Can I Be Denied Health Plan If I Work, But Don’t Have Employer Plan?

At this time I am working full time but I don’t have any insurance. Can ObamaCare deny me coverage?

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My question is this: My wifes employer does not offer her health insurance. My employer does offer insurance to myself and my wife but I can’t afford coverage for both of us. Would she be eligible for more affordable coverage through Obama Care?


It is possible, but unlikely. Here is more information about the Family Affordability Glitch. If she isn’t able to get cost assistance because your employer’s plan costs less than 9.66% of your families income (I know it doesn’t make a lot of sense, that why we call it a “glitch”) than she may still be exempt from the requirement to have insurance (if it is over 8.13% of income). This has to be applied for through With an exemption she can try shopping off the marketplace and getting a catastrophic health plan (usually much lower premiums and HSA eligible), or going without coverage.

Also, call your state and federal legislators and tell them you are having problems with this. They are the only one’s who actually have the power to address this specific failure in the law.


After my husband was laid off in March, we got insurance through the marketplace. He just started a new job 3 weeks ago where coverage is 900.00 per month. My question is if he signed a waiver with this job, in Louisiana, just 3 weeks ago, can he opt back in to employee plan so we have coverage and don’t lose our government subsidy for denying coverage?


I signed up for Obamacare when I lost my job in December. I got a new job in December. My new employer is offering me insurance but I do not plan to stay here much longer. I am going to switch employers, which require another 3 months waiting period. How will this affect my subsidy? I am offered affordable coverage however i am only going to be here one more month before I move.

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