it comes down to it) we only have insurance for a day?

JVS on

Can I cancel my insurance (I have it through WA state health exchange) and still get a tax refund with 2016 taxes?
The situation is this: I was very late with our 2014 taxes, so the credit we had been receiving since 2014 was suspended as of March 2016, and we’ve been paying the insurance co. the full premium since them, which has been a big drain on our finances. This spring I got both 2014 & 2015 taxes filed (although the 2015 return has been held up as I filed an amended return). I submitted updated, current income and family info. in early July, which should result in the credit being reinstated. However my state’s exchange website and phone reps state that we’re not eligible for a credit for one of 3 possible reasons (they can’t say which) — income is too high, we did not allow the exchange to access our tax info., or did not submit form 8962 — none of which seems to apply. We are frustrated and are thinking of canceling the insurance, perhaps just for two months so as to avoid the penalty. Presuming the exchange eventually confirms that we’ve been entitled to the credit all these months, could we still get it back when we file our 2016 taxes? My apologies for the long explanation.

Al on

What if I have one month without health insurance and then another month later in the year? Both are not after each other (ie February without coverage and November without coverage). Would I be fined?

Kent Daussin on

My current private insurance goes up dramatically Dec 1, 2016….if i drop insurance for that one month (December 2016) and have coverage through the exchange starting Jan 1, 2017 do i have to pay a fee for missing that one month in 2016?

[email protected] Erin on

No you don’t. You have a “less than three months” coverage gap exemption each year.

Hal on

If you have ACA health insurance you have a grace period up to ninety days depending on your premium credit situation. So, if you have paid for a couple of months of ACA premiums and miss a month, I believe the health insurance company must pay for your bills during the month you did not pay a premium. Theoretically, you could miss your end of year health insurance premium and not worry, about the insurance company paying your bills for that last month.

Kaye B on

I have had ACA coverage since it began through Covered California. I was recently informed that I wouldn’t receive subsidies for January 2017 due to missing paperwork on my part. Now it is straightened out and I will start receiving subsidies again starting in February 2017, with a new policy. I have received a premium notice from Anthem for January that is way more than I can afford. It says I have a 31 day grace period. Will they let me cancel it, or just pro-rate it for the first half of January? I want to skip January coverage altogether it possible.

Thank you

Erin on

This is definitely something you will want to take up with your insurer and the California Marketplace. My best advice is to first, start with your insurer. Explain what happened and be totally honest about you financial situation. Ask for someone who has the authority to make an exception.

If that doesn’t work try reaching out to the Marketplace in the same way, but focus on trying to receive the subsidies for January since you did remain covered and will be eligible for them on your year end taxes.

I hope this helps.

Ann on

My sister is claiming me as dependent because I lost my job so I have zero income for the whole 2016 and she’s supporting me financially. She was not able to pay 2 months of my insurance payment but her income is above poverty. Is she going to pay a fine and how much.

ObamaCareFacts.com on

She will owe a fee for you if she claims you, but that fee is capped by her income (unless Trump and the GOP repeal this rule before taxes are filled). Not to get political, but that would be a real concern as they have mentioned changing the repayment rule in the past.


Eric on

I did not have insurance for all of 2015, and paid the full penalty. I had insurance for all of 2016 except for January. Will I owe a penalty when I file my 2016 taxes?

Jessie Sutphin on

I am wondering that with my enrollment at the University of Nevada – Las Vegas, I am paying a fee per semester for their health services and I was wondering if that qualifies me for health coverage. I am able to you use their health and wellness center throughout the semester due to this. If you could please respond to me by e-mail as quickly as possible so as I can begin looking into coverage if I need to. Thank you

Karla Klaus-Hoobler on

My husband and I already filed out taxes and just got a bill for 1500.00 for him not being covered for two months. Is this accurate?

ObamaCareFacts.com on

You should be able to take an exemption for not having coverage for less than three months. So you shouldn’t get a bill for two months unless you didn’t file form 8965. I would contact the IRS unless you can confirm the document is official. You might have to simply file or refile form 8965.

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