Hello, my husband I and receive NON taxable income because of our Foster Care income. We do not have to pay taxes on it at all when we file our taxes each year. Is this considered income that would rule out us being able to receive the health insurance tax credit?


Federal foster care or adoption assistance income is exempted from MAGI and won't affect Medicaid or tax credit eligibility. Do be aware though that in other instances non-taxable income (like SSD and SSDI) is counted toward MAGI.

Also, it's advisable to check with a tax professional in regards to your specific situation. There could be some aspects of foster care that are treated differently in some instances.

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Kelly on

Please clarify; if foster care income is all a person has (and based on the above statement it doesn’t count); then would this leave a person with that income not eligible for marketplace because of being under-income (as this income wont count and there is no other income)????

ObamaCareFacts.com on

So federal foster care income that you don’t pay taxes on, to the best of our knowledge, isn’t counted as part of MAGI. If you can find any special rules that we are missing let us know.

In a state that expanded Medicaid this means someone with only foster care income would be eligible for Medicaid (and wouldn’t price out of Medicaid due to foster care income). The bad news is that in a non-expansion state that means there may be no coverage options.

Please feel free to double check this information with HealthCare.Gov or the IRS. We have done our best to research this, but we are an independent website and don’t offer professional tax advice.