Can I Get ObamaCare Coverage if I Have Medicare A Only?

My uncle has been diagnosed with Colon Cancer, however, due to a misunderstanding with SSN dept, he just starting receiving coverage for Medicare Part A, but was told Medicare Part B would not take effect until July 2016. He is over the age of 65. He will need to go to see an oncologist and may need surgery to remove the mass, with additional tests. However, my understanding is Medicare Part A will not cover this unless he is admitted to a Hospital. My question is would he able to qualify/received Obamacare Coverage to cover these additional expenses. If so, would needs to be done to receive Obamacare Coverage ASAP.

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My husband worked for a local Union for 40 years and believed that he was covered even after he retired, therefor he only has Part A. Then he found out that he doesn’t have health insurance after 65. After calling SS we were told that he has to pay 10% PENALTY FOR EACH YR , he’s 71 years old, no major health problems, but he is still going to have to pay the $148.50/month PLUS the Penalty for 6 yrs, approximately $250 or more on top of that, not just once, but for the rest of his life. That is ridiculous. To pay a ONE TIME penalty would be fine, but to have to have to pay it for the rest of your life is just RIDICULOUS, ESPECIALLY on Social Security. These laws are not made to HELP the elderly but make it harder on them until they DIE…..


Worried & upset…I have cancer …So I have very high medical bills…With OBAMACARE I don’t need to worry because I pay 0 premiums, 0 deductibles and total $950 out of pocket…
Now I’m turning the deadly 65 and am being forced to get Medicare. They will deduct 20% from my puny social security check for part B…and I’ll need to get,C,D,or F,G…+ pay copays, deductibles huge total out of pocket expense……. Boy they sock it to the seniors! We no longer can earn an income…but will face HUGE Medical bills and increased insurance costs…We need Medicare reform ASAP!


My cost for Specialist-, Pain Clinic, Dermatologist, Rheumatologist, now costs me $50 just to enter their offices. I had to go to three of these doctors in one year and that was $150 for me, which I cannot afford. My drugs have gone up. Also, my friend, who only has Part A Medicare, because of a mistake on the part of the S.S./Medicare office, and has waited over two years for them to correct this, in the meantime has bills piling up for two broken hips and chemo therapy. What are we to do???


So you’re stuck with an insurance you don’t want nor perhaps need and therefore can’t contribute to an MSA nor obtain Obamacare. Such a brilliant judge made that decision.


it bothers me that since i have medicare and have worked my whole life,i am not able to get free coverage with obamacare. obamacare pays for taxis for people case workers all prescriptions are free etc etc medicare ALWAYS has a cost to the coverage! great job obama people that have NEVER worked get everything for free from us tax payers! if it wasnt for us tax payers people would get S#*T! NOW we get pentalized for working!


Medicare and ObamaCare subsidies come out of the same federal fund. Medicare is probably the most expensive program in the U.S. outside social security. I’m all for reform and improvements, but i’m not getting this argument.

Elizabeth P Rondeau

I had Health connector through the state of MA, until I turned 65 in July.
I told them every time I spoke with them I was going to turn 65. For over 6 months I have been receiving bills for my health insurance. Then received a nasty later, that I was being dropped for not paying.
What about a check off box when one turns 65.
What about a congratulations and you will be missed. In MA, there is no place to send email’s that I have found. So I am writing you, at Obamacare. I doubt I am alone.

Appreciated the fact I could get insurance. Good program. Just update it for people who go on Medicare. Please. Look at the waste, of time and paper sending just me- the bills and emails. Thank you, E Rondeau

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