Can I Claim a Dependent for Obamacare if They Earned Income?

My son works part time and has made slightly less than the 10,350 requirement to file a return. he will file a return to get his taxes back that we with held and I still claim him as a dependent. The problem is I need his income to stay qualified with our silver 87 plan as I did not make enough this year. What will happen if I report his income on line 2B of form 8962 “premium tax credit” form and the income is less that the 10,350 requirement.


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Hello, I just got married this year in June. Before that, I was uninsured and had no income since I was in school. But after married, I was under my spouse’s insurance and now we are filing tax together. We live in TX. Will I be penalty under Obamacare for not having health insurance for 6 months?

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