I signed up to get a quote for insurance and now I’m getting 20+ calls a day about insurance offers and I am SICK of it! How do I make it stop!?


Filling out any online form with your contact information can lead to endless marketing calls or emails because of a common practice known as "selling leads" or "lead generation." Some websites knowingly and maliciously collect this data to sell, and others are unaware that a non-direct advertiser is doing so. However, once your information is out there, it can enter a sort of marketing pyramid scheme. Except that unlike conventional pyramid schemes which collapse when there are no new people to sell to, the same phone number or email address can be repackaged and sold again and again.

QUICK NOTE: If you are getting calls or texts from HealthCare.Gov specifically, this is normal. If you want it to stop, you should gather your account info, contact them, and ask them to remove your number. The same generally applies to state marketplaces like Covered California. In all other cases, follow the directions below.

Source: "Follow the Lead" FTC.gov

Less reputable third party companies on the internet resell leads, poorly track, and spam phone calls when customers fill out a quote form all the time. This is not typically a practice that is endorsed by reputable entities or official websites (including ObamaCareFacts.com and HealthCare.Gov) major insurers, brokers, or advertisers. Rather, this is an unfortunate result of factors relating to the freedom of the internet.

Some companies may, in the fine print of a quote, let you know that you are giving them permission to contact you or resell your information. As frustrating as this can be, the way they do this all is often absolutely technically legal.

We at ObamaCareFacts.com don't have any direct advertising on our site that does this. In fact, we have worked hard to ensure this doesn't happen given the subject matter, but non-direct advertising works differently. Non-direct advertising involves companies bidding on ad space through a third party marketing company. A reputable third party ad company typically does a good job at quality control ensuring shady companies don't bid on reputable feeds. However, when it comes to big ticket items like health insurance, which is required for everyone by law, the "bad guys" sometimes infect the entire telemarketing industry with ill-gotten and repetitive lead generation.

If anyone has filled out a form related to health insurance and immediately gotten a lot of phone calls, it can be frustrating. It isn't necessarily indicative of suspicious behavior, especially if you were actually looking for an auto quote, health insurance broker, or anything else and the response was from people able to provide that service. However, in many cases, there is no telling how many companies will get access to your lead after that. Shady as it might be, it is technically a legal practice. It's not even clear if the companies purchasing the leads are even always aware how old it is or how it was originally obtained.

What Can I Do to Stop SPAM Phone Calls?

There is no simple remedy after your information has gotten into a lead generation and third-party marketing industry, but there are some things that you can do to prevent it or at least be prepared to address it when it does happen.

Double Check:

Before entering your information into any website make sure it is an official website, a website that you trust, and the correct website you were looking for. There are websites that use some form of "Obamacare" and "Facts" in their title, and a few have at times blatantly (and lazily) plagiarized ObamacareFacts.com content.

Never use a link from within an email to reset a password or to provide private information even if it appears to be from a website you trust. Go directly to the official site or call them directly to double check. The same is true for incoming phone calls asking for personally identifying information. If it seems important, from your bank for example, then hang up, look up the phone number for your bank, and call them directly. Then report it to the Federal Trade Commission.

Keep Track:

Keep track of the websites you give your information out to in a word document. Copy and paste the URL and the name of the company instead of clicking on links. This will allow you to address those responsible, to warn others (as in the comments below), and to notify website owners of non-direct advertisers' behavior. This is also true of the calls you get in response to an online request. Immediately ask, "What is the name of your company?" Save that information along with the phone number. Tell them that if you get another call, you will report them.

Register on the National Do Not Call Registry:

It won't prevent solicitation from unethical sources or the many companies who purchase the leads, but you can report violations of the Do Not Call Registry to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC)

Contact Officials:

There are several ways to contact legislators and officials who can address what is and isn't legal and could create regulations about telemarketing and email lead generation. Tell them how lead generation practices are affecting you.

If you have filled out a health insurance quote form and now receive lots of phone calls do your best to:

  1. Let us know the exact site you filled out the form on and post the URL. (Check your history, lots of sites have similar looking names!)
  2. Let us know the path you used to get to that site. What sites did you visit before, what page did you click on an ad from, what ad did you click on?

One thing to note is that there are reputable companies out there who will give your information to multiple other reputable companies and this can result in what seems like a lot of calls. Five companies contacting you once, maybe twice, each is easily overwhelming, but if you requested a quote for something its best to shop around. This is different from situations where your contact information is passed down the line to less reputable companies who call on a daily basis.

Keep in mind that you may miss the fine print or Privacy Policy for subscription and give your permission for these people to contact you. It's frustrating, but often what is happening is also legal and is intended to connect consumers with the services and goods they are looking for. It doesn't usually put you at direct risk for big issues like identity theft.

Also keep in mind in many instances people asked (maybe unknowingly) to be contacted about setting up an appointment to meet with an insurance agent, and when you never picked up they were simply trying to call you back to schedule that appointment. This wouldn't result in 20+ calls but could result in a call or two a few times.

Hopefully, we will see some comments below that explain situations clearly so we can help address this problem.

TIP: See FTC.Gov's Stopping unwanted phone calls and text messages and Phony calls about health insurance for more reading.

NOTE: When you comment with a link we change it to "dot com" instead of ".com" to avoid sending people to sites that are reselling health insurance information. Thanks for being understanding!

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Pamela Robinson on

Answer Rating:

In Alabama, you MUST click-on the box that states permission is granted to have insurance “agents” contact you. It is a “required field”, otherwise, the application is rejected. I do not click-on any ads. I have not received much spam Emails, however I have encountered many junk phone calls.

Andy on

I never filled an application, just got ranges of premiums on this site, and yet they call constantly! From all over the country, relentlessly calling. I’ve added their numbers to my auto-reject list but they use new numbers. This is the worst and it needs to be stopped.

Charles Dunmore on

I never filled out a form but apparently someone named Elizabeth did with my phone number so I am getting multiple calls daily and over 20 the first few days. Started 12/30 and has not stopped. Same problem “From all over the country, relentlessly calling. I’ve added their numbers to my auto-reject list but they use new numbers. This is the worst and it needs to be stopped.”

ObamaCareFacts.com on

The lack of quality control is really brutal. It took us a lot of work to ensure we had good ad relationships on this site. We won’t work with companies that resell leads.

Deborah Wilson on

Well its not working. I am still getting calls 8 months later from very rude people. I try ti ask them to quit calling bc I already have insurance and they just hang up. I also use my call blocker, and as others have stated, they just use a new number. Its almost as bad as the price I pay for the horrible insurance coverage I now get. The whole ACA is a bad joke played on all of America.

Shelley on

This is exactly what’s happening to me. I ask them to remove me and its like “ok *hang up*” but they just keep calling and calling and the last person I tried to explain it to hung up before I even finished my sentence!

Kenneth on

I get 10 per hour

Danielle Veiga on

I’ve had the same issue..Apparently some guy used my cell number or something and I continue to get these calls. It is very disturbing and needs to stop.

cathy on

I’m still getting calls 2 years later! Arrggh. And they call all hours of the day.

GWise on

In New Mexico, I am experiencing the same relentless calling after going online for information. It is horrible and needs to stop! If a person actually responds when I answer, they have most often been rude, unprofessional and very pushy. There has to be a better way to get health insurance.

Christine J. Davis on

I am going to freak out!! Everyday I get 20 + calls and I too never filled anything out at all, on the net or on paper. I am disabled, so I get free government medical insurance. No matter what I do they just find another way of calling. So fed up

Jennifer Wisehart on


I filled out a quote on this website… a hour ago. I have received 20 calls since then.

Do Not use this Site!!!!!!

ObamaCareFacts.com on

If anyone else has this problem please comment. We want to give sites a fair shake and ensure that the correlation is there. Also when commenting make sure to mention if you have been to other sites or filed out other forms. More details the better.

Shane Matthew on

I helped my girlfriend sign up on healthcare.gov straight from the address bar and no other sign ups on any sites. They call her relentlessly all day long. I got her to ask one of them where they got her information, Their response was obamacare. Also said yes they are affiliated with healthcare.gov. Now her report says she has $0 income and their quotes are required at a 12,000 a year income. Her quote prices are no cheaper than before the adfordable care act. I think it’s clear what obamacare is really for. Do not sign up, if you do expect to change your phone number.

ObamaCareFacts.com on

Very strange. I’ve never heard of this. Wish we had more specific details. I personally signed up for Healthcare.Gov and didn’t have this experince.

Ronald Milton on

Baloney. I helped my young daughter with getting quotes when she was out of work. At no income she didn’t qualify. Shame on you. Now for 2 years I get calls non-stop to my business cell phone as President of a large US corporation.

ObamaCareFacts.com on

It’s really important to note what website you used. I could name about 20 amazing sites for health insurance and third party enrollment options… I could also name some really awful ones who are purposefully reselling leads using the confusion of the Affordable Care Act as a catalyst.

The only way for everyone to know what sites are which are for people to share the names of the sites. You can and should do that here.

General rule of thumb, don’t fill out a lead form without understanding what website you are on and who owns it. Do a who-is and research complaints first.

NOTE: Healthcare.gov, of all entities, would never resell your information.

Katrina Powell on

I signed up directly on healthcare.gov and did not click the box to solicit my information. I am still getting ridiculous amounts of calls. I have received 27 since 7:45 this morning.

Leave it to the government to require you to use their site; then to sell your information. I am VERY unhappy with Obamacare.

ObamaCareFacts.com on

Wow, are you sure, healthcare.gov? What state / region are you in? I am very sure the officials would like to know about this so they can pinpoint the issue. 100% not supposed to happen through the official site. Extra strange since it is outside open enrollment right now.

Me on

This is my issue as well. I went directly to healthcare dot gov, and directly after was receiving numerous calls a week. Just today the calls started coming one every hour; then one every few minutes. By 1pm I’ve had 11 calls from the same “healthcare” company who got my number from the ACA information on the healthcare dot gov website.

ObamaCareFacts.com on

And these calls are from different numbers and companies as far as you can tell, correct? That is important, as a single entity with permission to call is a different situation.

Tawni on

Maybe it is because you signed up that you aren’t experiencing this… If, like me, you discovered that available plans were crap and over priced and decided to opt out they are relentless.. I get emails, calls, and texts at all hours of the day.. it has gotten way worse as the deadline for 2017 has approached/been extended etc.. they can’t take a hint apparently.. I found this discussion looking for a solution.. this morning alone I’ve gotten 3 emails and a text (in 3 hours) (oh.. and I for one am certain it was healthcare.gov because a: it’s the only site I’ve used for such, and b: all communications reference healthcare.gov and deadline for coverage)

jimbob on

Yes Shane, I had also checked price last year as I thought.. WE ALL MUST… well, the quote was unheard of… I had just got a job … like most, 10 an hour, and DAMN I can’t afford to lose 200+ a month to see the doctor where I say… yep my prescription is still doing the job. I am a mid 30 year old healthy dude with migraines (SON in my case).Wall-E world people are making others lose their homes left and right, and iike most I get called Every morning from the United States Government.. lady at Healthcare.gov who Just sat next to Trump in to office even though it has been proven technology of today was not prepared for and now we must fight for our country against not only the epic population from Brazil north, but the population already here from Africa North. We have just gone backwards in a Forward moving Dr Phil world.

kris on

I do not have the site as I never signed up for information. Several months ago I received up to 50 calls in a single day telling each to remove my number. I think all but one keeps calling. 817-678-5930. I have received at least 12 calls a day and up to 20. Have asked them many times to stop. I have their calls blocked, for revenge they are calling 3-4 times an hour, and have blocked me from calling them.

Jason Chou on

Kris, are you still getting calls from them? If you stopped, do you know what you did to stop them?

Kristie Hutchens on

I’m so sick and tired of 25 calls a day from the health care marketplace all over the country all day long no matey how many times I ask them to stop and take me off the list. I’ve ran out of numbers my phone can reject 🙁

Robert Berry on

I gave my phone number and have received over 300 calls
I have told people to take my name of the list, blocked every call that
comes in. New numbers keep calling from all over the US.
Only the government could mess something up this bad

Lynn Williams on

I googled “Blue Cross Blue Shield” to get a quote from them (they are not the culprit here). I mistakenly clicked on one of the first links that popped up, put in my info and I’m receiving roughly 30 calls a day. I quickly realized I did not put my info on BCBS website, but some website that gave my number out to every health insurance company in the country. I asked them to take my number off the list and they said they can only take it off their list; no other company’s list. This is the website where I made the biggest mistake by putting my number down: https://affordablehealthcare123.com/p/signup.php

ObamaCareFacts.com on

This seems like a common complaint, the problem is that when “a lead is resold” that equates to your information being sold to X others. A good company will limit that X and ensure quality control, with a great company that X will equal 1, the danger is when the X equals many and the quality control isn’t there for all of them. Then we get the endless calls over what feels like endless time.

Sick of this crap! on

This is ridiculous when the calls just keep coming. It disrupts my day at work when they call NON-STOP even after you tell them to take you off the calling list! These people call 7 days a week, ALL day. The website, healthcare.gov should be held responsible for the harassing phone calls. Give me your phone number and I will call you on the hour every day for the next month and see how you like it!

ObamaCareFacts.com on

I certainly feel you. Best idea (aside following the advice above) is to just freeze out those calls. Never answer and you decrease the value of them having your number over time. Could even be struck from the next list. Again, we have nothing to do with this aside providing an avenue for comments and information.

Jason I love my mother Dyer on

Fudge off you parasitic piece of garbage . Get a job where you can actually provide a service or goods that people actually want . Thieves and scum every last one of you .

ObamaCareFacts.com on

So our team makes informational websites for a living. I assume you mean health insurance sales people who call your phone too much? I get the anger for sure. Glad we could provide a place for you the range against the telemarketer.

Ashley on


I filled out a quote on this website… a hour ago. I have received 20 calls since then.

Stevie on

quotes.healthcare.com is HORRIBLE. I was looking for DENTAL insurance, and I’ve been getting phone calls from different states every 20 minutes or so. I’m going to lose my mind.

Robert on

I had my number put in as a prank by someone who was mad at me. now I get between 20 and 30 calls a day in the fall. I don’t need insurance and there is no way to get my number off this list. I think we should sue these companies and the government for not having a way to oppt out this call system. just wait till they get their name and number on the list and see how fast it gets fixed!

Anne Yuratovich on

On losing a job in May 2015, I came to the Obamacare site to get a quote, and filled out the online form. Since then, having been offered what seemed like “affordable” plans, details of which would not be revealed until I handed over my credit card details (!!!) – which naturally I didn’t, I decided to go my own way.

I got a full time job – with benefits – three months later.

Since then I have received more calls than I can count – resorting to saying I’ve moved to Australia and giving them an Aussie phone number.

This site is an absolute joke….as is the National Do Not Call list – about as useful as a screen door on a submarine. And if I get additional emails because my “email address will not be published”, I will not be at all surprised.

Angelina on

I got a quote from the website [site removed, semantically it was ObamaCare USA dot org] and it looked very official. I made a huge mistake when I provided my phone number. I did it at 11 am this morning and now its 2:35 pm and I got over 14 calls from all over the country.

ObamaCareFacts.com on

When will the grey hat business practices end? I love the wild west spirit of the internet, and as you can guess it’s my lifeblood, but it is just unfair to treat people like this. Worse, it’s giving the Affordable Care Act a bad name. We did a lot of work to ensure our ad partners don’t do this to people. We DONT work with any of the sites listed on this page to be clear… cause, we have to sleep at night, you know… Morals.

Who get’s into healthcare for the money… oh wait. Think we might be onto something here.

Saira Weeks on

I just wanted quotes and now my phone is being drained by the calls. I did this 45 minutes ago and I have already been called 15 times!

Baisen Zeng on

Short version of the story:

DO NOT use this effing site – [site removed semantically it was ObamaCare USA dot org]

Long version:

I went on http://www.healthcare.gov, which is legitimate and filled out an application on Nov.2015 like I did for the past two years. The eligibility result indicated that I DO NOT qualify for any tax credit for 2016. I am a married graduate student and I am living off 25K a year. There is absolutely no way that I do not qualify. So two months after that, I got desperate while looking at my Jan.2016 Blue Cross bill, and clicked on everything that popped out of a google search. Most sites I visited are informational. Here is the site that gave my information to at least 5 other companies:

[site removed]

I received countless phone calls almost immediately after I punched in my information for a quote. I picked up the very first call and the caller did patiently help me fill out another application on http://www.healthcare.gov. Turns out I am still not qualified. Called healthcare.gov, agent deleted the new application, found the mistake in the old application, corrected that, submitted and Bam! $210/month tax credit obtained! I blocked most of the incoming calls for the last 24 hours but I am still getting new numbers calling me.

Jess Rogers on

This is harassment 20+ phone calls a day. Not only is this confusing process. They harras you daily. Shame on you Obamacare for forcing me to sign up then exposing me to spammers

ObamaCareFacts.com on

So sorry to hear that. For other people commenting realize that there is a whole industry built around insurance sales. Given this it’s important to let everyone know exactly what site you gave your contact information to and if you gave it to more than one. This will help narrow down who is selling off information to the “20 call a day” folks (who to be clear we have done everything in our power to keep away form our site).

user 123 on

This is absolutely RIDICULOUS!!!!! I did not check the box for agents to contact me and i have already gotten 17 calls and the day is barely halfway over. I have answered mulitiple times to tell the agent that I am not interested and to stop calling and put me on the do not call list.

Stacy on

Below are all the sites that I think spammed my phone number and are calling me 10+ calls per day. It’s really annoying and I’d wish it would stop.

1. http://www.individualhealthquotes.com/listings/
2. http://www.healthexchangerates.org/
3. https://www.agilehealthinsurance.com/
4. http://www.online-health-insurance.com/quotes/1step.php
5. https://quote.affordable-health-insurance-plans.org/

ObamaCareFacts.com on

GREAT! Thanks for the list. Remember all, we can’t pin the blame on a website based on one comment. But as we compile these players we can start to notice patterns.

One thing to note, some of these are simply landing pages for ads pointing at even more sites. So it’s obviously a network of sites and we can’t be sure every site is using the same bad practices.

Yoli on

can we get Mr. Obama’s cell number and enter it on this site? let him get 100 calls a day at all hours… maybe he would understand our frustration with the constant phone calls!!
I bet Mr. Obama would make sure he was never called again! This is such a scam, before ObamaCare we didn’t have this problem. BTW the “Do Not Call” registry is a joke!

WHY DO YOU NEED MY EMAIL? I know !so my inbox can be filled with Health Insurance offers!? What a joke.

ObamaCareFacts.com on

When it comes to enrolling in coverage a broker, insurer, or even healthcare.gov is going to need information to get you the correct plan. If you don’t want to give your info consider calling healthcare.gov, a major broker, or major insurer directly. You’ll still need to give your info, but you can avoid the un-comfortability you may feel with a form.

As for your frustration, it is noted, but obviously the suggestion would be to not do what you are saying or to even entertain the idea. Sounds like a slippery slope you don’t meant to be on.

rja on

I used healthcare.com and this site…

getting 40 phone calls a day from every part of the country. i’ve blocked phone numbers, i have paid to have my cell phone company block calls and still 20 or more come through every day. it feels abusive.

ObamaCareFacts.com on

Thank you for the insight. You can always share one of those numbers (so we can try to research it and see if it is an ad partner of ours, although it really shouldn’t be). Also, if you can ever find the ad you clicked, or the URL, that is helpful to us.

If anything like this ever did come from our site, we would move quickly to ban the advertiser or broker. So far, in all this time, we have never found any concrete evidence that anything like this was happening through our site (and we hope that is due to the effort we and those we work with put into ensuring against it).

Rick Lear on

I am active duty military and I assure you that I have never requested a healthcare insurance quote. Ever. But they have my name and number and I now get 30+ calls per day. Blocking the numbers slows it but doesn’t stop it. I’m going to have to get a new cell phone number. I did nothing to invite this.

Erin on

The best option is to complain to the FCC.

chris on

You are so full of bull! I signed up on healthcare.gov about 2 weeks ago and now I’m getting inundated with calls. I get them at 7:30 Saturday morning. I get them at 7:45 Sunday morning. I get them at 8:45 Sunday night. And all hours in between.
They all claim to be agents. Most are so rude I can’t even find out who they work for! Every time I try to ask them who they work for it to add me to their do not call list they just talk over what I’m saying and as when I want my coverage to start!
The last one kept half laughing as he kept asking me questions while I was telling them to stop calling me.
It’s insane how many calls I have taken since I signed up for the government required health insurance.
It’s predatory, and it’s a complete farce if you think that my information isn’t being shopped around by healthcare.gov.
Is this Obama’s way of getting people back to work? Defying the constitution and forcing Americans to purchase something and then have employed telemarketers call them at all hours?
I really hope we get this all sorted with the next political representation in office. And for the rest of you sheeple that think Obama has done a good job, keep your opinions to yourself and try to get a job.
Oh. And when you get your tax check back and see that you are getting more than you paid out in taxes I would like you to thank hard working Americans.

Kristie Hutchens on

Yeah!! ^^^^what this guy said!!!!

I only went to healthcare.gov and nowhere else to renew my plan.

They keep saying they’re agents of healthcare.gov. I didnt put my number in any other lists.

ObamaCareFacts.com on

Hmmm, got it. If anyone else can confirm this experience perhaps we need to include information about what state and what plan was enrolled in. This could help narrow down causes.

Micah on

My state is AZ. I put my info in healthcare.gov and I have had the same experience. This was last December. Almost 5 months later and I am still getting multiple calls per day. It is so ridiculous that anyone ever expected Obamacare to be anything less than a shady telemarketing scam.

Tawni A Burton on

Indiana: healthcare.gov (if you think it’s regional, which I doubt… I think they’re desperate and pushing because they’re collapsing all over the place due to low enrollment) but they have no way for you to remove your information from their system or stop calls/emails/texts

ObamaCareFacts.com on

Right, yes, they are getting shut down and tens of millions are at risk of not being able to get covered again due to preexistings or cost. So Government is texting you. That may be a slight annoyance to you, but to that person who didn’t know and now gets covered, could be a life saver.

As for your idea of “collapsing”, that is essentially a Republican talking point (do your own research, but i’m telling you, it is an excuse not what is actually happening).

As for not being able to opt out… that is a little odd right? I got like 4-5 of these in the past week… one would assume they would have an opt-out.

I think though you have to go into your account on healthcare.gov to get this to stop. Those few updates here and there never felt like spam to me, anyone who just experiences this and not the other thing… consider yourself lucky.

People in Flint are drinking lead, central Georgians lost their home, people are detained at the airport, and soon someone will realize they missed the deadline for coverage and go without the care they need. You’ll survive your extra reminder text, if you want to do something about it, try logging into your account or calling

doug on

305-515-5003 and 305-747-6062 are calling 5 times an hour even though they have been told I already have health insurance

Vince Santilli on

Hi, I started receiving these phone calls a few years ago. I did not sign up for health care. Somebody gave my my number by mistake. The phone calls stopped for the most part, but, all of the sudden I’m getting tons of phone calls again. I explained that it was not me and asked to be removed from their list. I asked one of them where they got my number from and they said it was from iwebquotes.com. I emailed them and explained this to them. I’m not sure this is the original source. Is there anything else I can do? Thanks.

ObamaCareFacts.com on

Well their parent company Ideal Concepts says nice things about themselves… but you have to wonder about ethics and the company you keep and how this will affect your image overtime.

Anyone who would resell a lead should spend a day getting non-stop spam phone calls before cashing their check.


William Gegner on

I signed up for a quote on the Obamacare site : and http://www.obamacareplan2016.org/Ohio and within an hour have received over 100 phone calls. I called the number on the site and asked them to remove the phone number from their call list. I was told they did not have an online application. I told the lady that I had the site open at that moment, looking at the online application link and the phone number I called. She then took the information and stated she would remove me from the call list. For the moment the calls have stopped. Hopefully it will continue with no calls.

ObamaCareFacts.com on

Nice! Good feedback. Guts-y calling and giving them more information. Interesting that it worked. I say interesting because they use a feed from: http://www.searchlinks.com/

They obviously don’t control third party ads, and we can’t hate on them for that.

But they also have this page: https://obamacareplan2016.org/get-quote

I can’t imagine the carriers they have logos of would be super excited about this… really I can’t imagine any of the corporations associated by search or insurance, or healthcare.gov, or really any of the 320 million Americans not cashing the check for this transaction are happy. With so many unhappy people. there has to be some sort of common sense recourse.

Vickie on

I went on line to find a quote for insurance and now I am getting flooded with phone calls. Make them stop – this is stupid and a waste of my time. Problem is I don’t know what website it was since it dumped me into two other fact finding websites

ObamaCareFacts.com on

Well that is annoying that other companies are tarnishing the reputation of actual fact sites like ours.

melissa on

“Fact site”?? You generate leads and sell them to the exact companies that these clients are complaining about? You rave about how these companies are unethical, yet you are doing the exact same thing, and then misleading the poor souls who come here to believe that you aren’t involved!

Erin on

ObamacareFacts.com is an informational site and make money from advertising, but they only work with direct advertisers. Advising folks to keep track of the web pages they enter your information into would allow ObamacareFacts.com to actually identify any of those advertisers that aren’t following the rules and selling leads. ObamacareFacts have worked very hard to ensure that doesn’t happen, but they also want to be able to address it if one of the advertisers on ObamacareFacts.com is harassing people. The only way for them to look into it and hold advertisers accountable is if they know what web page (URL) and when. It is also the only way that the Federal Trade Commission can address it either. So either you care about addressing the marketing phone calls or you don’t.

The problem is that ObamacareFacts.com at times becomes the emotional punching bag for every negative experience that any person who finds it has ever had associated with the Affordable Care Act, Obama, health insurance, websites, or even at times the IRS. If you were actually worried that ObamacareFacts.com is involved in selling peoples’ information, why would you give them your email address to leave a comment on this thread?

ObamaCareFacts.com on

That is not true. Every entity that brokers health insurance online uses a lead form, the lead form is not unethical or evil on its own. It is how those leads are managed that makes it unethical. We have carefully selected our advertising partners to avoid this.

The point of our site is to be an informational site, like all sites on the internet we have ads, knowing the problem with lead forms and being in this space we worked with our advertisers to help ensure we weren’t part of the problem, in doing this we probably trade some bottom line in exchange for doing the right thing.

If anyone spots anything fishy at all about any of our ads we’ll be the first one to report it and do something about it. In fact, we’d consider it a favor if anyone can spot any flaw with our site in terms of content or advertising. That will only make our site stronger and separate us from the rest.

We didn’t fill an informational website with thousands of pages of tips, tricks, Q, and A just to jeopardize everything over a few lame ad practices.

Alison on

These are the sites, got to it by googling obamacare, got a phone call immediately after submitting my information. And non stop since from many different numbers



M Koga on

I am having the same experience as many of the other people on site. I have received 20+ phone calls from the same number. The calls are coming from Mississippi (228) 233-3546; Los Angeles (213) 256-0504; (631) 386-5646; and Nevada (725) 465-9987. I have answered and asked to be taken off the list countless times. When I tried calling the Mississippi number back to tell them the same thing, I got an automated voice asking about “mechanical breakdown protection for extended coverage.”

This insanity began when I got an email titled, “Obamacare ALERT,” which stated that I had five days left to sign up for coverage. Knowing that I couldn’t afford health coverage at the moment, I clicked on the link for rates. I didn’t suspect that anything as nauseating as this situation would occur, seeing as the email was sent from Illinois Job Department Partners ([email protected]) which led to leadinghealthplans.com. But alas, after that one click I was instantly spammed by 30+ calls per day.

As many other people have stated, this is harassment and needs to end. Please help. I shouldn’t have to change my phone number because of this bull.

ObamaCareFacts.com on

Good share, thanks. The more details the better.

LMarr on

I’ve never even submitted anything on this site, nor have I visited the site prior to now. The only reason I am visiting the site now is to try to get calls to stop. Apparently someone else entered my number in error on their inquiry. Now I get 5-6 calls a day that are nothing but recordings warning me to sign up for Obamacare before being penalized. When I find a way to get an actual human on the line, I cannot get them to listen long enough to remove my number, which I never gave them. Instead they promptly hang up and try again from another number. This seems like harassment, and my number is on the Do Not Call Registry. I’ve already logged formal complaints, but have no company name since the caller will not provide that information.

ObamaCareFacts.com on

Darn that is crazy. Not fun. I haven’t gotten the impression that the “Do Not Call Registry” is effective for these grey-hat calls. What is sort of effective is freezing out the calls by being unresponsive. If you don’t recognize a number, consider letting ignoring it. Feel free to post all details here as state above.

Travis on


It was a dumb thing to do to fill out information on that site, now the calls are constant (every few minutes). I didn’t scroll down to look at the disclaimer on the bottom. Don’t make the same mistake I did.

ObamaCareFacts.com on

Don’t beat yourself up. You aren’t alone. This is a mistake that enough people make once for it to be a thriving business. Although, I suspect the root of the problem will be cracked down on soon given the highly public nature of grey-hat lead-generation related online advertising. It doesn’t really fit the model of the major companies in tech or insurance.

scfo on

I just used healthinsurance.org to try to get quotes. Little did I know they didn’t provide any quotes, but rather like others, my phone instantly started ringing. I’ve received about 7 calls in the last hour. Three from the same NJ number.

I was just curious about the price of premiums and don’t even need insurance right now. What is the best way to get some real information on costs without running into this scam?? I have no idea where to start.

ObamaCareFacts.com on

The best way to get real information is heatlhcare.gov or direct from a provider. The other really smart choice is sitting down with a local broker. You can use the number on our site to book an appointment… that said, open enrollment is over so brokers can only help you if you qualify for special enrollment or what to look at short term options (which don’t protect you from the fee).

Mikey Jr. on

Yep, that’s us, unreal…

Cindy on

I did the same thing, and the calls keep rolling in. 🙁 Did they stop after the first day?

Mikey Sr. on

I have screen shots of the site my Wife was on this morning, phone hasn’t stopped ringing. But I don’t think I can attach a file here, anyone got any ideas? I have the “ad” she clicked on, her first mistake… And then the sites or pages that were the result of that fatal click.

ObamaCareFacts.com on

So I have been trying to be cool about this and removing the identifying data that shows which search engines and advertisers are being complicit in these practices (as a web site owner I know quality control is really hard and I think the ones bidding and selling the lead need to be singled out more than the other side). So that said, if you just post the names of the site here all the advertisers and search engines will know who they are to take action.

I would say not to share screenshots (but rather just information from the shots), for your own general well being (to avoid sharing identifying data by accident).

Thisis A Ripoff on

4 months ago I went online to get a couple of quotes – I have now had my new insurance for 3 months and the phone calls do not stop. I get several per day – when i ask them how to get this to stop they ALL say to remove your name from the Obama Care website. Easier said than done
Just another way for Obama to screw with the American public.

ObamaCareFacts.com on

OH man that is awful! I promise you, these people are on the bottom of Obama’s short list. Essentially they are tarnishing the Presidents name, tarnishing the insurers names, hurting Americans, and making away with the loot. NO ONE likes these shady players. They are just hard to weed out on the wild world of the free internet.



Brandie on

I signed up on healthcare.gov several years ago and red roll every year as required. Get at least 3 calls a day (every single day!) from a number that always starts with 555-xxxx. The robot says they are contracted with blue cross/blue shield and if I don’t have insurance press 1 or if I have insurance press 2. I started in the last 3 days to press 2 instead of just hanging up but it goes nowhere. This has got to stop! They wake me up almost every morning and then call ore during the day. I keep blocking all the numbers but they just call from another. Help!!!!!

ObamaCareFacts.com on

As a rule of thumb, DO NOT PRESS ANYTHING EVER from a spam phone call. I screen my calls and purposefully block out any number I don’t know. If you want healthcare.gov not to call, call their number and approach it that way.

Interacting with malware is the worst thing you can do.

Mary S. on

I too am getting blasted with greater than 20 calls a day. It’s so HORRIBLE. Had I known filling a simple insurance quote form would result to this I WOULD HAVE NEVER filled it out.

The explanation that OBamaCare does not participate and “bad guys find a way” is UNACCEPTABLE.

ObamaCareFacts.com on

I know this is how people feel, I can’t imagine how frustrating this is for democrats to watch their hard work stepped on by bad apples.

Dumb Guy on

My God! How pathetic! Of course its legal. Obama and the other F’heads who put this together didn’t think of the “shady” predators who would do this? I am literally sitting here with severe chest pains and can’t afford to go to the ER. I pay $340 an F’ing month and will go bankrupt if I go in for another stent. How is that affordable? And you’ll tax me to boot if I don’t have it. I receive 2-10 calls a day. I signed up with one of the countries best insurance companies and theres no way for the shady companies to know this.

Joe Adkins on

I signed up to this site and I am getting sales calls every 5 minutes. can you ask that they stop the madness please?


ObamaCareFacts.com on

Hey guys, we are an independent site just trying to help. Make sure never to post identifiable information on here. Your email doesn’t display, but watch what you type in the comments (I had to edit this one). Would hate to have something like this lead to more problems for you!

Kimberly Dixon on

Looked for a quote, gave my number to many agency’s. They call 25+ times a day. Im going crazy right now!!!!

Tim on

The same thing happened to me. I was filling out the form on Healthcare.gov and I think they had a virus because i now get a very frustrating amount of calls each day and never from the same number.

ObamaCareFacts.com on

Hmmm, I am sure someone has noticed this and is getting to the bottom of it. Can’t image HHS would be happy about this to say the least.

Frank on

I setup a user account and put my number in healthcare.gov in Nov-Dec. I started getting loads of calls. I bought insurance from another company in Dec. Now it’s March and I still get a few calls a day. I logged into healthcare.gov and it wouldn’t let me remove my number, I couldn’t find a dummy number to put in. I had the idea of putting in the number of one of the telemarketers, I laughed but thought I had probably better not. Return calls to them just go to a recording that says the number is disconnected anyways. I had the idea of putting in 000-000-0000 and it accepted it 🙂 Problem solved….I hope

Aayesha B on

I went to google “how do I get obamacare” affordablehealthcare123.com came up first.. asked for my info and then said to check my email. Before I could even click on the icon the phone calls started. This was yesterday. I have missed or hung up on at least 50 calls! So mad! I don’t. Want to change my number!!

Justin on

Filled out the form from http://www.healthexchange2016.com/
Getting tons of calls – most answer and then hang up

John Davitta on

I have a job with employer based health insurance. And these people are harassing me still. They tell me that I need to cancel my insurance policy with my employer and go to the healthcare marketplace website and sign up with Obamacare, else face a tax penalty or being arrested.

ObamaCareFacts.com on

To ease your mind you can’t be arrested for not getting coverage. Not even a debtors prison in the US.

jen on

I get at least 20 calls a day from these damn insurance places I block an they still call sometimes from the same # I blocked!! How does that happen if I’ve blocked that #

Lindsay on

Not sure what site has caused all the phone calls but here is a list of what was in my history
[email protected]

ObamaCareFacts.com on

Thank you. I am fairly confident in ehealthinsurance.com. They are one of the major players in online health brokering. In all our experince with them they have been really above board.

Priscilla jeffries on

I went to healthcare.com and filled out application now getting calls and texts all day, very annoying, I want it to stop and my name and number off the list.

Christie on

I was looking into potential health insurance if I move to Iowa and looked for a quote via healthplans.com and now I’m receiving about 20 calls a day. This is absurd.

Zeynep Cakmak on

Clicked from google search
Terrible Website!
Calls won’t stop coming!

ObamaCareFacts.com on

Yikes. It seems crazy to “burn” (i.e. do shady business and thus tarnish a domain) like that for short term gain. Very possible that they don’t know. We will see if this domain repeats.

Katie on

I got a quote of this website on April 1,2016 and have received over 50 phone calls from the same three numbers about health insurance, even after adding myself to the do not call registry online they are still calling me what seems like every 20 minutes. I have tried being nice to them, and even yelling at them asking them to put me on the do not call list but they still keep calling. I feel like I have to change my phone number because of this website. Thanks Obama.

Joshua Morris on

I have recently been receiving at least 5 phone calls per day from health insurance companies. It is now people with heavy Indian accents, named Brian. I did fill out some information on http://www.firstquotehealth.com and may have also entered information on insurance.healthplans.com in the process of “obtaining an online rate comparison”.
Had I known that I would start getting phone calls from 20 people before I even finished filling out the web form, I would have never shared my number with these vultures.
If you’re looking for health insurance, just wait for the open enrollment. There wasn’t a single person trying to sell me anything but a scam, and now I can’t stop the scammers from calling me.

ObamaCareFacts.com on

Watching this unfold has really opened my eyes. If people are so quick to sell out their fellow American over a few dollars on a web lead, we can imagine how this mentality is amplified in a Pharma board room (or “insert big trillion dollar healthcare industry here”).

#Realizing other people don’t have a built in moral compass.

Zachary on

So I got a phone call seconds after filling out a form for health insurance and they had set me up with humanacare and another one for dental. They asked for my sis as well as bank routing number… am I at risk for identity theft?


ObamaCareFacts.com on

I am not an expert so can’t answer that question in a reasonable way. In general, everyone has a few bits of identifiable info out there, so if you didn’t give any additional info then you probably shouldn’t over-worry… but our thing is ACA, not security and such.

You can certainly report the website. This is the parent company: http://www.allwebleads.com/about-our-insurance-leads

It is a real company, so there is a real place to direct complaints.

Tammy b on

The same thing is happening to me. I simply checked out Obama care now almost a year later I still receive non stop calls about health insurance. This is harassment! I will never again check out Obama care!

Sera on

i check this website first, and after fill in one form , then there are many other website pop out. then i got so many calls every day started rom 8 o clock until night. I have already told me i don’t need your services. but they still use different number to call, and when i pick up, it hand out without speaking anything.
it so annoying. how can I stop it? these are the website.
http://www.affordable-health insurance-plans.org

april loaris on

I wish there was a solution

Pat on

I filled my information to this website and I got several calls from the agents from different numbers.




Vang Yeeleng Xiong on

I recently filled out a IWebQoutes.com. I have been gettting phone calls all over the U.S. I need this to stop.

ObamaCareFacts.com on

Seen this site more than once on here. Not a good sign, but the thing to keep in mind (in fairness) is that there is a lot of outsourcing. So the buck often doesn’t stop with the website hosting the ad.

Hilary on

In an effort to help, my mother googled health insurance and put my info into iWebquote.com and maybe a few other sites. Incessant calls and email since then. And I’m on the no-call list. So frustrating, as I was exclusively dealing with the healthcare.gov site otherwise.

kristen on

I am still getting 4+ calls per day! The people who call are rude when I advise them to take me off the list or they just hang up on me. Providing my person information to Obamacare was a HUGE mistake! Before implementing this, the lead system to all of these SPAMMING health care “so called” companies shoud have been thought through. Trying to get a quote resulted in me being harrassed daily! I wish I had never signed into the Obamacare site.

unnamed on

Yeah, I signed up through Obamacare.gov and now I get between five and ten calls a day in state and out of state, they are also extremely rude. I didn’t sign up anywhere else.

dw on

2. 8:46 AM
Compare Health Insurance Quotes Online

Shop around and compare your instant online quotes! Affordable Health Insurance Quotes

Elizabeth Hopkins on

Sorry, but I do not believe that telemarketers are only calling those who signed up for quotes. I was a big supporter of Obama-care, but now hate that the trade-off is a daily barrage of unwanted telemarketers. I procured my insurance voluntarily, did not ask for quotes. It is harrassment to receive these calls daily. I’ve been on the Do Not Call List since 2009. Reporting the callers does not stop them. They become abusive, making crude sexual comments, threats and foul language. I did not sign up for that. The rating system does not say whether “1” is the best or the worst. A bad site.

Bubba Charlie on

I have 50 blocked phone numbers. Now they use No Caller ID. The message says its Mary from Blue Cross Blue Shield. It’s ME the state.
Yeah I’ve told them put me on do not call registry but I have been on it since 2007. So I’ve made a complaint to the do not call registry. They said they can not control it unfortunately there are so many company’s.
It’s like robo calling. I did not go on any site. But last year my husband went in obamacare site and he said we didn’t qualify since we already had insurance through his work.
He didn’t fill out a form or give his phone number or mine. But I’m the one that’s getting all the calls.
I have put my phone settings on restricting all phone calls except from my favorites.
But this won’t block the “No Caller ID” phone numbers.
This sucks and I will change my phone # as a last resort.

bDl on

I have 50 blocked phone numbers. Now they use No Caller ID. The message says its Mary from Blue Cross Blue Shield. It’s ME the state.

ObamaCareFacts.com on

If you have insurance and the insurer calls, this would be an instance to call back and follow up. Spam phone calls are one thing, an insurer or marketplace following up because you took action is another. Neither should be making spam phone calls.

sean on

From reading all the mediators comments, one sees that the onus of blame is being placed on the consumer by Healthcare.gov. Why did Healthcar.gov not have enough forsight to realize that people would be harrassed and scammed by predatory ,telemarketing, third party firms? More importantly, why doesn’t Healthcare.gov put out a continuing composite list of offending parties? Legally, there is no reason why that cannot be done. The list could be placed prominently at the beginning of all search engines. Probably the other sites would continually change there links, but at least it would show them that Healthcare.gov was being proactive in protecting the public. I only went to Healthcare.gov and had the same experience of harrassing phone calls. One has to wonder what is going on.

ObamaCareFacts.com on

Just to be clear, we aren’t related to healthcare.gov (we are a private site).

G on

OBAMA SUCKS! I’ve had health insurance and I’m getting 5+ calls a day. I have told them repeatedly to not call, blocked ALL NUMBERS! Please sort it out! I am not paying for more insurance! I’m good thanks!!!! Take my number of your GD LISTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lucille Kratz on

I went on health care marketplace and 5min later received about 50 calls in one day even at 10:pm and one at 3:Am hello this is so disrespectful to anyone but the worst thing was that it was in Texas and we got flooded. And they would just keep trying to sell me health insurance even when I would tell these con artist that we just got flooded. I had to register my phone in national do not call and phone calls have yet to stop.

Bobo on

This is the biggest pain in the butt. I wanted to know how my rates for health insurance compared to obamacare. I now get 20 calls a day. Save yourself the trouble, do not sign up to be contacted under any circumstance. Stands to reason that the government wouldn’t actually create a system that handle a request in a way that a successful company would. I deal with large companies everyday and never end up with 20 calls a day. Run away! The real test now is after I have to include my email address for this post, will I receive a 1000 emails?

andi on

I did not signup for obamacare, someone used my number to do so and I am constantly bombarded with calls since December 2014! How and where can I remove my number?!?! National do not call is just for spam and people who did not provide their numbers, but how can I when someone used my number?

ObamaCareFacts.com on

In truth there is no way I know to get your number out of the hands of these people. Sort of just have to accept the price liberty or demand more rules… of course I get the feeling like the bottom rung who has the numbers now wouldn’t follow rules even if they were there.

Harold Townley on

I went straight to healthcare.gov 2 years ago and got my insurance from the government’s directory. They started calling right after I signed up for a plan. Now I have gone back to find something out and they started calling again. Why do you say it is only outside sites that have this problem when your own site seems to have this problem? They started calling yesterday and have not stopped.

ObamaCareFacts.com on

Well we are an independent site, so we aren’t related to healthcare.gov. I feel like it is fishy that they would be relentlessly calling. I’d check the number they are calling from to make sure it was legit and call the back directly to follow up.

Pete on


cindy adkins on

Please help me get off healthcare calling list. I now have insurance through my employer

Jason Duchan on

I filled out health insurance marketplace exchange and they keep calling me and want them to stop

Jessica Misko on

I used this URL:


And I have had 40 calls in the past 20 minutes since I filled it out.

Jay Dalrymple on

Her is a link where it happened to me. 8 calls today (so far), 29 yesterday and 34 the day before when i signed up.


Katie Hutchison on

https://www.affordable-health-insurance-plans.org/ This company has given away my information and now I am receiving 45 calls a day. Please hold them accountable!

ObamaCareFacts.com on

I wish I had the power to do so, I don’t, but this list is accumulating and that is a good start. I’ll try shopping it around to anyone who will listen. For our part, all the advertisers we network with know to stay away from the bad players. So perhaps a little good has been done.

Victoria Theisen-Homer on

The following sites seem to have sold my contact information or disseminated it much more broadly than I ever wished. Have already received 40 calls today! And I was just looking for a quote. I stupidly allowed my chrome autofill settings to include my phone number and I expected it to be like shopping for auto insurance – not so!! Google took me to these sites instead of healthcare.gov when looking for Obamacare.


ObamaCareFacts.com on

That is so frustrating. Every day I wake up to comments like this and complaints on costs. If anyone is every wondering what sticking points are arising under the ACA, I can rattle off a basic list in my sleep.

Jill Gilbert on

Today I was in the process of completing my application on http://www.healthcare.gov and got an error message stating I had to close out and sign back in again. Error ID xxxx Application ID xxxx. After I closed out and signed back in again, I was placed back to the last page I was on, prior to the error message and then I hit continue. At this point a page looking like healthcare.gov came up and asked me to confirm my name, phone # and email address again. No other writing or information was on this page. I thought this was a precaution, because of the error message , but as soon as I hit the Continue button, the screen blacked out except a line of text, stating I would be contacted by multiple insurance carriers for quotes. I never hit any button agreeing to any terms. I looked back in my history and in the middle of the application I was redirected to http://insurancemediaalpha.com. This was the page, that the malware inserted, into the middle of my application. If you go to the page directly, it would be http://www.healthinsurance.org and http://www.affordablehealthquotesforyou.com. I was never given the opportunity to see all the home pages that tell you of the calls you will get. I received over 20 calls today immediately. The first one was before I finished my application. I spoke to one lady and she told me to place my phone number on the do not call registry. I advised her my phone was already on the registry since 2008, so none of these insurance people are even checking the “do not call registry” prior to calling. The last man who call me was very rude, when I told him I was on the do not call list, he said “that is not how it works” and he kept interrupting me when I said I was not interested. He said I placed the order for quotes and therefore that gives him and any other insurance carrier permission to call me. I told him it was malware that gave permission, not me and to take my name off of his list and he said he would not. He never gave his name or company, but the phone number he called from was 207-517-2661 at 7:08 pm. No way to stop the calls it appears. You think something should have been done to stop this from happening by now. . If it was my choice, I would never want to be called for such things as quotes, but be sent in writing or emailed. Maybe a law can be placed through congress stopped such predatory practices and scams.

Terri McDowell on

I filled out a form on Healthcare.gov and started receiving all kinds of phone calls all parts of the day and night. This is even impeeding my phone calls that I make. Its annoying as hell and just plain rude!!!!

ObamaCareFacts.com on

Are you sure it was .gov. Next person who wants to comment about .gov please double check it isn’t a state marketplace (or just tell me what state you are in). This will help us troubleshoot what is going on. Also do feel free to post the numbers you are getting calls from.

gillian Holsinger on

I have received over 25 calls in less than 24 hours, this is RIDICULOUS!!

Jeremiah Winchester on

I requested a quote and afterwards have been getting swamped by calls from the following numbers.: 941-315-9542; 305-901-2623; 706-426-3695;954-248-3329;631-883-5142;631-405-7451;605-206-7812;949-234-8656;800-155-5299;253-533-7282;813-702-9234;520-366-3869;646-307-1735. there have been two additional numbers since. i have recorded the calls, requested that they stop calling me numerous times, and generally they tend to hang up the moment i begin to request that. they call me close to 20-30 times a day, maybe more.

Christa on

Im geting calls from mottepel places 3473310107 started calling at about 7:45 am and will not stop and this has been going on every day even though i have asked to be taken off there call list and iv asked to talk to a manager to get it to stop i have insherents and i dont recall agr3ing to any thing at all the calls have been giting my kids up befor there ready and the people are very rud they have been asked for about 6 mounthes now to take me off the call list and have not im now geting very angry. Can i report them to the police? Im sic of all the calls and the disrespect wen they do call. I have twins so this calling erly and all day is geting very old.

Mark Gilmore on

I want paper quotes for my spouse and myself to look at in the privacy of our home. No phone calls or emails.2 in the house hold. income between$ 40,000.00 and$ 50,000.00.No health issues. sent to Mark Gilmore at 539 county RD 260 in Silt, Co. 81652.

Thank you

Dana Tilden on

Affordable.Health.insurance.org. I have gotten over 20 calls a day the past 2 days. Mostly from the same 2 or 3 numbers. I’ve blocked them but it still shows missed calls and vms. So annoying. I’ve also answered and asked them to stop it doesn’t help. Says at the bottom of the page I filled out (which of course I read after) that they will givescort your info to up to 8 companies… I thought since it was a .org it would be a better website but now I regret it.

Phebe on

The most recent insurance quote I request was a condo/home insurance; however, then I got call from health insurance!

The quote request are from “big name” company like GECIO, Farmers and State Farms.
I eventually chose State Farms for my insurance policy then the next day I received calls. from all these health insurance companies, which one actually texted me and said my information was put online and free for all those agents to call me…

I already talk directly to 3 people and told them I do not need the insurance.

Really need help, if any one can help?

robin Nicolaus on

Affordable health ins. 707 403 0152. Called me 20 times. I have answered 4 times and told them I have insurance. I and to take me off their call list. They just talk over me. Now I am wanting to sue them for harrassment! I should not be spammed with calle. I DID NOT even finish filling out the request for premium quotes! And I did not submit. I dont know how they captured my # so quickly.
I don’t know what one it was. It looked ligit.

Delgadi on

This is a ridiculous answer to a legitimate problem. I am disappointed that someone simply requesting a quote now must manage numerous phone calls due to a system set up by Obamacare. I recently signed up for a quote and have received over 20 calls in one day. They were not scheduling appointments. There were not interested in Obamacare. Something must be done. In addition, I put my name on the government’s due not call list, yet I am still receiving calls. If anyone is capable of helping due reach out. This is poor way to handle those who need answers.

Diana Marie Delgado on

Please note this is the site that I visited: https://quote.affordable-health-insurance-plans.org/HealthShort — Now I cannot stop receiving calls. Please help me stop this.

kd on

I made the mistake of entering information on healthcare.COM, not .GOV! I am paying dearly. Hundreds of calls daily to my home phone. I’ve asked to be put on their internal DO NOT CALL List, to no avail. Be forewarned! I wouldn’t want anyone else to go through this! I know it’s because of my own mistake, but I wish I knew how to put a stop to it!

ObamaCareFacts.com on

It is some evil stuff, right?

You think it is bad that people sell your information for pennies, think about what happens in other arenas where real money and power are concerned.

The brutal truth, and why we always need to fight for policies that favor the people.

Jessica on

SAME !! I am getting all kinds of phone calls now ! Every hour for days now . Its ridiculous . I dont know how to file a file a complaint but i will figure it out. When you ask them any questions , or as nicely to be taken off they hang up!!! How do those people sleep at night ! How do we not have a system to protect people ??

Lauren Hanief on

This isn’t an answer!! I did the same thing and I am getting up to 35+ calls a day from all over the country!! It will not stop, even when I answer and say not interested – take me off your call list. I am seriously considering changing my number…this is ridiculous. All I did was request a quote and now I am being inundated with people trying to sell me health insurance and won’t stop! Also, when I have blocked thier numbers on my phone, they leave a message and it is just dead air or they are not paying attention to the fact it is a messge and start saying “hello? hello?” for 5 more minutes. GRRRR!!!

ObamaCareFacts.com on

This is because there is no answer, literally, we are all just being preyed on by bad business practices of bottom feeders who are lapping up the overflow of confused ACA shoppers and then selling their information for pennies on the dollar to scammers. Trust me, I could go on, this is a pet-peeve of mine.

We personally, as a company, have cut off revenue sources over this sort of thing, but we aren’t the grand arbitrators of the internet. Best we can do is bring attention to the problem and give people a place to vent and compile complaints.

Kathleen Elenbaas on

I used healthcare.gov to get quotes for my son in January, 2016. He signed up in January (for some crazy expensive, high deductible plan for a healthy 20 year old male, self -employed – so glad he has maternity coverage !!). Anyway, it is now May and I am still getting many calls(20-30) each week from all over the US. At least it is down from the 20-30 that I received per day for the first 2 months!!

I HATE Obamacare. Give us back normal insurance. For how much this has cost EVERYONE, we could have paid for all of the healthcare for the uninsured.
What a SCAM, takeover scheme……..

ObamaCareFacts.com on

Let’s be clear, private insurance was leaving people to die on the street. No one should ever want to go back, but we are in some need of moving forward, that is for sure!

Joyce Rhoads on

I went online yesterday to the marketplace and have received 50 plus calls since then this is really irritating I just want to look and make the choices of who I want to do business with

Mindy post on

Need a quotefor insurance

ObamaCareFacts.com on

That is a dangerous sort of question given the thread you are on. Let us be clear, contact healthcare.gov and no where else. Here is the link:


Nathan Weekley on

Don’t use affordablehealthquotesforyou.com. Just another company selling your info to agents all over the country. I used the site a month ago and I still have 20+ blocked calls a day from agents spamming my number.

ObamaCareFacts.com on

The names are hilarious, in a 20+ calls a day for years sort of way. How does someone even come up with that garbage domain name?

Jason C. Olmo on

The number 1 904 531-3103 will call repeatedly until you answer. I received a phone call from them at 9:00, 9:01, and 9:02. When I answered and asked them to stop calling me they badgered me about requesting a quote, even after I told them I wasn’t interested anymore.

LaVerne on

I used http://www.healthplanrate.com and a few minutes later started getting phone calls one after another. I only asked for quotes, but they started asking about existing conditions, which I thought was not allowed through Obamacare.

ObamaCareFacts.com on

They can ask about pre-existing conditions on a short term plan, so that may be the type you were inquiring about.

In general, if you get a few calls after signing up and that is it, it is just a lame thing where they sell your info a few times right at the go. If you get many calls over time, this is a much more seedy move on their part and this is the main thing that is frowned on.

We personally only work with people who don’t resell leads (that means only one entity should be calling). So for instance you don’t hear many complaints here from companies like eHealth or the major insurers.

Grace on

Do not use this site: http://insurance.healthplans.com/ same issue calls your 20 times after you submit information

Henrique Valdovinos on

This company calls 20 times a day here is their number in Virginia: 757-204-3366. when I ask them how to get my number out of their list they hang up on me every time. I call them 20 times with the same result…

Chrobie on


It’s 12:45 pm and I have received 43 phone calls. Many that I go through the process with happen to “drop the call” when we talk about my budget.

ObamaCareFacts.com on

Evil. Don’t give any personal information to a company you don’t feel OK about. It is always your right to stop talking and hang up.

Anitra on

Why dont you stop giving out our information…It came after filling your YOUR app.

ObamaCareFacts.com on

We don’t have an application, we aren’t heatlhcare.gov, we are a private site called ObamaCareFacts (we do information, not insurance plans). We are very strict with our advertisers and they all know personally not to let that garbage on our site. If you truly meant our website specifically please provide detail.

kassidy hounslow on

I entered dental insurance quotes and put My info in then I revieved a call asking permission to get a phone call from an agent (not 60) I answer and tell them to put me on the do not call list but they just keep coming this is day 5 now and im getting real angry .

Helen on

I have been getting 10-14 phone calls a day for the past week, starting at 6AM till 9PM.
Many different numbers and some private numbers.
When I asked one caller how did they get my number they said from me giving it on line.
I have not looked for health insurance for 2 years, they said the calls could be from 4 YEARS AGO!

Shirley aloi on

I got scammed for the first time in my life. Thought I was signing up for government health care, third party Companion life, intercepted my call. Now I have no health care and thousands of dollars in bill. Beware.

ObamaCareFacts.com on

By these guys?: http://www.companionlife.com/

You should be reporting them to the Better Business Bureau if nothing else.

Krystyn on

I asked for an insurance quote from http://www.iwebquotes.com/ and now I’m receiving almost 20 calls a day from different reps around the country. I don’t know how to make it stop! I put my name on the donotcall registry but it has just gotten worse.

Ashley Prine on

A woman named Penny must have asked for a quote and put my number by accident. I’ve been harassed for the past several months with calls from different numbers.. one right after the other. I’ve asked them to remove my number from their list but they continue to call.

Joanne on

I also used quotes.healthcare.com/. Since then I have had 15 calls from 5 different numbers, some having 4 calls come within 3 minutes of each other. I’ve blocked the numbers, but they continue to call using new numbers.

Catherine on

It was your site and your site alone. I want to be removed from all call lists!

ObamaCareFacts.com on

So to be clear, we use third party advertisers which we select for quality so we have no control over call lists (this is a complaint page only). This is the first complaint i’ve heard about our site so I am eager to have exact details.

Can you tell me which had you clicked so I can direct your message to them and research this more myself? If you can find the specific page and specific ad it would really help!

Jessica on

I used healthcare.gov one time and did not even buy!! I receive between 10-20 calls a day and I report them constantly. I’m exausted and sick of this. I’m on every do not call list and opt out list I have found (from the do not call website) and it literally got worse after I opted out. I don’t even have the words to explain how insane this is.

ObamaCareFacts.com on

When you all post about healthcare.gov specifically, can you give information about the state you live in. This will help us to see if there is a correlation.

Marjorie Williams on

I filled out my info for health insurance quote. The site was: Affordable-Health-Insurance-Plans.Org. I went back to the site to confirm they were to get up to eight different quotes. I’ve had 70 different numbers calling me.

ObamaCareFacts.com on

That is very bad business practices on their behalf. Sorry to hear this. Thanks for the update.

Hector Tijerina on


Filled out a form on this site, which sent me to another that I don’t remember, which sent me to another. I’ve also had non-stop phone calls while I’m at work. Judging by other comments on this site, it seems as though the first 2 days are just the beginning, and there is no apparent way to prevent this. Awesome.

Rachel on


I signed up for a quote thinking it was the real gov. website and have received 500 calls in 3 days. i ask that they take me off the list and they get very unhappy and hang up. One guy from FL actually hit on me and texted me pictures of himself trying to get me to move there and told me he would “take care of me”. absolutely shady and i would recommend that nobody visit that site unless you want to get taken over by non-stop unprofessional calls. I even called the makers of the site and told them that I can’t handle all of these calls and they said “are you looking for health insurance?”, i said “no.”, they said “have a nice day” and hung up… very frustrating and very unprofessional. not sure how they are in business, but what they do should be illegal and punishable in court.

Tammy on

I filled out a quote from this site 4 months ago and I get a minimum of 16 calls a day ever since then. it’s crazy this is bordering on harassment.

Sherie Horvath on


I got to this by googling “obamacare option virginia”

ObamaCareFacts.com on

Oh, a personal favorite of mine. They sort of stole our page names… like this for instance: http://obamacare-guide.org/obama-care-facts/

Not that it isn’t an obvious one, but it has always felt a little below the belt to me.

Adam on


Kimberly Badgett on

I was registered with “Mystery Shoppers Online”, and was tasked with requesting online quotes and writing small reports on the quality of service during the callback. I was not aware of this problem until I was inundated with calls, and it became worse when I realized many of these companies were illegal (they spoofed my phone’s area code to appear local). This occurred through agilehealthinsurance.com. My contact information appears to have been made widely available to shady companies and even a lot of scammers. I also get a lot of silent robocalls “testing” my phone number for validity, now. Of course I block the calls, but new numbers keep coming.

ObamaCareFacts.com on

Thank you for the information!

Lisa on

I filled out a quote request on https://quote.affordable-health-insurance-plans.org/HealthShort and they have called me over 100 times in two days.

Amy on

I never filled out anything. But someone named Rhonda did and must have put my phone number down. I constantly get calls for Her. I got 27 calls just today. I tell them they have the wrong number every time, but they still call. I am tired of the harassment. What can I do?

Kelly on

I don’t qualify for insurance do to being pregnant. It would be amazing to have the calls stop.

xavier money on

For the last year I’ve been getting calls for some guy named Sydney, I’ve noticed other people here getting these calls who haven’t even signed up. I never filled out an application. Anyone else notice that they go away for awhile and then come back in waves? I’m up to 25 today! Are these just old leads that get recirculated or is this guy just keep filling out applications with my phone number? I use my phone for work and have already lost money by not answering calls during these weeks I’m getting spammed. Im about to smash my phone because i think thats the only way to stop this harrassment for good. What else can i do?

John on

Need assistance immediately! Receiving tons of calls from unsolicited healthcare providers. Wasting my time and their time as well. Please have my phone number removed. ###-###-####

[email protected] Erin on

As mentioned in the top of this page, the answer section, Obamacarefacts.com is not calling you. This is an informational website and there is no way for us to remove your phone number from any lists. That being said, I have to point out that I think I can see why you are getting constant unsolicited phone calls.

You put your phone number into a comment thread on the internet. I took the liberty of taking it out and replacing it with ###-###-#### before approving this comment to be seen by anyone on the internet. The internet is full of blogs and comment threads that have no one moderating them. What you write is out there, immediately, for everyone.

If you want to stop receiving solicitation on that phone number, the best advice I can give you is: THINK BEFORE YOU GIVE YOUR PHONE NUMBER OUT ON THE INTERNET! If it gets annoying enough, you can get a new phone number. However, if you continue to give it away (even when its not asked of you) in random places around the web, the new number will soon be flooded with calls too.

Leann Mellum on

This is BS! Sorry for my mouth but seriously. I go to healthcare.gov, fill out a simple inquiry on Friday and have over 50 calls already!!! (It’s before noon Monday). This is UNACCEPTABLE. Unacceptable. Complete breach of trust to give out my number to all these telemarketers.

ObamaCareFacts.com on

That really is. It is hard to understand how this happening through healthcare.gov. I suggest posting your region and state (but no other identifying information) so perhaps we can start seeing a pattern. Is it a specific insurer doing this? Is it a specific region? It can’t be country-wide, can it?

Keith Harrison on

I just filled out the “Get A Quote” section on healthcare.gov and the second I hit send my phone blew up with phone calls! It has been 18 minutes and I have received 20 calls! You do the math. On top of the 4 text messages! Wait now I’m up to 22 calls and 5 messages.

Keith Harrison on


It has been a little over 24 hours and my phone started ringing at 6:59am in the morning and since then I have received 98 calls. I have sent all the calls to voicemail and some callers call back immediately and sometimes 3 or 4 times. When does this stop? What do I have to do? My work relies heavily on me being able to use my phone.

Total phone calls to date: 162

Shannon on

Opt out by calling 18442529332. I also had gotten 64 calls in just a matter of hours, and finally found their number.

ObamaCareFacts.com on

I researched this before hitting “approve”, this is true. Here is this information buried in the depths of their website: https://affordablehealthcare123.com/p/policy.html.

Michaela Perry on

If you tried affordablehealthcare123.com call this number to unlist yourself: 844-252-9332 I just did it… Praying it works.

ObamaCareFacts.com on

I verified this number, see here: https://affordablehealthcare123.com/p/policy.html

I am skeptical about how it is buried in their site, so use this with caution.

Ada Ordonez on


I clicked on that webpage when i searched for obamacare and enrolled to get a quote but i keep getting calls now, how do i make it stop?

Baron Despanie on

I submitted my information on several job boards, then the phone calls began. It has been approximately two months since the calls began. I have repeatly said that I am not interested everyday to the same people several times a day, I mean three to six times a day, it’s sickening!

Michelle Solomon on


I have received 20 to 30 calls a day from this site.

Michaela Perry on

Affordablehealthcare123.com is one of the culprits. I filled out a form once and was tricked into getting FIFTEEN F@#$%&G CALLS A DAY for the last TWO STRAIGHT MONTHS. Directly after I filled it out (thinking it would ask me questions about my income – I have none – it never did) I got FOUR phone calls in the SAME MINUTE. I RE-nstated my number on the do-not call registry today but I was definitely already on it… This has been an absolute nightmare for me because I frequently get calls from doctors offices whose numbers I may not know and I can’t answer for fear of one more annoying stupid telemarketer. I’m living in a nightmare!

Eldon Olson on

Don’t go to this website! http://www.obamacareplans.com
I have over 20 calls a day. I’m polite, answer the phone, and tell them I made my decision, and they STILL keep calling! I am even on the Do Not Call Registry but somehow that doesn’t work for these people.
Who really knows these days in trying to get information…maybe I’ll get more calls from filling this form out too!
It is VERY frustrating!

Brian on
M Thiebaux on

I signed up in Ohio at http://www.healthinsurance.org (not a govt website), and was immediately contacted by ‘Sal’ from (631) 386-5646, who misled me into purchasing a supplementary AIG insurance package that I did not need. I cancelled the extra package and was reimbursed. 3 months later I was contacted several times by the head of this company, and told that he had “the authority to cancel” my primary insurance coverage, essentially threatening me into resuming the AIG supplement. This is fraud, harassment, and extortion.

“Affordable Insurance Direct”
(631) 386-5646
[email protected]
FARMINGDALE, NY 11735-4015

You wish on

Go file a complaint with the FCC. If they get enough, they’re sure to get these cocky people to own up to this being a bad system.


Janie on

I signed up at healthcare.gov and was supposed to get a quote from 3 carriers. Instead I’ve been plagued for weeks now and one company: “Affordable Healthcare” @757-204-3366, has been calling me with ROBO calls 3x/hour for over a week. I’m on the DNC list, have asked them to stop calling me.
EVERY time they call I call the FTC to file a complaint, yet nothing’s happened. When I initially responded to the first few calls, I was quoted “underwritten policies” with previous condition exemptions, which the new law was supposed to do away with. On top of which there are $6k deductibles and $400/mo premiums, this for someone with no current income after a layoff. This program is total B.S. And I don’t appreciate being harassed all day by scammers in addition to trying to look for work and make ends meet while praying I don’t get sick!

Melissa on

I used the site quotes.healthcare.com – it is awful they WON’T STOP calling. I have added them to my no call list but they keep calling. HELP!

Nathan Price on

I went to Obama Healthcare Plans, to get a quote for my son and used my phone #..Please help me to get them to stop calling me…3&4 times a day. I used my sons name which I list below..

Anna paul on

his is the website i got into when i was looking for obamacare. and i have been having the same problem eversince . Relentless calling any hour of the day.

brad Whittington on

Medicare or Medicaid/Obama care keeps deny ing me help.unemployed, savings gone, family helping with bills.Not exactly sure the site.504-513-5798.Just called as I type this.THEY are affordable healthcare related and one of the 10#s.But I’ve requested to be removed from the list.please help, And why is my poor car recently requested to be part of my Medicare denial, COUNTER re-request-

ricardo schick on

I have made a choice on a plan and am getting twenty calls a day from two numbers: 407-337-0397 and 407-337-0161, five minutes AGO I got two more. This is maddening. I have asked them not to call me anymore and they still do !
I hate this new set up. the one from 2014 was much easier.

Adlai Rust on

FIRST QUOTE HEALTH: https://www.firstquotehealth.com/
It is rare for me to get this upset over a health insurance company. I have no need for a new health insurance policy. During the past 3 weeks I have logged over 162 calls from this lame ass company. I’ve repeatedly asked them to remove my name from their list. I’ve blocked their number only to have them start up again with a new number. I’ve complained to the BBB and the FCC and it doesn’t stop. I receive calls all day long during work, in the evening as late as 9pm and also on the weekends starting at 7am. These bastards are your worst nightmare. This next step is to take them to court. These bastards need to go down.

Andi on

This doesn’t Work!! someone signed up using my number back in November 2014 and I am still getting calls!! WTF there is nothing to remove me. the people who call are rude! or just hang up! The minute that you tell them to remove your number, or wrong number they just hang up! they have refused to give me a supervisor. This is frustrating!! Especially since I was not the one who signed up!!!!

Judy Jessock on

I unfortunately did the very same thing – filled out the form and have been receving calls from numbers all over the country all day and night every 10-15 mintutes. I block them but they just continue. This is harassment. Do Not Call List doesn’t work or doesn’t help. I called my cell provider and they can’t stop it either – what a pain in the you-know-what! I would NEVER use this site again and would tell anyone else to NEVER venture near it!

Myrlo Hall on

I’m getting 20+ calls a day . It’s pretty annoying, plus I work and I can’t have this type of harrassment!

V on

I also never requested a quote and i also receive about 20 calls a day & 2 years later I’ve reported Alliance Health to my Florida State Atty. General I am also on the do not call list. So annoyed blocked the #’s but its constant

V on

I don’t remember what site I explored for a quote, but I got calls immediately and they haven’t stopped. This was about a year ago! It could have been healthcare.gov because I try to be careful with these things. For a while, the calls slowed down, but they’re starting up again with a vengeance! I received no less that 10 calls last Friday; at least 6 this morning. I have asked to be taken off the “List.” Some reps hang up on me, some agree to remove my number, others say they take me off their list, but that there are others. This is harassment and it’s ridiculous! There has to be some relief somewhere.

Jessica on

I filled out a contact form here https://affordablehealthcare123.com and am now receiving dozens of calls a day from the following numbers: 415-690-2750, 415-653-1416, 415-658-9073, 415-658-9069

Rina on

My sister was the one that signed me up for JUST A QUOTE and I started getting phone calls from all over the country as well. She actually went to the official site and I’m still getting the phone calls. I’m so tired of telling them that I couldn’t be helped bc they (official Obamacre) didn’t have cheaper insurance than the crappy insurance that doesn’t pay for hardly anything that I have now. Below is the web address:

ObamaCareFacts.com on

I am sorry to hear this, but it should be noted that this web address you gave is not HealthCare.Gov (the official marketplace).

Prateek Mohta on

quotes.healthcare.com is doing all this cheap work of selling my number

Terri Tatarka on

I used the obamacare site. and affordablehealthcare123.com

Morgan on

Direct Health is calling and harassing me, they call literally every 3 minutes yesterday and today, I keep blocking their numbers and they call me from elsewhere, I have asked them to stop calling me but they’re relentless. This website is where I entered my info just to see if I could get a quote/was eligible


Brandie on

I signed up on healthcare.gov I believe last year! And today it started back again no stop calls all day long from every where!! I’ve had it! I’ve put my number on all the do not call lists I can find to no avail!

Jennifer Quinlivan on

I now have this happening to me too, they call me about every 15 minutes how do I stop this?

Phyllis DeLancy on

I registered on the Healthcare.gov website to see if I qualified for “Obamacare”. After looking into the plans, I cannot afford any that will help me. Unfortunately, these plans only give the insurance company a “kickback”, and the individual gets no help. The plans I can afford have a deductible so high that I will be paying out of pocket 100% for the entire year, unless something terribly unexpected and serious happens. The amount of the deductible is almost double what I use in a year, so it’s worthless to me. I have received over 70 phone calls in the last week, 20 today alone from these insurance companies. I want them to stop immediately as it has become harassment at this point. I’c
Be asked numerous time to be removed from all lists, but the calls continue!

Tanya on

So far in one week I have received more than 50 calls from 25 different numbers. I block at least 20 of them.

B. Brock on

I have received 14 calls today alone and I have had insurance through my employer since Jan. 2016. The calls are from all over the country. I inquired about an insurance quote 2 years ago, I never signed up for the insurance. I have not had a call until last night and no matter how many times I tell them I have insurance and to remove me from their call list, they continue to call. This is harassment and needs to be stopped. The numbers that have called are:
540-628-9578 – VA Insurance @ 8:57a,
630-439-8972 – Streamwood, IL @ 9:07am
302-212-1815 – Rehoboth Bea…, DE @ 9:25am
810-216-5716 – Port Hudson, MI @ 10:09am
718-887-9044 – Staten Island, NY @10:58am
260-408-6929 – IN Insurance @ 11:29am
918-600-1967 – Oklahoma @11:44am
540-628-9578 – VA Insurance @11:53am
920-383-3486 – Neenah, WI @ 12:55pm
507-483-5185 – USA Insurance @ 1:19pm
224-970-1996 – IL Insurance @ 1:25pm
541-799-1056 – OR Insurance @ 1:52pm
769-235-4904 – Mississippi @ 2:01pm

How do you condone this type of harassment? I did NOT give anyone permission to harass me in this manner and there is no reason for them to call this many times every 30 minutes, especially since I inquired 2 years ago on the government website. SO, if they are calling me because they got my number from that quote, then the government is at fault. IF I don’t purchase the insurance my number should be removed from your records and you need to make this stop. UNBELIEVABLE!!

Susan Staats on

Unfortunately, I unwittingly fell victim to this very thing. Instead of clicking on HealthCare.gov, I clicked on healthcare.com. Before being allowed to get a quote, I had to fill out a form with my name address and phone number. I am now inundated with at least 20 calls a day. My fault. Lesson learned.

Monique barrall on

Stop unwanted calls

M. Watt on

Not only does my phone ring constantly from places all over the U.S. I couldn’t even afford the monthly amount to even get insurance. I will have to pay a huge penalty for each month without it. Adding a few hundred dollars to my monthly budget has just not been possible. Forget about close to a thousand per month for my family. It’s a no win.

Andrea on

I filled out the Information to get a quote from the health care government website. I stopped when I seen that it was not for a quote but for link to who I could contact for a quote. Now the calls won’t stop. It was the government health care exchange site.

Caleb Williams on
Julie on


Wow!…this truly is an invasion of privacy, when you look to see what health insurance may cost and have to put your phone # in to do so, then get phone call after phone call. Somehow we must make this stop!!!

Lori on

I filled something out and I am now being harassed by blue cross. Please put me on a NO-CALL list.


That’s crap. I only filled out an application 1 time, 2 years ago from the stupid Healthcare website. Apparently you guys have sold my information because the calls just started this last year. For no reason. This is harassment. Every day, except Sundays I get obnoxious calls. I’ve put my phone number on the do not call registry. Seriously, ridiculous. Can’t wait until Obamacare is done.

[email protected] Erin on

Solicitation phone calls can come from anywhere on the web. If you entered your phone number into one unsecured website that is completely unrelated, some will sell that information to a marketing company, which will then sell it to 5 other companies selling any number, or perhaps they sell it to a fraudulent scam “company.” The lesson is: don’t put your phone number on the internet anywhere that isn’t a trusted source.

[email protected] Erin on

Solicitation phone calls can come from anywhere on the web. If you entered your phone number into one unsecured website that is completely unrelated, some will sell that information to a marketing company, which will then sell it to 5 other companies selling any number of goods, or perhaps they sell it to a fraudulent scam “company.” The lesson is: don’t put your phone number on the internet anywhere that isn’t a trusted source.

Thanh on

I filed a quotes on afordable-health-insurance-plans.org and literally a minute later I’ve received phone calls every 3 minutes!!! Ive asked them to take my number off the list many times and they’re still calling from different numbers and states!!!! It’s so frustrating it needs to stop.

Julianne on

I tried to get quotes yesterday through
The website looked legit and had symbols of real insurance companies and now I feel like an idiot. I have received about 30 calls since yesterday. I just tried contacting the company via their number on the website to tell them to remove my contact info/stop selling it, and I was hung up on before I finished talking, and have tried calling back three times and they reject my call. This is beyond ridiculous and totally messed up. I am a professional and will not be able to deal with these phone calls on a daily basis if they continue so may end up having to change my phone number which I’ve had for the last 14 years.



ObamaCareFacts.com on

To be clear we are a free to use informational website who is helping the community by providing a forum to air grievances related to getting spam phone calls related to health insurance. So we have no power to remove numbers, nor did we put numbers anywhere in the first place.

lmccormick on

This is beyond ridiculous! i get at least 13-25 calls per day at all hours from all over the country (or beyond as not all have a location in the caller id). i looked at the site days ago and the calls have not stopped. Don’t they think that if i needed to get a plan, i would have done so by now???!!?!?!? STOP CALLING ME!!!!!! i’m even afraid to disclose my email address on this posting for fear of major spam hitting my in box!

Elizabeth on

I went from obamacare-guide.org, which directed me to insurance.mediaalpha.com, which redirected to http://www.healthexchangerates.org. That’s where I filled out a form to get a quote. Almost immediately I received a handful of calls and emails. I took one of those calls the very next day and set up an insurance plan. Since then, I still get 1-2 calls a day, which I mostly answer and politely tell them I’m already covered. Thankfully, that ends the call.

Until today.

It’s been over a week after I initially submitted that form. Today I have received 18 calls (so far– it’s only 3:15!) Most I’ve missed, but I’ve answered about 5 at this point. Two of these were legitimate callers calling about health insurance quotes. The rest are hang ups or sometimes just a single tone, then nothing. I’ve signed up for the National do not call list, but apparently that doesn’t take affect for a month.

Elizabeth Metz on

Oh, and I got to that initial page by googling “Obamacare marketplace.” It looked official, so I assumed it was the primary site for the marketplace. I feel really dumb now, realizing that I probably should’ve looked for a .gov site.

Tina Drechny on

Filled out info on website, 20 minutes later and 10 calls…no quotes sent However. Easier finding mortgage rates or car ins! Thank heavens not my cell number.

Emily Southerton on
Tetyana on

Same story. Within an hour I received 10 calls. One lady at 312-239-3696 was fighting with me and was telling me that she won’t take me off her list. She said that I gave her my number. Somehow you are reselling those numbers!!!!!!!!

ObamaCareFacts.com on

To clarify, we (this site) obviously aren’t selling anyone’s numbers. This page is set up to give people who had this happen to them a voice. Just want to make sure it remains clear:

We aren’t connected to the insurers or the government and are instead a third party informational site.

joey on

yes, I went to :

All Topics | HealthCare.gov

which led to:
2:51 PM

and then to this:
2:51 PM
Questions? Call us at 1-800-318-2596 | HealthCare.gov

I am phone spammed all day long averaging more than 12 calls per day before 3 pm. everyday….. Please help us.

Joe on

http://www.healthcare.gov signed up right there and I am having the same problem. 20 calls a day for over 2 weeks. Not real happy that a .gov site is selling my info.

[email protected] on

I also completed an ObamaCare form to inquire about insurance rates at the end of April. Here it is August 16, and I am not exaggerating in saying that I have received more than 100 calls. Two companies in particular call nearly every day even though I have begged them to remove my name: Affordable Insurance (434-879-2420) and another (434-879-2480). They weren’t the only ones that called, but they have persisted. I have registered my number at the National Do Not Call Registry and lodged a complaint against these two. I clean out my history regularly, so I do not have the website, but I rue the day when I gave out my phone number. These insurance companies are like a bunch of vultures.

Paige Barfield on

I lost my job and needed insurance. All I did was hit the get quote button. 3 months later I was employed and with insurance. That was over a year ago, and I’m still getting tons of calls. I am on the Do Not Call Registry and this is still happening. There has got to be a way to take my name/number off this list!

Delores Stephenson on

Is for quote on ObamaCare insurance and I’m getting multiple phone calls from everywhere how do I stop it

Sarah on

I called healthcare.gov directly as I was having trouble logging in. That is the ONLY place I have looked at insurance from. Both online once I managed to get my password reset and the phone number on the healthcare.gov website to contact them. I have been dealing with non-stop calls ever since from people offering me insurance from all over the US.

ObamaCareFacts.com on

That is crazy that that could happen. I would honestly report this incident in detail to HealthCare.Gov, that is super fishy and I know this isn’t coming from the top.

kerry on

I have the same problem. The calls never stop. I have asked three companies so far to remove me from their call list and they keep trying to push and talk over me. Then they call back again and again (day after day). This is ridiculous, but I am not the least bit surprised.

Eric on

This experience has truly been a total nightmare!!!!!! everyday and night at least several dozen calls a day. Seven days a week. we ARE on the Do Not Call registry but that does not help!! We already have used up all our 11 call blocks with our phone company. And to make matter even worst we are not even using the insurance that we are limited to receive. I applied to the sight to obtain some pricing ONLINE!!!! it i wanted a million calls I would have asked for that! A response about “fine print” is just insulting!!!! the Government works for the people and if this is the type of treatment the people get we need to make better leadership decisions! thanks again for NOTHING!

Dorothy DeMann on

I never signed up for insurance. But they have called me 105 times in one week. I have asked them not to call me at least 30 times but falls on death ears. End up blocking numerous numbers. What else can be done?

kelley helm on

Tell market keep calling causing anxiety attack I look up dental that’s it please help calls wont stop

SB on

I signed up for Obamacare for the first time earlier this year. That process was smooth: I looked at the available plans all on-line, picked the one I wanted, and signed up. However, I moved to a separate state for a change of employment, so I sought to change my insurance via healthcare.gov again. This time it was different. I went to a site that I thought was Obamacare for my specific state and filled out a form (http://obamacare-guide.org/get-quotes). During that process, it noted that I would hear from a representative shortly, which I thought was perhaps because I was enrolling under a change of circumstances rather than open enrollment. I clicked the box saying I gave permission for that to occur (thinking something rational like a couple of people might call), and now realize the fullest extent of what I was granting permission to (“By checking this box, I hereby consent to receive marketing communications via autodialed and/or pre-recorded calls from Obamacare-Guide.org and one or more of its marketing partners at the phone number provided, including wireless numbers, if applicable. I understand that consent is not a condition to receive quotes or make a purchase. In order to receive quotes without providing consent, please call Obamacare-Guide.org at 844-809-0313. “) I also received an e-mail from the Insurance Marketplace Team. The first person who called (Health Insurance Innovations) tried to sell me a plan that wasn’t even major medical with some baiting and explanations that were accurate but not truly complete; I politely declined and found a broker in the area who chatted with me about the insurance I actually wanted. Less than a week later, I started getting bombarded with at minimum 20 calls a day from all over the country. I made the egregious error of accepting terms at the end of my application (required to proceed) without fully gathering the potential outcomes. However, perhaps the full repercussions of such terms should be made very clear (ie “one or more of its marketing partners” means hundreds of relentless calls that do not stop even after you are insured).

anita on

I thought that the website was for Obamacare but it was not… now i am getting phone calls every hour! from diffrent states I am highly considering changing my number..!

Linda Kelsey on

I went to healthcare.gov to check rates last October. I did not fill out an application, just checked rates. I am still getting daily calls from Blue Cross Blue Shield over a year later!! The problem is is it’s a recorded message, so I can’t even tell them to stop calling!! Ridiculous!

Jim on

These guys have called me at least a dozen times over the past three days


and then when you tell them you are not interested, they are rude and hand up on you.

Theodore Rhamy on

I was pricing dental insurance and wound up at http://www.affordable-health-insurance-plans.org . Now the calls won’t stop. I’ve asked them to remove me so now they call and hang up from various numbers. This is ridiculous.

Julie on

I have received well over 100 calls the first day, and have continued to o receive calls for the last couple months. I told them I have insurance now just to get rid of them and they still try to get answers from me and then I tell them again and they become rude then hang up on me. I was on the Obamacare website so i couldn’t tell you how I got to any other site.

srw1104 on

I googled “vision insurance plans” and this site: http://www.affordable-health-insurance-plans.org came up as one of my top results. I entered my information there, and have been since getting calls about HEALTH insurance. I received 10-15 per day 9/7-9/9, some literally MINUTES after the first. They have started yet again today.

I block every number, but am still receiving calls from new numbers. I have actually answered a few, told them to take me off their list, and that I was looking for VISION insurance (I have health and dental insurance through my work). Most are apologetic, but one guy hung up without a word before I even finished telling him that I did not need health insurance.

The site http://www.affordable-health-insurance-plans.org should state PLAINLY that they do not give vision insurance quotes, only health and dental. If that had been clearly stated on the site, I never would have given my information, and now I feel like I am being harassed about something I don’t even need!

Cathy Dale on

I’m also getting these calls, at least 10 a day from all over the US, it’s sickening! A person just tries to get insurance, do what the site says, and from then on it’s an aggravation of one phone call after another. Do not share my email address

ZK on

In Oregon… I have asked them to stop calling me. I get a minn. of three calls before I get to work in the morning and this continues through the day. They call from all over. I have since blocked 17 numbers. This has all been in the last two weeks. I am to the point I might just end up changing my number. All I wanted was to compare companies rates. I am literally told that “Do Not Call” list do not apply to Insurance Companies and that the only way to have them take me out of their system was to sign up for insurance. I am not only being harass but coerced into purchasing insurance to make it stop. This is the worse experience. I should not be force to buy insurance, nor should I be harassed. This is so wrong on so many levels.

Margaret on


They are definitely selling numbers! I am from Colorado. I am having the same flood of calls like others from filling out one form. I called the number on the website and requested to speak to a supervisor. Neil (he said that was his name) told me they do not give out numbers, but, he would put me on a no call list. Strangely I am still getting calls. (please note irony). There must be some profit in those companies calling and calling, but who the heck is signing up with them after they have already gotten a hundred calls?????
Here’s what their privacy policy says:
“By clicking “Get My Quotes” you expressly authorize up to eight insurance companies or their agents or partner companies to contact you at the number and address provided with insurance quotes or to obtain additional information for such purpose, via live, prerecorded or autodialed calls”
but then:
“We are not responsible, and shall not be held liable, if a Provider or other third party to whom we have forwarded any of the information you submitted to us violates our Privacy Policy or such third party’s own privacy policy (if any), or otherwise violates the law.”
Clearly, more than 8 companies are getting our information. They also actually say that they give information to providers for a fee. Of course I did not read the privacy policy, I was just shopping around for insurance rates. If they are so effective at disseminating our information, how come they can not disseminate the fact that people are no longer interested, or already got insurance.
I don’t even want to put my email on this form!!!

john on

i went to http://www.affordable-health-insurance-plans.org i had not even finished filling out form to get a quote when they started calling.. i denied wanting any of there service now I get 30+ calls a day and have spoken to multiple people expressing that i do not want the service and they are not authorized to contact my cell phone # but nothing stops it normally they just hang up on me and i get a call from a different # a few seconds later

Jacob garner on
Chch on

I asked for a quote on the Colorado Obamacare site and I am considering changing my phone number due to the calls. Someone must be making money! The calls are relentless and it has been going on for months. I must have at least 50 blocked calls, but they keep changing their numbers. Never again!

Yolanda Garner on

They also refused to help me and continually hung up in my face when asked to send a denial letter.. I spoke with Chris, Paul and another guy who claimed he was an underwriter

Pooja Aysola on

I visited Obamacare marketplace and registered my information. I shortly received an email from iwebquotes.com stating that an agent will contact me within 24 hours for a quote. I now receive over 25 calls a day regarding health insurance from numbers all over the country. This is an entirely unacceptable use of obamacare and is targeting a vulnerable population without health care.

Mark Pickett on

I think I’m going to sign up for Health Care again at healthcare.gov. but instead of giving my information I’m going to give the phone number of the company that harasses me the most. Hopefully that number gets sold like mine did and get as many harassing phone calls as I have. I’m sick of it and something really needs to be done about it. This is the best I got

wile e coyote on

I tried to get quotes on health insurance and now I’m getting calls one after the other. I went to the link: http://www.obamacare-plans.com/
and https://quotes.healthcare.com

I didn’t ask to be contacted by phone. I just wanted to find the quotes.

Aaron on

So who do we sue? This has been going on for year.National healthcare enrolment center has been harassing me for a year. They hang up on me, laugh in my face. There addres is fake. My state attorney general can’ t help cause the can’ t find them. This is the change we voted for. Harrasment?

Craig Neuhoff on

Health Insurance Innovations is the company that took my application and will not stop calling.

Angie Woolery on

National Insurance Registry is the name and they use a bunch of different numbers and call all the time.

Sara on

I went to the site http://www.affordable-health-insurance-plans.org/?
I never even finished entering my information but seconds after I entered my phone number I started receiving calls. Again, I hadn’t even hit the submit button and never did, yet they sold my number to what must be hundreds of companies. Ever since than I receive on average 30 calls a day from companies regarding health insurance quotes. It is harassment and they hang up on me as soon as I start to ask to be removed from their call list. I feel like I am going to be stuck receiving these calls for 2+ years and wish something could be done. Again, I never formally submitted my information which is very scary.

darrel on

I went to this website- http://www.obamacare-plans.com/marketplace.html

I just wanted to get a quote and they wanted all my details including my phone number. Now I’m getting calls every hour. the most frequent caller is this number: 310-299-0540, and 310-906-2932. They call and when I answer, they don’t talk at all. I angrily called them back and they calmly asks what they can do for me. I tell them that you guys are the ones that called, so I ask them what they want, and they hung up on me. And then I still get calls from them. Why are they wasting my time, and using up my minutes? Is this legal. And by the way, Obamacare sucks. Obama sucks.

Christy Heston on

Although I generated and inquiry about health insurance, if I tell an agent to not call me back, and I am not interested in their insurance plan, they do not have the right to call me incessantly after having told them to not call. I am getting phone calls at least seven times a day from Nation Wide Health Insurance after aksing them to not call me. These phone calls are at various times of the morning, day, evening and night. I live in Washington State and they are using a local number 509-283-7221, that is listed as belonging to a John Whittington of Fairfield, Washington. However, it does not matter whether the person calling me is male or female, they all say that their name is Shane. After a week of phone calls where I have repeatedly asked them not to call me, I am reporting them here and to the Better Business Bureau. This seems like a third party or scam to me.

BevInTN on

This has been going on for OVER A YEAR. I’ve received over 30 phone calls this morning alone. It is to the point I turn my phone off. There is no justification for this whatsoever. Just like others say, you block them and they call back on different numbers. This should not be legal. I’ve been on the no-call list for over 2 years it makes no difference.

[email protected] Erin on

It’s not legal. Here is some advice from the Federal Trade Commission on unwanted solicitation phone calls and how to report them to the Federal Trade Commission.

R long on

I am constantly getting calls & am tired of t. I constantly ask to be on the no call list to no avail. Brook Stanley called & refused to tell me what company & was rude. I am sorry but I was rude back.
How do I stop these constant calls?

This is nothing but a sham & a way to harass people all of the time.

Aigul on

I filled up the form when I was looking for the health insurance, and end up getting up to 25 calls daily . While driving on the highway it nearly caused car accident, because of constantly calls . I signed up on this website https://affordablehealthcare123.com/p/complete.php?city=&state=&Household=3&Age=28&src=WebPost

Walter Kontra on

I have not requested a quote for health care since the inception of the ACA/Obamacare program. Today 4 phone calls, 5 different numbers yesterday
Let me provide the list of numbers
912-339-8177 4 calls in 1/2 hour yesterday
347-227-3075 2 phone calls yesterday
347-227-3075 again today

The 302 number was the only number I could call back and get to connect. A very pleasant woman told me she had my application in front of her. When I asked how that could be as I was calling from a phone number that was not used in my application, she very abruptly hung up.


Annabelle on

They state they are calling from affordable healthcare. I haven’t filled anything out as I have insurance, so I don’t understand how they got my information. I have asked them repeatedly to remove my number off of their list. All they do is laugh and state that they will call later. I have also informed them that I have insurance. Just like everyone else I add them to the blocked call list and they just find a new number to call from. This is ridiculous!!! There should be something we can do.

Sherrie Loftin on

I went to eHealth to research health insurance policies and premium quotes. I currently have health insurance with my employer, but was just interested in seeing what was available in the event I might retire in the next few years. Now I’m getting 15-20 harassing calls a day from insurance agents and it is ridiculous!! This has been going on for two weeks now, and I am completely fed up!!
These calls seem to be coming from a telephone exchange in Hernando and Senatobia, Mississippi, as only the names of these cities show up on caller-ID. The phone numbers are different, but the same two city names always show up. I usually just tell them I’m not interested and hang up; but I have recently begun to ask them how I can get these harassing calls stopped, and the answer is a scripted, “I can still help you with insurance.” When I repeat that I don’t want to discuss insurance and want the calls to stop, the next response is, “But if you’ll tell me about the type of insurance you’re looking for, I can still help you.” When I repeat for the THIRD time that I want the calls to stop, the response is, “We have great insurance options for you. Just tell me about what you need.”

ObamaCareFacts.com on

In defense of ehealth i’ve never heard a complaint pertaining to them before. I’m sure they would be as curious as anyone to know the details if you wanted to take the time to contact them.

Fyou Gov on

I did not fill out *anything* related to healthcare as I have employer-provided insurance, but started getting calls a few weeks ago and it has increased 3-fold today with 5-6 calls from 3 different companies. One company – the ‘National Health Enrollment Agency’ – when asked ‘are you a government agency?’ said ‘yes, we are a government agency’ when in fact they are a documented spammer.

Daniel Hewitt on

The calls I’m getting seem to be coming from the same Phone System using different DID’s. If I advise a company that i am not interested in insurance solicitations and they continue to call even if under a different name there should be legal grounds for prosecution by the attorney General. As bad as this is it’s like they are taunting me to act. I receive calls at the same times everyday from the same Dial-er. This is not legal by the spirit of the law and you need to investigate and reign in these political gamers. No way this is just an over zealous Capitalist.


A company called Affordable Healthcare Quotes keeps calling every ten minutes. It is driving me crazy and I am already on the do not call list. I also never filled a form out. I am about to contact my lawyer and sue this company and the Obama health care market place.

I am pissed on

This is terrible. The answer posted here does not help anything at all and it seems like this is happening to many, many people as indicated by the responses below.

This is illegal and Obamacare must be aware of it. Do we need to contact congress to enforce action?

I filled out info for a quote 3 months ago and still get calls. They are unwarranted.

If this happens to you on an Iphone, you can simply hit the “i” button for information, and scroll down to “block this number.” I now have 21 blocked numbers (in 3 months!).

If any legitimate Obamacare reps read this, please take action. This is stupid and illegal.

Erin on

The reality is that these phone calls are coming from private insurance brokers who are simply qualified to help folks get Marketplace coverage without having to go to the marketplace. These are not government employees and they are not being paid by the Marketplaces. They are getting commission from the private insurers that they set people up with. SPAM phone calls are SPAM phone calls even when they claim otherwise.

Alan on

This is terrible. The answer posted here does not help anything at all and it seems like this is happening to many, many people as indicated by the responses below.

This is illegal and Obamacare must be aware of it. Do we need to contact congress to enforce action?

I filled out info for a quote 3 months ago and still get calls. They are unwarranted.

If this happens to you on an Iphone, you can simply hit the “i” button for information, and scroll down to “block this number.” I now have 21 blocked numbers (in 3 months!).

If any legitimate Obamacare reps read this, please take action. This is stupid and illegal.

Erin on

I reviewed this answer after I saw your comment and made a lot of changes. I have included a lot more detail on the subject and links to more specific ways to combat telemarketing and email SPAM. Thank you for your feedback.

Eddie Baker on

I don’t want anymore phone calls or emails from Medicare. Some of them are harassing calls. I want them to stop.

Yoli on

can we get Mr. Obama’s cell number and enter it on this site? let him get 100 calls a day at all hours… maybe he would understand our frustration with the constant phone calls!!
I bet Mr. Obama would make sure he was never called again! This is such a scam, before ObamaCare we didn’t have this problem. BTW the “Do Not Call” registry is a joke!

WHY DO YOU NEED MY EMAIL? I know !so my inbox can be filled with Health Insurance offers!? What a joke.

Y on

can we get Mr. Obama’s cell number and enter it on this site? let him get 100 calls a day at all hours… maybe he would understand our frustration with the constant phone calls!!
I bet Mr. Obama would make sure he was never called again! This is such a scam, before ObamaCare we didn’t have this problem. BTW the “Do Not Call” registry is a joke!

WHY DO YOU NEED MY EMAIL? I know !so my inbox can be filled with Health Insurance offers!? What a joke.

Yoli on

can we get Mr. Obama’s cell number and enter it on this site? let him get 100 calls a day at all hours… maybe he would understand our frustration with the constant phone calls!!
I bet Mr. Obama would make sure he was never called again! This is such a scam, before ObamaCare we didn’t have this problem. BTW the “Do Not Call” registry is a joke!

WHY DO YOU NEED MY EMAIL? I know !so my inbox can be filled with Health Insurance offers!? What a joke.

Crystal F. on

I went to healthcare.gov to receive quotes. I provide minute information, and never received a quote. Instead I started to receive excessive calls a day. This was January 2016. I thought I had almost stopped the calls as they seemed to be coming in less often. Then this morning it started. Like a plague!!!! I’m a full time night shift registered nurse needing my sleep during the day! They called me 16 times in less than 8 hours. “They” are from Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Virginia, etc. when I answer to tell them to remove me from the lists they hang up immediately. This is ridiculous. I’m almost to the point of changing my number that I have had for 12 years now. DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS NOW!!!!

Abigail Lehman on

I typed in Obama Care on Google. I clicked the first ad that popped up. I used ObamacarePlans.com. Bad idea.

cindy garcia on

I used obamacare .org and many more and it ask again and again for information all i want is a quote so i can compare myself i dont want to talk to any one

Cynthia zavesky on

I used healthcare.gov and I have received 20 phone calls in less than 3 hours. I have blocked these numbers but they keep coming. Please help

Kat on

I requested info in December 2015. I was slammed with calls from all sorts of companies. I never enrolled but now that the enrollment window is opening again I am getting multiple calls daily. It is very frustrating. I am on the Do Not Call registry and have filed a complaint against several of the numbers but it has not helped. I have asked nicely to have our number removed but they don’t. I think I will start calling them back randomly and tying up their phone lines so they can’t call anyone else and harass them.

marcella priest on

not acceptable. government insist we look into ins thru obamacare, but then we rcv the harassing calls. I have told several different reps I have ins and I am not interested any longer, but all they do Is hang up then back to calling a few minutes after. this was suppose to be simple and now its just a harassing headache.

laura on

i am also getting these calls and they come from many different numbers, they arent even asking for me..i never even signed up for a quote, this is crazy!!!

Simmie McCall on

I signed up at this site thinking it was heathcare.gov and now they won’t stop calling. Please help.


Terry on

Last year I wanted to enroll in ACA for the first time because our private health insurance premiums skyrocketed. I gave my information here to have someone call back, and like many, I received tons of calls. I thought that the insurance salesmen would be approved by ACA. Apparently not! I was told by the first salesman that I wouldn’t qualify for Obamacare because we were too healthy, but that he could still “set me up” with a good plan. HA! I called yesterday to my insurance company only to find out that the plan he set me up with “short term,” meaning I am still subject to IRS penalties for not having minimum insurance requirements. I’ve since checked into it, and found out that our income levels alone should qualify us for Obamacare. Like others here, I have received lots of calls from these insurance salespeople, and they are starting up again from last year warning me I will become uninsured if I don’t buy insurance from them. What a scam. The ACA and Obamacare should be responsible to have only reputable salesmen on their caller list. Now I am having to deal with making complaints, etc., through all of the necessary channels. Shame on them.

Erin on

What page did you give your information on (the actual URL) and when? Was it this website or another website that had the words “ACA” and “Obamacare” in their name? ObamacareFacts.com has made and continues to make the best effort to prevent this from happening on this site. ObamacareFacts.com is completely unrelated to Healthcare.gov, state Marketplaces, or other look-alike websites with the terms “obamacare” and/or “facts” in their name. They also have advertisers they work with directly. That means less issues and it also means they have a way of holding those advertisers accountable if they break the rules. Those things can only happen if people actually keep track of where on the internet they are putting their information (exact URLs) and finding out what company is actually calling.

You say that “The ACA and Obamacare should be responsible to have only reputable salespeople on their caller list.” except that the ACA and Obamacare is not insurance. So what caller list are you referring to? The Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare) is a law that regulates private insurance companies and public insurance (to a certain extend) who all have their own “salespeople”. Then you add in the internet being fairly unregulated space and now you have malicious websites pretending to be the official websites for things in order to get marketing leads.

Terry K. on

I also signed up at healthcare.gov last year and was inundated with phone calls. My story gets better, though. After being told I wouldn’t qualify for Obamacare because I was “too fit” (too healthy), I chose a plan. I called the insurance company yesterday only to find out that I was signed up for a “short term” plan, which means I am not getting the minimum health insurance to guarantee I will not be fined by the IRS. I have since found out the representative lied to me about being “too fit.” I am now making the necessary complaints against the insurance representative. If you sign up at healthcare.gov, the ACA should do the vetting process to make sure all insurance representatives qualify.

alice on

I filled the application on this website early Oct and I get calls almost daily! This is uneatable! Please STOP IT!

Julie on

I am having the same problem and I called to have my name removed a long time ago. I filled out paperwork probably a year ago and I think the “do not call” either expired or only applies to some companies. Not sure. Will try to remove again.

gollum on


cm on

They call me 20 times a day or more from Florida, Georgia, Texas, I am on the do not call registry, I have filed complaints I have talked to the people and they wont stop calling me…I have had them cuss at me…tell me to F off..hung up on.. and spam call my phone on a daily basis..I have blocked hundreds of numbers and they are still getting through…

Duane J Holmes on

The only site I filled out any info on was healthcare.gov now calls coming in

P. Obre on

you, obamacare/marketplace is not afforable still to many people, especially single, fulltime college students who are working part time employemnt….to many consequences with penalties.
personally cancelling it because it held NO BENEFIT to me as I pursue MD Anderson.
WHY ???????
It really takes away my hopes and dreams in america when a system like this is not benefiting me and so many americans.
Working from Jan. to Dec., receive my W2 and look forward to money I deserve back but yet get penalized becasue i did not have insurance or have it long enough…. is not fair !!!!

solution: NO COMMENT

anthony sebastian on

I’m getting calls, I asked what company they are with nationwide health. I’m in nv but my n8mber is still 408 area code and all the inc9m8ng are from 408. I made the mistake of going on healthcare.gov

Holly on

How do we report the site? I know exactly which site it was because it was the ONLY one I visited and I got a phone call right after clicking…Since then have gotten 5 more and now they are laughing and prank calling me.


Doreen on

TEXAS – I had the same problem. Went to healthcare.gov looking for prices. They call relentlessly all day long. I never answer phone calls from numbers I do not know. They do leave voice mails. Just got another call, which prompted me to write this. They even call on weekends. This has been going on for almost 6 months. I have blocked over a 100 numbers. This is very frustrating. How to I stop this from happening! I have had enough!!!! Very Simple……Please tell me how you are going to solve this problem.

Erin on

I recently updated this question’s answer and added a lot more detailed list of options. I am having a hard time believing that Healthcare.gov is the one responsible for people getting endless phone calls, but only for a second. I receive regular calls form the company Washington State has administrating it’s medicaid constantly during open enrollment. So, it’s not impossible. For that reason I suggest this: ask the people calling directly the name of the company they are calling from and how they got your number. Send that information with the phone number on your caller ID and even your suspicions that it is coming from Healthcare.gov in a formal complaint to the FCC.

DA on

TEXAS – I had the same problem. Went to healthcare.gov looking for prices. They call relentlessly all day long. I never answer phone calls from numbers I do not know. They do leave voice mails. Just got another call, which prompted me to write this. They even call on weekends. This has been going on for almost 6 months. I have blocked over a 100 numbers. This is very frustrating. How to I stop this from happening! I have had enough!!!! Very Simple……Please tell me how you are going to solve this problem.
By the way I am on the “Do Not Call List”

Jeff on

I did not fill out any forms on the Obama Care website. I do not have nor do I ever want Obama Care. I don’t do government programs period.

What gives Obama and his henchmen the right to break the law and call my cell even though I am on the do not call list? They are interrupting me at work and breaking this law: http://uscode.house.gov/view.xhtml?req=granuleid%3AUSC-prelim-title15-chapter87A&edition=prelim

Stuart Love on

Why are you just patting people on the head like petulant children? Why is this page here, if complainants are simply patronized? I see responses like “healthcare.gov would never do that”, or “we worked hard to avoid this”, even “if you hadn’t clicked that button”.
Congratulations, you created a web page whose only function is to further irritate people who have spent their money and revealed personal information, all in good faith, to healthcare.gov. If I’m a plumber, and my helper floods your house, who is responsible? I am. If you cannot manage either insurance enrollment or basic internet security, fire yourself. The schools are full of 12 year olds that could do much better.

ObamaCareFacts.com on

Hey buddy, don’t be so gloomy. Do you want an ice cream champ?

Patronizing you for your snooty comment aside, to answer your question: The page is here so everyone has a chance to share the URLs of websites who aren’t respecting people’s information.

If you have had a problem with HealthCare.Gov, please share it. However, I really was shocked to see their URL come up as .Gov seems least likely of everyone to be reselling information. Thus, in this case, I was trying to express this and look for perhaps more details so we could be address that part of the problem.

We personally are affiliated with none of these entities directly.

Also, really really, there is probably not a 12 year old on earth who can do what we do. If there is, that would be awesome though.

Jeremiah Brunkala on

Tired of your spam from the website. Ive been getting emails and phone calls from heathcare.gov. Their is no options under the log in screen to get you to quit spamming me. The site needs a “F*** Off” button. Im not signing up for this sh**ty healthcare that did not do anything but drastically increase my expenses. This law is a joke and needs demolished.

Erin on

Just to be clear this website is ObamacareFacts.com and is not Healthcare.gov. This website doesn’t have anyone calling you or emailing you. If you are having problems with Healthcare.gov sending you emails than you should probably go and tell them you are having problems.

A little tip though, if you put your email address into websites on the internet (even to just leave a comment or to subscribe to publisher) without at least checking that you are on the actual website you are looking for… You are likely to get a lot of email SPAM from everywhere. This website is only trying to provide information to people and answer their questions. Unless you are having a problem with ObamacareFacts.com’s advertisers (which your comment didn’t suggest) there isn’t any way for this site to address your problem.

Eddie Mae Baker on

I am tired of Medicare calls from different places. Please stop all the calls.

Jessica Isam on
Kenneth on

Same thing happened to me, didn’t even finish the online app before the calls started. Relentless 20 to 30 per hour non stop for 4 months straight now. I asked them nicely even started blowing a whistle in their ears but to no avail. O even changed my phone number and they found me and it started again.

Richard Nixon on

We are getting the same rude phone calls and when I ask them to remove me they say “no problem”. There seems to be no way to stop these calls. I tried speaking spanish and they just hung up on me. My new strategy is going to be to keep them on the line as long as possible with just gibberish until they give up. Things like, “Oh hold on while I find my glasses.” Wasting their time seems to be slowing the calls. Thank God Trump won. And this Obamacare site expects us to believe them that entering our email again is safe. I love the “We can do our part…” off the comments above. “Yes we can!!”

Vanessa Beach on


Can’t get the calls to stop. Will probably have to change my number and email that I have had for 15 years! Very angry.

ObamaCareFacts.com on

From my experince, the calls stop after a while if you give them zero response. “A while” could be a year, I don’t have any real measuring stick, but for me (who subjected themselves to a few of these on purpose to understand what you all are going through) it dwindled after a few months and was mostly gone in a year.

Lisa Jackson on

I filled out a form on the Connect for Health Colorado, which is supposed to be the official “ACA” website. http://connectforhealthco.com/

Within a few minutes I was barraged by telemarketers selling NON-COMPLIANT healthcare. It took me hours to sort that out. They are still calling, about 10 times per day. I have been on the do not call registry for years but I assume they think they have “permission” to call. Blocking the number does no good as they just call from new ones.

This number is also my business line, so I’ve stopped answering it, and hoping if a legitimate customer calls, they will leave a message.

This is an unbelievable situation!

I guess the ONLY real solution is “NEVER fill out a form on the internet” (especially for an industry that is sales-driven, such as health insurance.) Unfortunately if you are reading this, likely it’s too late.

Please spread the word to your friends: If you are shopping for health insurance, find a reputable broker through your network of friends and business associates. DO NOT go through the internet.

Erin on

Report them to the FCC if they continue to violate the Do Not Call Registry.

Dan on

I filled out an application last week. I have been getting phone calls every hour of the day since then. I don’t even need insurance anymore and I tell them that, but they won’t accept no for an answer. I just hang up the phone on them after 5 seconds. The company who keeps calling me is located in the Chicago area.

Erin on

Do you know the name of the company that keeps calling you and where you filled out an application online?

Colton I on

I am getting phone calls relentlessly from all over the country. The worst part is, I never signed up for any hand-out Obamacare-subsidy garbage. When I tell them to take me off phone list, they hang up without responding. Minutes later I get a phone call from another zip code.

I may be forced to change my cell phone number if this does not stop. This is just another prime example of how successful Obamacare has been in the country.

Monica on

…Help…please….I requested a quote for health insurance 6 years ago and it’s like every year (this year it was nov 28) they release the list and I’ll get 10 -30 calls a day for awhile….Today I got at least 25..



Erin on

If you are getting calls from Healthcare.gov, than you are going to want to contact Healthcare.gov about it. You can also file a complaint with the FCC.
This is ObamacareFacts.com is not in contact with Healthcare.gov other than it being common resource for using provisions the Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare) and that is what this website is providing additional information about. No one from ObamacareFacts.com is calling you. This website does have affiliated advertisers and will address complaints about advertisers from this site (ObamacareFacts.com), but in that case it is helpful if you know what company is calling and what ad was clicked on from this site.

Mary Lee on

Hello, I have a similar story of entering my info onto the website to get a quote and I started getting phone calls; today I got about 3 calls from 559-588-4873, yesterday got 1 call from 559-588-4248, and from 763-260-8272. I went to google and searched for “cheap health insurance MN” and found on that lead me to a list of insurance plans. The one I looked in is called healthmatchup/Agile with Everest Prime offering short term coverage for 6 months.

Crystal on

Rather or not it is legal for these companies to call, the manner in which they conduct their calls are NOT legal. I have been getting calls for over a year now since i visited the marketplace website. It started at around 25 calls per day. Each call i would politely ask to be taken off there call list it took several months but eventually i finally got through to some companies but most would just hang up on me the second i said i wasnt interested and those i just added to MY block caller list. For about 4 months i thought i had finally gotten it under control then the calls started again in November and im back up to about 10 per day. When i say im not interested they instantly hang up so today i got fed up and called them back and politely asked to be put on their no call list and the man on the other end yelled “Dont Call Back!!!” This cant be legal and im suprised a law suit hasn’t been filed. I will definitely be calling each number that hangs up on me back though, they definitely dont like being called either so maybe i can irritate them enough to stop calling.lol

Noelle Tom-Wigfield on

I am receiving an insane amount of phone calls after trying to get a healthcare quote off of healthcare.com. I didn’t realize this would happen while just trying to figure out some information online so I registered my phone number on the do not call list. I believe I filled out my address, age, and phone number on healthcare.com to get a quote.

Frank on

Actually Healthcare.gov does spam with calls / emails mail. I have told them I have insurance already but they will not leave me alone

Angie Brewer on

I am receiving MANY unwanted calls from “National Insurance Health Registry” from the following numbers which I have BLOCKED and I am on the DO NOT CALL list.
972-637-9517 Texas
770-769-1790 Georgia
I block a number and they call from another after telling them MANY TIMES I am NOT interested!

Dena on

I have never been on a site requesting info on health ins.. i am on the do not call list! Yet i get about 10 calls a day all from different numbers all over the us.. would love for it to stop!

Jason on

I did the Idaho exchange and wanted to get some pricing. That was 6 months ago and I still get about 10 calls a week. I signed up on the donotcall registry 4 months ago and that didn’t help. Sad that a government ran sight didn’t protect me.

James Felgemacher on

I completely disagree. I had coverage in 2016 and refused coverage for 2017. I keep getting phone calls and e-mails from Health Care Marketplace. I have called several times and have been placed on the “Do Not Call” list but the rep said that the calls will keep happening until the end of the deadline. I ended up spending about 45 minutes on the phone when i finally got a supervisor and the only thing he could do is change my number to a non-active number.

YOUR AUTOMATED SYSTEM IS FLAWED and it needs to be adjusted!!

Jacquelyn Stone on

Well seeing as you can not get quotes online, only by phone, obviously this stupidity is going to happen. Make it a law that when an individual clicks “get quotes”/”see plans” that the information appears on the website. It makes it very difficult to search plans. If I can go to Geico and see all the plan details on the website as well as sign up and pay right there, I should be able to do it for health insurance too.

Erin on

The Marketplaces do allow people to compare insurance plans including costs online. While that doesn’t help those who are shopping outside of the Marketplaces or wishing to get quotes directly from insurers, millions of Americans do shop online in the Marketplaces and compare plan costs and coverage. It would be really handy if insurers had that information available on their own sites as well for those who want to or need to shop off Marketplace.

Michelle on

How do I stop this is freaking ridiculous.

Jonathan Belden on

I also filled an app. to get a quote to see if it is cheaper than what we have and IT WAS NOT. I cancelled my application and spoke with them a number of time. I am still getting e-mails and calls treating if I don’t sign up I will pay $695.00
Idiots I always had insurance and am signed with BCBS and decided to stay with them. STOP threatening with a penalty. MORANS

jennie on

we receive calls from all different states for insurance. i already provide my family’s coverage and NEVER filled out any forms, yet they call everyday. each time i ask them to remove us from their calling list, they just hang up. if i ask them for a manager or where they are calling from, they hang up. this is NOT how ANY company that offers coverage should act in any situation.

David Cassimatis on

This calling problem should have been planned for, “like maybe take me off the stupid list after Iv’e signed up….this is part of the Obama legacy. Moronic president zero. His entire presidency is amateurish as exemplified by all the comments from other people on this forum.
Like the children being murdered by isis, or woman being raped in Europe.
Is it to much to ask to have someone in the whitehouse who can get it right?

Nancy on

I was on the Healthcare Exchange for 9 months in 2014. I received no less than 8 phone calls today regarding signing up for healthcare from 215-353-5687, 912-339-8177, 626-779-8018, 561-571-0256, 321-710-2609, 810-580-5694, 561-701-9672, 215-398-1834. It’s a nuisance, especially when I am at work. I only signed up through healthcare.gov. No one else.

Glenda on

I too am receiving upwards of 30 calls a day. I looked at the Obamacare site which leads you to believe that after answering the questions you would receive a quote of at least an estimate when you finish. I closed out when I got to the end when phone quotes is how you get a quote . I realize that I had already put my phone number in earlier in the questions. I dont think if you do not finish the quote process email and phone should not be made available to harassing vendors. I do not answer my phone a anymore when I don’t recognize the number. They call back numerous times a day.
I am really sick of it. I wont ever ask for information on line ever again after this insurane companies harassment. I get that is legal but not completing the questions should not give my information to the sharks out there.

Anonymous on

Obamacarefacts.com have no idea what they are talking about when it comes to Lead Generation business. In addition, they are violating multiple publisher agreements by promotion offers in very unethical ways from which they make large sums of money.

Erin on

Do you have better advice for the people who are finding this page because they signed up for something online and now are getting constant phone calls? Any options for addressing it?

Deb on

Affordable Health Group is the WORST! I stupidly put my phone number on their site thinking it was BCBS and no matter how many times I tell them to quit calling me, they won’t stop. They just hang up. I’m on the DNC registry and filed a complaint with the FTC. I don’t know what else to do. This practice has got to be illegal because I’ve told them numerous times to put me on their DNC list and to never call again.

Kraig Rogers on

I provided my info on healthcare.com thinking it was healthcare.org.
How can I get my phone number off of this list?

ObamaCareFacts.com on

Often aboveboard companies will have directions on the site. Heatlhcare.com and .org are big-price domains. I would assume they are following standards.

Ronald Lipham on

My name is Ron Lipham. I have recently become disabled and unemployed and I live in Alabama where I can receive no poverty level Medicaid assistance. I signed up for affordable Health insurance and checked into several companies b4 I finally found one that is affordable that will suit my needs but as stated above, at least 20 calls a day come in to get me to sign up. This is tying up my phone line when I need to keep it open for calls from doctors, disability claims, my lawyer and other important calls. I have requested of the same number that calls over and over to remove my name from their list as I already have insurance but they will not comply. If there is anything that u can do please help me. They are driving me crazy, calling all times of the day or night and leaving messages I have to check and continually delete.

Stephanie on

This guy kept calling and calling and calling for auto insurance. I was getting tired of it so I surrendered and started answering all his questions thinking he’d stop calling once he got this random info. The next day I had 17 missed calls in an hour, and the calls continued. This was a little less than a year ago. I still get at least 10 calls a day, and it will not stop.

Erin on

This page is about phone call related to health insurance, but many of the information is applicable to any unwanted phone calls. In general though, if you answer and talk to solicitors, they will keep calling. Try reporting the companies to the FTC.

Caterina Hamilton on

I am an L&H insurance broker (20 years in the industry) and I have never filled out an application on myself, nor is my phone number listed anywhere, except on my LinkedIn and business web pages. HOWEVER, I now receive telemarketer calls multiple times daily from local and national agencies, wanting to “help” me with my supposed application. I have only had one IFP client that I helped this year, as a personal favor for a friend. And that wasn’t thru the healthcare.gov marketplace, as it was an off-market app. All my other clients are small groups. So I am pretty ticked off at getting no less than 5 calls per day, every day, for the last 3 weeks.
Yes, I’m on the DNC and have been for years. I update it regularly with complaints. Most times it is the same company, using a different phone number and I tell them I’m a broker and on the DNC and to take me off their list. This makes no difference to them. At one point, I was so frustrated, that I decided to pretend to be a potential customer. The “agent” on the other end knew absolutely nothing and when I probed deeper, they got irritated and asked if I really wanted to sign up; was I seriously looking or just kicking tires. I asked about deductibles, copays, what the max out of pocket was, simple stuff that any newbie could even answer. So clearly, they are using people not qualified to even discuss insurance. Which is a violation of the DOI, I might add.

Erin on

LinkedIn and business pages are accessible to the public and to malicious software designed to glean data from the internet. There is literally no “safe” way to give your phone number to the public via the internet.

Theodore Lunger on

I am having this problem, and its not outside spam, it is ACA nonsence that doesnt pertain to me. I am getting 3 to 5 calls a week anout insurance guidlines even though I have all already signed up. I dont even qualify for assistance from ACA, I only singned through it to stop these calls to no avail

Jess on

No I am also being harrassed and it is from the official dot gov site. Calling me over and over..Sending emails telling me to submit my application. I just wanted to see my options even though I already have legit coverage. Now they won’t stop. They try to say I can get help paying premiums but it is a lie. My family of 5…One income,
does not qualify for any tax breaks or help. The premiums are ridiculous.

Jens on

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Shelly on

I was checking on insurance and did not fill the form online. I spoke to someone. Now I average 50 calls today asking if I want insurance for myself or family included. When I say I please place me on the do not call list I am not interested, I am old don’t answer my phone. I add numbers to auto reject all the time, but they are constantly switching numbers up.

ObamaCareFacts.com on

More than just presenting information for all and recording these happens, in terms of advice, this page is really trying to reach people like you who may be confused.

You should not pick up the phone. If you have you are getting those calls, never answer and follow the other steps above.

The worst thing you can do is communicate with a spammer, scammer, or con artist of any sort. Don’t give out any information what so ever!

In general though, do feel free to let us know any information you can about the number you called in the first place. What site was it on? What was the number?

Michelle Walters on

I get 20+ phone calls every day even on Sunday from these numbers: 601-882-0617, 601-882-0618, 601-882-0619 since 1/27/2017. I told them I do not need insurance!

Sara on

used healthcare.gov and i get about 10 phone calls a day, all hours of the day, from all different area codes. THIS HAS TO STOP!

Kathy Khalifa on

I was able to get insurance outside healthcare.gov but I am still getting mail and email from healthcare.gov (Health Insurance Marketplace). How can I tell them to stop sending me emails and calls?

Janelle Hetzel on

I filled out a form to sign up for a health care plan through a website that I was directed to by Covered California. ehealthinsurance.com. I did not request quotes. I simply began signing up for health insurance then noticed it wouldn’t be effective until later than I wanted so I went directly to the website of the company I signed up for. I never actually finished filling out anything and now I’ve gotten 20 phone calls today alone! I keep answering it telling them to remove me but they keep calling me back regardless.

Tawni A Burton on

OK.. so last bit of detail in case you’re still analyzing.. we applied early last year.. never purchased due to price of policies/deductibles etc.. and I don’t usually answer calls from numbers I don’t recognize so no idea if any actual calls are coming because of Indiana’s healthcare.gov.. however, the emails and texts are the big harassment thing I’m dealing with.. they’ve been especially bad the last few months.. emails are coming from [email protected] .. and texts are coming from 467873 (example text [HC gov Alert] DEADLINE: 72 hours away. YOUR STATUS: Not covered. NEXT CHANCE for coverage: 2018. Enroll now: go.hc.gov)

ObamaCareFacts.com on

Ok yeah, so if you are getting these .gov contact, it isn’t “spam” (unless it is targeted complex spear phishing) it is the government updating you because you gave them your info. (see: https://us.norton.com/spear-phishing-scam-not-sport/article).

It may be somewhat annoying, but it isn’t on the level of what happens if you put your info into a rouge lead gen site (see: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lead_generation).

I have some sympathy here, but like, being contacted by a .gov about your last chance to get coverage (potentially ever given repeal efforts) is in the bounds of reason.

Still, good to keep tabs on this.

Michelle Walters on

Thanks. I am going out of my mind. I didn’t know what to do to stop receiving 20+ calls per day even on Sunday.

Carla on

I am receiving unsolicited calls and text messages, although I myself did not submit a quote request. It seems someone else falsified their application used my phone number. What’s the best option for me to stop getting these solicitations?

ObamaCareFacts.com on

We tried to offer all of our best advice above.

Never Again on

So sorry I ever looked into this as a possibility. NEVER-ENDING! Thinking seriously of changing my phone number as there seems to be no other way out!

Frustrated in Virginia Beach on

It is all I do to keep my composure! I signed up for a free quote for Obamacare at 9 am this morning. It is now about 4 PM and I have received over 50 calls about it! My cell phone has been ringing non stop all day!! To make matters worse I am receiving text messages also!!

Valerie on

Since enrolling in coverage in 2016 (on healthcare.gov) my husband received 1-3 robo-calls daily for various solicitations (some insurance related most not). This year I used my # to enroll & the same has happened to me. I am sure it could be the BlueCross company we were issued, but don’t know how to figure out which site sold our # or how to stop the calls. Do Not Call list has not been effective.

Peggy Giles on

I want to remove my number from the Affordable Care Act exchange. The people keep calling after I tell them to stop and remove my name from their list. They begin calling at 6:30 am. When I tell them I am not the person they want and to remove the number, they still try to sell to me so I hang up on them. You can’t be polite. They’ll call back with a number one digit off in 10 minutes all over again if you block their number as spam. I registered on the do not call list. Is there a way to go in and remove my number from the call registry?

ObamaCareFacts.com on

This page explains everything we have been able to find out in the introduction. For some empathy, we know it is less than fun to get these calls.

Linda Burney on

I think it is a shame how the phone calls come in after you go on this sight. They have made me want to cuss them out today. And God knows i do not want to do that but they are non stop. I just went on last night and from 7am i have got over 50 calls today. This is not right and it need to stop. I just wanted a quote not all these phone calls. I am really mad right now.

Teresa on

I was trying to see if I qualified for Medicaid and I was on Medicaid-guide.org. Within less than 2 minutes the calls started and less than an hour, I had 20+ calls from at least 8 different numbers. This is ridiculous! SC-Pickens Co,

ObamaCareFacts.com on

Wow, that is pretty low-brow considering Medicaid is a public program for those with low-incomes. I’m not sure there is a law against selling leads using Medicaid, but this seems unethical (at least with the ACA there really is a private market element). Thanks for sharing.

Jason fudge Dyer on

Insurance is a scam and the people who benefit from it are vampires . Your government has jumped into bed with them . They are trying very hard to get you to jump into the bed too ….so they can F you in the A .

ObamaCareFacts.com on

Insurance in general isn’t a scam, it is a naturally arising system that deals with costs that a single entity can’t absorb.

That said, I get the sentiment, almost no-one likes insurance products (except the finance industry).

Still, the problem isn’t “insurance” it is the way health insurance currently works in the US with the whole system considered.

We can certainly do better, but we need to move toward a universal system, not further away from one (which is what is being done).

Frank on

If I ever ever have to leave a phone number again when seeking health insurance, I will get a burner cell phone number or temporary skype-in number. Will do this for each years health care search initiative. And a burner email address as well.

But right now, I am seriously thinking of ditching my home phone number and getting a new one because we get 2 or 3 calls per hour. Blocking their numbers is not working. They just keep calling from new numbers or blocking their numbers. .

But if ACA was really working, people would actually want to renew with existing provider rather than searching for a new provider every single year. But that is a whole other discussion.

Brandon on

Sounds like a politician wrote that. “We sold your information, but we didn’t sell it and can’t help you”

ObamaCareFacts.com on

Well I mean we feature sign up options on our site in our ads, so if you fill out the form with our ad partner, it goes to a single insurance broker and then you deal with them (essentially). If you call that “selling your information” then fine, but it isn’t what the shadier sites do, which is sell your information many times over (which can result in a bunch of calls).

We have worked hard to pick a partner who doesn’t do that sort of thing, which is why we feel confident also being the source on what you can do if this does happen to you.

In sum, we aren’t trying to be political, we are trying to give everyone a place to share their experince while making it clear that we (your friendly internet unofficial ObamaCare people) aren’t the shade-balls selling your info. Hope that makes sense. 😀

Marina G. Corbin on

That happened to me too. I hate when they call. Nobody can afford their rates.

D. Martin on

I called Obamacare marketplace to remove my phone number 3 weeks ago because I get unwanted robotic “healthcare coverage” calls daily?!! I was told by Obamacare customer service my number was now turned off some switch was flipped and I should not get any further calls, well guess what? Now I get MORE daily robot calls from all over the US?! I have always had private healthcare insurance but made the mistake 2 years ago of signing up on them Obamacare website to see if I could be eligible but I’m NOT! I get calls anyway?! What a nuisance! Obamacare is quite simply the WORST!!

R Ensor on

Not helpfull at all….. I was able to obtain quote for dental insurnace without having to enter any personal information… the same should be true for medical insurance.. why should A person need to enter personal information to get a quote or comapre quotes — age, gender, smoker etc is all that should be required… no email or name

Michelle M Ackerman on

Unfortunately we were probably led to a “vulture” site when we googled Healthcare.gov. or Obamacare, etc. I’m typically pretty savvy to this, however they got me this time! I went to Healthcare.com instead of .gov. I was getting calls literally within seconds and it went on all night. This is when I went back to verify the website and sure enough! it wasn’t the official one. The calls picked back up again today along with text messages. And there’s no way to completely block them because they use hundreds of different phone numbers…..ugghhhh! Hopefully the get bored soon!

hf on

i just wanted to look at some online quotes for signia and now i cant stop the calls. it wouldnt even let me look at anything unless i agreed to give permission to recieve calls but now they wont stop calling its insane.

Eric Wilcox on

I’ve had to change my phone number. I lost my Healthcare with my company I was with over 18years because of the insurance changes. I try to apply for this Greasy, low end Obamacare and get over 15-20 phone calls a day from the most shady of insurance companies you could imagine. I have no idea how to get low cost insurance. I’m not going to deal with these companies..

Walt on

Someone else apparently gave my phone number (its been mine for over 25 years). How do I STOP all these calls since I never, ever, wanted ANY lead generations made, nor 3rd party insurance jerks calling me.

ObamaCareFacts.com on

Go threw the list at the top of the page, that should help. A good tactic is generally not picking up the phone as well. If you are lucky the fact that the number never picks up will be noted and it will avoid the number being re-sold or passed on.

Also be careful about cold calling (people who call random numbers and fish for information). There are a ton of ways people can get your phone number, it isn’t always lead forms. Good luck!

David (pissed off) Hancock on

I’ve got an idea. Let people on the freaking Healthcare Gov know what they are signing up for!!! I thought I was signing up for health insurance in healthcare.gov. Instead I got calls every day to today. Every single day I get atleast one call with the same recording. I’ve tried to get off their list. I’ve been in the do not calknoist for years.

If the give can find sad husein they should be able to find these scum bags. Jesus! Are you going for a tweet from Trumo I’m twitter to do your job! Get to work!!!

JET on

I signed up for a quote on an insurance policy. We are receiving calls, non-stop on a cell phone, at all hours of the day and night, and on the house phone.

The caller was told that insurance was already purchased and they still continue to bother with calls.

The calls have been blocked on the cell phone and they are still going through.

This is to the point of harassment… HOW do we STOP the harassment?

Eric Wilcox on

I filled out an online form for Obamacara, or Covered California. Within a few days I was getting 3 to five calls from what sounded like some of the most shady insurance companis you could imagine. Within 30 days I could no longer use my phone. I was getting calls every 1/2hr to an hour. One company I asked no less that 5 times to take me off their calling list continued to call 5-6 time a day, so finally I snapped and was rude. And I did yell at them. Now this company calls 10-20 time a day! I had to change my number. Don’t piss them off!!

Carrie on

This really sucks, I don’t know what website I went too. All I knew is that I was going to be fined if I didn’t have freaking insurance that I wasn’t going to be able to afford to go to the doctor to begin with because of the huge deductible. Now I’m being inundated with rude phone calls, at least 50 calls a day. I’m also looking for a job which means I need to answer them to make sure it isn’t a legite call.

Keith Richardson on

Your information sucks, trying to remember which sight someone goes to is stupid. After filling out info who would have guessed you would start receiving call all times of the day and night. There should have been something in place for this kind of situation. I am getting calls as early as 9am and it is irritating especially when it is my of day.

Someone needs to deal with these companies or have a way for customers to stop them from calling.

david Hancock on

Its ok for these “reputable” companies to do as they wish with our info. I started filling out the form on the Healthcare.gov site but stopped before I was done. I had given my basic info. Enough to get atleast 2 calls a day for the ENTIRE YEAR! Yes, Everyday I get ATLEAST 2 calls. Some days I get as many as 10. I have told them all I got my insurance November 2016 and they never stopped. Now they are calling about next year.

I want the head of the a$$hat making money off this info. Someone somewhere is gaining financially from my inconvenience. This really sucks in 2017. What the hell is going on? Is anybody regulating anything important these days. Anybody? Bueller?

ObamaCareFacts.com on

If you look at the comments you can see that there is at least one class action lawsuit in the works. Could be more out there. That is one solution. Unfortunately it is hard to get your name off some of these lists once on (although ignoring all calls tends to be a good strategy).

For everything else, make sure to follow the advice at the top of the page. There is no perfect solution.

Michael Rowlands on

I called for a quote yesterday and simply asked for a benefits in writing sent by email to me. They would not do it. Cardinal Choice called 2 minutes after I pushed the button for the quote and wants you to sign up and receive all the terms later. I finally hung up on him. Have had at least 10 calls in one day and 4 emails. The affordable care act web sight sucks. I will not talk to anyone calling now.

Christina on

Over a year ago, I went to the Obamacare website ONLY when looking into getting insurance for my son. I put in his name and my cellphone number. To this day (literally Saturday morning at 9 a.m.) I receive relentless calls from “Modern Health Benefits Enrollment Program” and others who I can’t catch their name because they either state it very quickly or will hang up when I ask. Several of them I have asked where they obtained my info to call (which I already know, like I said this was the only website I put my number with my son’s name and they usually ask for “Mr. My Son’s Name”) have told me from Obamacare website. I’m to the point where I am going to change my phone number because I receive 20 plus spam calls a day. Even from people with indian accents asking to speak to “Mr. My Son’s Name” with that federal grant scam crap. It’s ridiculous. And knowing that my number was outsourced to telemarketers and scammers by my own government is a slap in the face to go along with what they’ve done to the cost of healthcare. Get it together!

Michael on

So when you sign up why isn’t my phone number taken off the list.
It’s been six months since I signed up for health care and I still get multiple phone calls every day from different insurance companys from multiple states.
The government basically sold my number to the Public insurance companies.
I think I should get a new phone number…

Barbara Pierson on

I have been receiving 20-30 calls a day. I tell them to stop, it doesn’t matter they keep calling. I’ve put in a complaint to the do not call site, but as you state that doesn’t do any good. I have only entered my info on the Illinois site so they must be giving out the information. I’m curious to how much we are paying these groups, must be a lot since they are so aggressive.

This should be resolved by the government not by the individual, please get a grip on these companies and make them stop.

Jax on

I’m not sure of whose calling me. However, tonight I called a number back and it was someone’s personal number and the individual that answered said no one called from that number. When I answer the phone and attempt to “get help” to enroll in a plan by pressing 1, the call disconnects so there is NO way for me to speak with a live individual. This much I know, I will be keeping a record of the numbers that call and will be reporting them to a legislator. I’m tired of it and know it’s not just happening to me, because a co-worker complained about it today. I feel like it’s a phishing scam and am OVER it. I’ve put my number on the DNC registry and DARE someone to call me now.

Mike Jones on

Lol you all like ObamaCare now, more lies from that idiot, now making money off the poor. Everyone but liberals called it.

ObamaCareFacts.com on

You are connecting data points that don’t fully connect. Liberals expanded healthcare to tens of millions. Random jerks online created scam sites to grab people’s information and then call them. This page is trying to get to the bottom of the scammers, that has very little to do with the Affordable Care Act.

Victoria Olsen on

I filled out an inquiry form in Nevada 2 years ago and then tentatively signed up for California Care but it turned out I had insurance the whole time from my last teaching job.

I get thousands of calls and block 5 or 10 a day.

They use prefixes from places I have lived it is really creepy.
I have begged and begged to be taken off all these call lists as I went back to work and have 2 insurance plans!!!!

make it stop!!!

I signed up for the do not call registry and have three more calls this morning!

Jon Hall on

I get about 5 to 10 calls per day. Each time, I ask them to take me off their list, but they continue their script.. and act like they arent even listening.

Joyce Bell on

I simply requested quotes from healthc.gov without setting up account, and I’m being barraged with computer generated calls. I can’t opt out because I never set up account. This is frustrating.

ObamaCareFacts.com on

I assume you mean healthcare.gov? healthc.gov isn’t a website.

Can you double check and post the page which has the form that you filled out?

Josh on

I made the mistake of exploring other options when my marketplace premiums went up by a large percentage for 2017 coverage, and wound up being hammered with calls, most of which were selling fake insurance discount programs using predatory tactics. This year, I am now receiving multiple robocalls a day that seemingly come from my own area code and prefix (masking). I’ve even gotten calls from people on my prefix asking who I am and why I keep calling them, so they are obviously using my own number as a mask as well. It’s extremely frustrating, and I really wish officials would do something about this.

Cynthia Nesser on

I ONLY FILLed OUT INFO ON OBAMA CARE. HEALTHCARE.gov page. It’s rigged. i get 20 calls a day.

Glenn Corsini on

The answer does not address the problem! I absolutely NEVER completed any form or visited any site regarding Medicare or supplemental insurance plans! Simply stated, I will be turning 65 in 2018. Apparently, some state or federal agency is ultimately responsible for selling my personal information (or just putting it out for grabs). The fact is, I’ve had full Medicare benefits since January 1999 due to disability and I do not want supplemental insurance since it’s not in my budget. Despite these things, I receive numerous unwanted calls daily about signing up for Medicare and purchasing supplemental insurance. These calls are from all over the country. On several occasions I even got calls from Ontario, Canada – for MEDICARE????????!!!!!!! This has already been happening for months! I really can’t take it anymore! Make it stop! The Do Not Call Registry is bulls—t! How many times do you have to register to get it to work?

ObamaCareFacts.com on

Thanks for sharing. This is exactly the sort of comment we are looking for, a link with a description of what happened.

Mary Zaroka on

health insurance .org
received more than 10 phone calls from
have asked all to put me on no CALL list

Juanito Nospam on

Three weeks ago I signed up for information about Arizona health care options. Immediately my phone started ringing…5 or 10 calls every hour. The next day I logged 42 calls and 13 robo-voicemails. I kept asking to be taken off their lists and they wouldn’t listen…they would answer my request with a question seemingly not even listening to me. I was getting robocalls from finance companies, too. This went on for 3 weeks…100s of calls and wasted time and frustration until I finally came to the conclusion it wasn’t going to stop. Sadly, I disconnected the telephone # I have had for 14 years becasue it was becoming a full time job just to answer calls. The amount of time I had to spend on obamacare sales frenzy should be criminal.

Linda on

I created a healthcare.gov account a few years ago, and checked for a quote recently. I am already insured through an employer, I just wanted to see what it would cost on my own. Now I get calls from some robo-caller named “Anne” constantly. I can’t block the numbers as my phone will not let me reject calls. This is bordering on harassment and needs to stop.

Anne Leonard on

I can only blame myself here because I stupidly went to the wrong site. It’s not the heathcare.gov site.

obamacare-plans.com should be avoided at all costs. They resell your number and once sold, your have to tell the numerous third parties to stop calling.

John on

This is BULLSH**! I can’t remove my number for receiving calls for health insurance? It is horrible! I get calls all day long!!! Make them STOP!!!
“There is no simple remedy after your information has gotten into a lead generation and third-party marketing industry” Thanks Obamacare for turning over my phone number to thousands of telemarketers who harass me everyday all day long!!! I’m going to have to change my phone number because of this!

rosie zuniga on

I get phone calls nonstop and it was through healthcare.gov and it’s all automated calls and I block it and immediately another one calls and still automated then I try to call them back and it wasays the number that I am trying to reach is not a working number how do I stop this besides short of changing the number I’ve had forever….im in NM….

Jennifer on

$5B for the healthcare.gov website and they can’t keep people from hacking our information resulting in 30+ calls per day….that’s spectacular.

ObamaCareFacts.com on

Well that isn’t necessarily the case here. Sometimes it is as simple as filling out a form on a site that looks like the official website but isn’t. Still, I totally get the frustration.

Barbara on

This was seriously your answer? So how secure is the obamacare site? And who is selling or information to outsiders 3rd parties so we get in list calls A-day when we are following the law?

Your 1st thought should stop then how did the secure phone numbers get out of our governmental site?

Susan on

I signed up for Obamacare and was getting calls before I finished. I am computer savvy. If it is that easy to click on the wrong thing from the official site then you need to stop all ads 20 + calms is ridiculous. I am know going to have to change my number due to the Obama care site being booby trapped.

bob hart on

I tried to get a quote on the Obamacare site and was immediately slammed by phone calls, emails, and text messages. I never even got a quote.

Kate on

Same problem. I signed up for a quote on healthcare.gov. Had to put in my phone number because apparently getting a simple quote online wasn’t an option and it’s been a damn nightmare ever since. I’m getting multiple calls a day from all over the place. Block one number and they just use a new number. Tell them to take me off their list and they still call me. Register for do not call, still getting the calls. It’s bad enough that this nonsense was forced onto us in the first place but to then use it to make us victims of constant harrassing phone calls is beyond low.

Memre Savant on

I was looking at healthcare options for my son last October, and he’s still receiving at least 5 calls a day from health insurance people. There’s no way to block them, and it’s unrelenting. I don’t remember what site or anything about my search, but no one should have to deal with this

ObamaCareFacts.com on

Well that is annoying to say the least.

Destiny Cantoral on

I filled out a form looking for an estimate on Health Insurance 2 days ago and I have received phone calls nonstop ever since. I didn’t realize I would be getting information through a phone call and not via email. I have asked politely, respectully informed MULTIPLE callers that I wasn’t aware I’d be getting phone calls and not emailed information and been completely disrespected NUMEROUS amount of times, as well as my phone call being disconnected everytime I try to go as far as to explain why I would like to be removed from your call list. No business, call center, human being should call/receive 8 phone calls regarding the same thing in a maximum of 3 hours. I’m not sure who exactly would be able to change this for me but I would very much appreciate being removed. I’m interested in emails about information regarding this insurance but no more calls.

ObamaCareFacts.com on

It is very frustrating, make sure to see the information at the top of the page for some ideas of what can be done. We don’t have any control over this, this is just a page to help people understand what is happening and to allow them to share their experience.

Jane do on

Thisis helpful but does not eliminate the calls. I have blocked dozens of calls and I am still getting calls. I answered one last night and poiitely told the caller that I was no longer in the market for insurance. She spoke over me and demanded information. I had to hang up on her only after shouting at her to STOP CALLING ME.

Ben on

This happens because government health insurance websites don’t just give you a list of plans. Instead, they insist on selling over the phone, which is insanely inconvenient for a consumer.

Jamie on

This should be against the law.. 40+ calls a day. Apply 1 time at blue cross blue shield, and calls from across the globe come in non stop..

Darlene on

Someone disclosed my name and cell phone number to where I’m now receiving calls everyday for healthcare which I have NO need for. I never filled out any kind of form for coverage. My “Block List” on my cell is now up in the 100’s. This is honestly driving me nuts. PLEASE MAKE IT STOP!

Amy Bullock on

The only thing Obama did in office….I’m sick of the call9

Ana F Escobar on

I no longer want calls. I will make call when need of services. Please remove my contact info.

ObamaCareFacts.com on

Please review the information at the top of the page. This isn’t the right place to make a request like that 🙂

John Dotter on


Miranda on

The fact that there’s nothing to be done about people who provided a phony number just makes me so angry. Some “Hugh” used my number and I am receiving calls nonstop. I’ve never filled out any application for healthcare – I have healthcare! How was there not a text verification system for this!! It’s never going to end because all the numbers are different. I don’t want to change my number just because Hugh is an a**hole!

slunie on

I kept getting phone calls from obama-enroll.org. I told them to stop and right after I did that they said No problem and then they called again. And they called with different numbers. I kept getting different numbers calling me, like wtf? They even lied to me saying that the website was having problems that’s why they called me. But then proceeded to say the work on July 4th because on July 5th the plans were gonna change or something. If that’s true, than why the F$#*# are they contacting me on July 5th?

The website was an AD anyways. My dumb fault for accidentally putting my real phone number on it.

ObamaCareFacts.com on

Sounds very scammy. I would never give anyone any information on a call like that. Instead follow the steps above.

Lynn Pence on

Doesn’t really help stop this and it is very annoying. I would almost like to change my phone number! We needed health insurance, that was the case but why not have a verified number to call for information? Discourage web sites.

Erica Douge on

I requested info for Healthcare.gov 5 years ago. Fast-forward to now, I have gotten so many harassing phone calls from the same companies over the past 3 months that I’m going to have to change my phone number. I ignored the calls for awhile. I started answering and requesting that they stop calling me, but they won’t stop. They’re now calling from spoof numbers since I blocked them. Insurance Quotes Direct is the main company that calls repeatedly. Or at least that’s what they call themselves. I’ve maintained insurance through my employer for the past 3 years so I’ve told them that it’s not necessary. They ignored this. I’m not sure if they are affiliated with healthcare.gov or not, but someone needs to do something about them.

Elizabeth Fargo on

i filled out a form looking for information about cobra. after this i received two calls within 10 seconds and another 6 calls within 5 minutes. To one of them I said “i’ve received 6 calls within 5 minutes of filling this out and you all say the exact same thing” and he just hung up. Very shady and scammy. health-plan-finder.com

David Loibl on

I did not sign up for calls but have been told that someone else used my number and now I’ve gotten 15+ calls in two days. Is there any remedy for this?

ObamaCareFacts.com on

We posted the best information we found at the top of the page. Reporting does help in general to remedy the issue for the collective, but there isn’t a ton that will fix an individual’s problem. In other words, those selling leads do get hit with lawsuits, but that generally doesn’t fix an individuals issues. Still better to go through the steps than to not.

Idonttrusttoputmyinfoanymore on

Every time i get a call from these spam health care i go in and fill out another form, but use their number instead. You want to call me 50+ times a day? Alright. Ill play your game.

ObamaCareFacts.com on

That is awesome.

Cindy Merrill on

None of your suggestions are working- the bastards call us up late at night, by the way.
We’re seriously considering changing our phone number.
From now on, when I need health care, I’ll just go to an ER with no ID and give them a fake address: Illegal immigrants get away with it, so I don’t see why I can’t.

robert stahl on

i filled out a questonaire from either aflac or affordable health care and these insurance companies wont stop calling me. im pissed. the wake me up in the morning and call through out the day with local numbers that you cant call back. there relentless. im pissed off. i want them to stop calling me. i already have united health care insurance and was just looking for different coverage. well i just called my insurance company and they said ive been approved for my dental. so i dont need other insurance. can you please help me out.

ObamaCareFacts.com on

The best advice we have is posted above. Hope that helps.

Amy Lynn Porath on

Thank you. I bookmarked,all info was helpful!!

Gary Fry on

I went to the required Colorado Web site for ACA enrollment information. My phone number was REQUIRED to be entered to proceed. I have received more than 25 calls originating from multiple states and also texts saying that, “You are probably receiving a lot of calls now, so I texted you. I am local.”

I don’t believe the calls/texts are phony, I believe it is a result of the system in place, which is quite poorly structured. I took two of the calls and asked for information about the plan that they found for me. They said, “I can’t send you information about the plan, until you enroll.”

I have insurance currently and was looking for a better option. Well, with this system, it is impossible to determine a better option. It is not set up as a competitive, free market system. I should be able to compare benefits and prices. Competition is a good thing, and the consumers should be provided the basic resources needed to be informed deciders in the market. By design, the system prevents one being an informed consumer.

ObamaCareFacts.com on

You should report this to the Colorado website at least. Otherwise I hope the information above gives you some insight into what you can do.

MC on

I know this is an old posting but I have insurance thru healthcare.gov. I’m trying to find something different because the monthly amount is going up. I received an email that took me here: trump-healthcare-plans dot com [note: edited link to avoid linking to a scammy site]
I filled the form for a quote and it sent me to health insurance dot net [note: edited link to avoid linking to a scammy site]. As soon as I clicked the submit button the calls started. It is call after call after call. They are not the same number but some of the numbers are similar. I stepped away from my desk at work today for 45 minutes. I had 6 missed calls. In just 45 minutes. That’s crazy. It’s unbarable. There should be a way to stop it.

ObamaCareFacts.com on

Unfortunately there has been a lot of these for years. It gives the good players a bad name, and it gives good people a real headache. This sort of lead form to robocall pipeline is common in insurance, mortgages, and a few other high cost areas of life people search for online.

Wish there was some way to share this page with people before it happened…

Anyway, hopefully the steps above help you to some degree. Thanks for sharing.

NOTE: I edited the links above to share your comment without linking off to these scam sites 🙂

Alyssa on

My partner accidentally confused healthcare dot com [edited to avoid linking to this site] with healthcare.gov and has been harassed with phone calls. Almost a call every hour from the morning until the evening. It feels like we are being harassed! We were told that we have to answer every call and tell them to take us off the call list because his number has been sent to many different companies. From the reviews I’ve read, many other people are making the same mistake and are very upset. Their website is misleading and is taking advantage of people trying to navigate the already difficult health care system.

Alyssa on

I think from this comment section a lot of people are getting healthcare dot com [edited] confused with healthcare.GOV

They are VERY VERY different websites! One is a TOTAL SPAM!! I am insured with healthcare.gov and am so grateful to have insurance through them. It’s an easy website to navigate and they don’t sell your number to third-party websites. My partner accidentally thought he was on the government website and wasn’t and is receiving nonstop harassing phone calls.

CHECK YOUR URL!! If it doesn’t end in .GOV then you are NOT on a government website!!

d sniban on

Hastings PA. 1-814-247-2143 will mot stop calling

John K. on

Got a call from 814-247-2143 too. I see it’s already reported to the FTC https://www.reportedcalls.com/8142472143

Does anyone know what actions FTC takes after receiving a complaint?

Jessica on

Lol I just tried to change my password and listened to 10 minutes of “sweepstakes and offers” after asking for credit card info. I obviously didn’t give it…and the number was on a .gov website. What a joke. Repeal this nonsense..

ObamaCareFacts.com on

So that doesn’t sound right. In fact, it sounds very wrong. I would love to explore this, but I would need you to copy and paste the URL of the website you used and the number you called so I can retrace your steps!

Michael Benser on

Someone entered my information into your website *to help my situation* because i currently do not have insurance due to a misunderstanding. And now within a couple hours I have received about 20 calls and it is preventing me from using my phone properly.

I put my number on the no call registry twice now and I’m still getting calls off the hook.

Should I just concede and get a new phone and number?

ObamaCareFacts.com on

In general you don’t need to get a new phone number when this happens. Instead, just follow the advice above and generally don’t respond to the calls.

When you don’t respond, the calls tend to die out.

Now with that said, I don’t think it was “our site” and hopefully it wasn’t “HealthCare.Gov.” Although nothing is impossible, both US and HealthCare.Gov take measures to ensure against people getting spam phone calls.

Generally to get spam phone calls you have to have your info passed along to people who do robo calls, and that generally happens when you fill out a lead form online on a site that is willing to sell your info.

Now, that said, if these did come from literally us or HealthCare.gov, I would love to know every detail I can so I can track down the root of the problem and address it on our end or inform someone on the HealthCare.gov end. Spam phone calls are bad practices and I’m happy to do everything I can to help the good players ensure against them. 🙂

Katherine Fallon on

I only filled out a form for quotes on HealthCare.gov and it’s been a year of relentless calling. Not only that, but I got a fake bill from Ambetter claiming I owed them money for my first premium payment asap. I never signed up with Ambetter. Yes, I reported that, but I never did anything more than browse Bronze plans, so that right there is downright alarming. Who knows how many people Ambetter has scammed after they browsed Heathcare.gov.
The amazing thing is I live in Brazil 9 months out of the year, and even when I’ve turned Cell Data off and can’t get regular phone calls, they are STILL able to call me? How on earth am I getting a sales pitch call with no cell data when I’m in the hills of Brazil, no internet, no service, and nobody else can call?

ObamaCareFacts.com on

That is not good. So there are a few cases I’ve heard of where info from Healthcare.Gov was leaked to scammers. I think one case people got busted. So it isn’t impossible. But you really should report this to HealthCare.Gov so they can investigate.

That said, it is rare with them and more common with lead forms online not run by the government (because it requires bad actors). Is there any chance you misread the name of the site?

Anyway, the problem in the here and now is best dealt with using the methods above.

Otherwise, trust me, everyone here has my sympathy. I get these calls too. Which is very annoying. Also, these people who call are the scammers in the industry I’m working in, and so it hits extra close to home. Trust me. These people are my pet peeve, I really do have sympathy!

David McCullough on

I also went to Healtcare.gov just to get a quote before adding my husband to my employer sponsored insurance… and yes, I immediately received several calls that day,from all over the country… which has continued for the past 2 weeks. Upon reviewing the comments here on this site, I found this comment that reflects my experience with Healthcare.gove: “In Alabama, you MUST click-on the box that states permission is granted to have insurance “agents” contact you. It is a “required field”, otherwise, the application is rejected. I do not click-on any ads. I have not received much spam Emails, however I have encountered many junk phone calls.”

ObamaCareFacts.com on

Make sure to let the marketplace know as well. If a bad actor is reselling leads, reporting it can lead to it being dealt with.

David McCullough on

I forgot to put these phone numbers in my previous comment:
Pennsylvania, PA 484-667-2189 / 484-667-2123 / 484-667-2100 / 484-667-2109 / 484-667-2052 / 484-667-2030 / 484-667-2015 / 484-667-2012 / 267-756-2349 / 267-759-2341 / 267-756-2320 / 267-756-2267 / 267-756-2223 / 267-456-2206 / 267-756-2180 / 267-756-2178 / 267-756-2156 / 267-756-2152 / 267-756-2139 + a few calls from Alabama. And yes, I will be reporting these on the FTC.gov’s website.

ObamaCareFacts.com on

Absolutely do report them!

Michelle M Nixon on

I have gotten and blocked over 167 called in the last 24 hours after attempting to research health insurance on the market place. Not to mention around 15 text messages. I am so very angry. I would rather pay out of pocket for my medical than to ever deal with this harassment while I am trying to work, sleep and care for my children. My nerves are raw at this point, hearing my phone ring over and over. My battery is dying faster than ever. I have 4 kids who need to get a a hold of me and I cannot just turn it off or down. This is absolutely despicable and I will never use this service again and if I get penalized for not having health insurance I am going to invoice the government for my time wasted in answering, blocking and generally getting interrupted with these calls. Do a better job guys! You insist we have medical coverage then allow us to get bombarded with this bullshit. Where is your securities team? Lock down the damn website. This is ridiculous!

ObamaCareFacts.com on

Thank you for sharing your story. Remember the official marketplace is HealthCare.Gov. If you entered your information and then had problems you should report this to the marketplace. This is especially true if you used a state marketplace. The more people who file specific complaints, the easier it will be to investigate potential bad actors.

Fae on

They can’t do this to you if you list 5555555555 as your phone number.

Beth Schindler on

how do I stop the calls when someone else used my phone number? I am not even the person that requested the information. Do I have any options?

ObamaCareFacts.com on

That is situation is annoying, but we don’t have any advice beyond what we have posted above.


Same thing is happening to me as well. I only asked for a quote through Healthcare.gov, and for three months have received relentless phone calls from all over the country. But recently something really creepy has started to happen, where the calls are coming from numbers that closely mimick some of my most-called phone numbers in my contacts. I just broke down in frustration after getting into an argument with a nasty individual who called seeking more information from me. I can’t believe this is allowed to happen.

Karen Miller on

I went to the marketplace website to review insurance and sign up. I had to fill out a “form” prior to being allowed to see the options. I signed up after Reviewing online and paying. My phone rang solidly for and your and since then every 10 minutes. I could not get ONLINE quotes without completing the form so it seems as if this is a broken process that can be done better. I just want it to stop and to read that I have to suffer through this is disgusting. I wish I had gone through a direct website and paid more. Less hassel.

Nicholas on

If your reading this comment: My advice to you is to NEVER give your number out to the health care insurance quote website. If you do you will receive call after, call after, call all day long. It’s a night mare I’m still receiving calls after weeks of searching for an online quote for health insurance. I’ve asked them to stop calling and it won’t quit. What pisses me off is now they are even calling my job and that’s when I started asking for supervisors and they just hung up. I’m close to changing my damn number it’s so bad.

David Breard on

Tried this site almost 5 years ago now. Since then I get at least 2 calls per day stating how they can save me money on my insurance. But none actually can as it’s usually way more expensive.
I cant block thier number and they all State I agreed to this when I registered to the obamacare site. This is absolute harassment at it’s worst. I can’t make it stop, my only course of action would be to change numbers.
This needs to be made right.

ObamaCareFacts.com on

It is always good to copy down the URL of the site you filled the form out on so you can report it. If it was on the HealthCare.Gov site, then you should report it to them. Unfortunately this sort of spam is a problem (hence the page). Make sure to read the information at the top of the page for potential solutions.

Michele D Robinson on

I filled out a form on Affordable Healthcare 123 not realizing it wasn’t the .org site. The next day calls started coming in back to back to back, so much so that I started blocking calls. Pay attention, I have learned a great lesson, pay attention, because now I don’t know who has my phone number and I have no way to stop these people from calling me.

Kim Karnes on

I got an email about trumpcare. So I wanted to just get a little info on what it would cost me. never wanted to commit to anything. And before I could even finish filling out the forms the calls started it’s been 48 hours and I’ve had at least a hundred calls early in the morning wake me up before I’m ready to get up. I cannot silence my phone I work from my phone I need to hear my phone ringing. I blocked a number a new number comes up constantly this is ridiculous I have had the same number since 1999 I cannot change my number for my business. This practice should be completely illegal

Grant on

20-30 calls a day. Absolute nightmare. ACA is an absolute joke anyhow… $650/month and a $6,300 deductible? With physicals every year, I’ve spent $3,000 on healthcare in the last 6 years! I sure hope people feel good about “free stuff for everyone!” because people who work get screwed.

John on

Healthcare.org said I could get quotes. Clicking the link lead me to affordablehealthplans.org. I entered contact info thinking the process would be similar to healthcare.gov. Not so. Landing page just had more links to ask for quotes. Then a few seconds later I got about 10 calls with in two minutes. And texts and emails. Still getting them frequently.

Steve Bruce on

This Obama care is awful. In order for us minions is to go on healthcare.gov. The only way is to put a phone number for them to call you, not for you to call them. After you do that, THROW THAT PHONE AWAY!!!!!! It’s no longer any good. Mine was my personal business phone which ruined me. It rings 24 /7 with every fake insurance company out there., most are not comprehensive coverage, so you better ask. They’re only discount clubs. I’m ruined. I can’t change my number, I have to have this number to make a living. Signed, Sad Steve


Signed up for covered california and have been FLOODED with calls in the last two hours. Help!!!!!

ObamaCareFacts.com on

If you signed up on the site I would report it directly to Covered CA immediately!

Peter on

I keep getting calls from 814-247-2143 as well. I checked it out and people are complaining about it on other sites as well: https://checkwhocalled.com/phone-number/1-814-247-2143.

Jen Simpson on

Someone named Juan filled out an inquiry, however included my cell number. The amount of calls, voicemails and texts that I am getting per day is beyond frustrating. I am at the point where I may need to change my number that i have had for over 15 years. Some of the people are rude and calling from all over the country which makes it impossible to block. I NEVER filled out an inquiry form. .

Andrea on

Last week I got a text thanking me for registering with Obamacare. (Which is false. I live in Canada. Why would I register with US health care?????). So I am guessing it’s some sort of scam?

Now I am getting several phone calls per day on my cell phone {Ugh!). Every time I ask the same thing. “Why are you calling a Canadian when trying to sell US Insurance???” Each time they just hang up. But the calls keep coming :/

Irritated AF on

In an attempt to find my disabled brother “affordable” insurance (Lol) I am getting SLAMMED with calls. Since 11:40am to current (2:53pm) I have received over 50 calls and they haven’t stopped. WTF?! This is ludacris and a violation of my rights. I did not say I could be contacted by phone – email only. Abuse at its finest! Thanks Obama for the “affordable” health care (Pffft) and for allowing this BS to happen.

Thera on

This is ridiculous as a fraud and collections agent we are authorized to stop calling an individual when they state “they do not want to be contacted.” Yet these people are relentless and when I ask for more information they still HANG UP so what is the f*****g point ! I say we all sue I’m going to look into finding a lawyer who will take on a suit because this is absolutely HARASSMENT. Cell phones were made to assist people, having the convenience to reach loved ones in case of an emergency, these calls are going against the entire objective of a cell phone. My phone is currently on silent at all times and that leads to me missing bank calls reporting me of fraud on my cards, hospital testing outcomes and etc.

Jack on

100s of calls, who are these scammers?

Vance on

I went to https://www.obamacare-plans.com/ which then sent me to firstquotehealth.com — since then I’ve been getting a lot of calls. The first day was maddening. I guess I’ll just have to deal with the consequences of signing up for what I thought was the ACA. I don’t understand why these sites are allowed to buy priority placement on google.

NOT Camilo Lopez on

Someone entered my phone number erroneously and I am now getting hundreds of calls from bottom feeding scum trying to sell me “affordable” health insurance. I cannot get them to stop calling. Look, I am not Camilo Lopez and I do not want what you are selling. My phone number is and has been on the national do not call registry since its inception.

Carolyn on

They re refuse for us to use Obama care will redirect to another site

ObamaCareFacts.com on

I don’t fully understand this comment. If you clarify I would be happy to advise.

John on

I got a letter to call it but it’s just scam to get you to file some kind of bankruptcy to low your bills.


Sharon on

I am getting 15 calls a day and they sometimes come from the same city with multiple numbers. All I did was fill out the ACA info to get health insurance. This is ridiculous! FTC please step in!!!!!

Lea on

I also recently was just trying to get a quote from your website. And now have had relentless phone calls for 3+ months to the point where I may have to change my phone number…calls at all hours of the day etc.

Jennifer on

The exact same thing happened to me as everyone else. About 49 calls in three hours. However, I decided to double check what site I went to and it looks like I clicked the promoted site at the top for Obamacare plans.com that leads to health insurance.net the actual legitamine site (healthcare.gov) was two options below on the google search return.
I’m already enlisted I do not call registry so now I have to figure out how to get my number removed which by the look of the comments seems close to impossible!

Bryant on


Go to https://www.healthcare.com/contact
Then submit a “DO NOT CONTACT” request. You have to put the same email you did when you signed up. They will remove you from the list. You can also email [email protected] with the subject “DNC Request Error” and let them know to remove you.

CoCo on

I get calls everyday for the past three months, and today I had enough. I had a call from someone name Estaben from North Miami, Fl. I told him repeatedly not to call or text me again. I blocked the first phone number that he contacted me from, which was 786-563-0896, he than contacted me right after being blocked from a number 786-506-7400. I told him I was going to call the police and he never text back again. I shouldn’t have to threat someone who is contacting me, after I repeatedly asked to be removed

Name on

ObamacareUSA dot org

I get endless calls. Will probably have to change my cell phone number I’ve had for over 20 years.

Eric Jefferson on

I am receiving a ton of calls and text about healthcare coverage that I am no longer interested in. Please put me on a do not call list. Here’s the site:

healthplans dot com

Rodden on

NO! This is an unacceptable explanation!
What you need to have is a box that people check if they want phone calls from various companies.

Reselling our information is a dark practice. Not even five minutes after I filled in my information on the site, I am getting calls back to back.

Fix it!

ObamaCareFacts.com on

Well we fully agree, but we don’t partake in this practice, we are simply trying to shed light on it. We can’t control what other people outside of our site and those we choose to partner with do.

D. P. on

Never ever give your number to the covered California website, I did just to get a quick quote and I’m getting bombarded with calls from insurance agents 20+ per day, and they won’t stop, my next move is to get TMobile to change my number.

Jee Young Moon on

Hi, I am from California and I filled out to get a quote from obamacare and now my phone is on fire with bunch of telemarketers EVEN AFTER I ENLISTED ON DO NOT CALL REGISTRY

Here is the link where I filled out my info on:


Hailey on

texas-ppo-plans dot com
This is the website I clicked on. When I signed up for a quote I thought they were going to send like stuff in the mail or email but I keep getting calls. I shouldn’t be getting 28 calls per hour. The only reason why I did this was to shop around.

Anna Spencer on

I signed up for a quote online for health care, just figured it would be a simple search for an average cost, they are bombarding me with phone calls. I used Google abd chose this link ‘obamacareplans dot com [removed longtail for user anonymity]’

craig L rosa on

I’ve received over 65 calls in 3 days. I files a complaint with the FTC I’ve asked the callers to take me off the list, I’m on the do not call list yet I keep getting harassed. They cuss you out they hang up and call back. I only asked for a quote now I’m dealing with this BS because of Obamacare. Before it was in effect I had good medical and no Crazy people calling me all the time,Worst idea ever should be eliminated just because you people can’t keep control of what you started.

Charlotte Wheeler on

I have never signed up for healthcare options. Im getting almost a hundred calls in a day. I want to know how my information was put out there. I have health insurance already.

marie on

I have been receiving calls now for the past year. I only needed one month coverage and even declined that quote. I am getting dozens of calls weekly and it’s annoying. I have repeatedly asked to be removed from the call list, but obviously they are not. they do use a new number every time they call me. I block each one to no avail.

B. on

Good Morning,
I registered on this site obamacareusa .org . (I thought my COBRA was expiring at the end of December. I found my COBRA letter and found out it doesn’t expire until next September.) I then entered my zip code and then when the next page came up (Step 2) it asked for some basic information, Gender, DOB, Am I pregnant or adopting a child, and if I am a tobacco user. with several other questions about health conditions and why I was applying for health insurance . At the bottom of the page it asked for my contact information and Household Income for 2020. I would be greatly appreciative if my name and information could be removed from this site, and my “application” cancelled.
Thank you in advance for your help.

ObamaCareFacts.com on

We can’t remove information from other people’s websites, in general here is the deal though: When you fill out a web form with a reputable company they have that lead or that lead is given to one partner (eHealth might keep it, a reputable informational site might give it to an entity like eHealth). In such a case you could contact the site you signed up on and let them know you would like your information removed. I am not familiar enough with ObamaCareUSA to know their practices.

You can find their contact form at the bottom of their page. They may be able to help if you contact them.

mark johnston on

The real problem is when someone else requests information but then adds in a random number so that they don’t get calls and that random number happens to be your number. Very frustrating and it seems there is nothing you can do. I suppose you could pull this prank on your worst enemy. But your would have to really hate them.

Rachel Dawson on

I filled out information on Obamacareplans. The page that loaded fave multiple quotes. I clicked on one of the sites presented on the obamacareplans.com website.
Took me to: quote.firstquotehealth
Took me to: blueskycoverage

15 calls since last night, multiple text messages. I’ve asked multiple agents to remove me from the Blue sky list.

ObamaCareFacts.com on

The Obamacareplans website comes up a lot on this page. Obviously, we stand against bad practices when it comes to reselling leads (it is something everyone has the choice to do, but only some actually do… it hurts the industry and the customer in exchange for a quick buck; not cool).

Thank you for sharing, maybe it’ll help others who research before they fill out a form with them. That is one thing I like about this page, over the years it has become a long list of websites that have chosen to do things the easy way instead of the right way.

Branden Jones on

These people are telling the truth. I am CERTAIN I only signed up through Healthcare.gov and used my number while looking for healthcare for my wife. Thankfully I used my number so I’m the one spammed constantly instead of her. All calls are from different agencies, all with their own “list” of numbers to cold-call. So “removing me from the call list” just scratches out my name from their individual list. This is a real issue -person who replies to these comments. Additionally there is NO direct call number to Healthcare.gov to address the issue. Only more lines for brokers about insurance. THIS IS REAL AND THEY ARE FARMING OUT OUR NUMBERS. THERE IS TRANSPARENCY FROM THE PEOPLE RECEIVING THE ISSUE AND WE ARE ALL HELPLESS AGAINST IT.

ObamaCareFacts.com on

If you legit had this happen you should report it. If someone resold information from healthcare.gov they could get in big trouble, and I am very sure reporting to healthcare.gov would be appreciated. They do not in any way shape or form just sell or farm out data as a rule of thumb, if it happened it was a bad actor and reporting it helps stop it.

Do Note Share my name on

I’m on the DO NOT CALL list, yet Healthcare.gov has been calling and calling and calling.

They called to remind us to sign up. About 15 calls.

They called to confirm we signed up. 2 calls.

They called to say we hadn’t paid for the new plan … but we haven’t received a bill for the new plan and don’t know where to send the check. We don’t pay anything based on freakin’ spam emails or spam phone calls. Put it on paper. Put it into the USPS. We’ll pay when that happens.

Seems there are a bunch if idiots running the ACA website.

ObamaCareFacts.com on

You would pay the insurer, not HealthCare.gov. So contact the insurer to figure out what is going on. You can also call healthcare.gov directly and ask them. If it is the case that something is wrong, you can find out that way and feel confident in knowing it is good information and not a spam call.

Nafisa Hasna on

I filled out a form on the website FirstQuoteHealth New Jersey and now I am getting 10 calls per hour. Is there any way I can stop it?

ObamaCareFacts.com on

Our best advice is posted at the top of the page, but if anyone knows anything please leave a comment 🙂

Paige on

I was looking to see how much insurance will cost me in 4 years just for future knowledge. I trusted the Obama care website so I filled it out and without me knowing it transferred me to different websites which I have deleted from my history incase of cookies. If I remember correctly it was one website that looked similar to this one. I got more than 20 calls in 15 minutes and I had to block them all, every once in a while I get a new phone call. I answered two or 3 and told them I don’t want what they’re selling. I’m just worried it won’t stop and now they have some personal information. I’m also on the Do Not Call List. This happened today, not sure what to do about it.

ObamaCareFacts.com on

I can say with confidence it wouldn’t be our website. This shouldn’t have happened with HealthCare.Gov either. Although all this said, we know this is a general issue online so I have no doubt this happened to you. Report the number, and if you can find the website again report them.

Tayne Smith on

I went on to nys of health and applied for health ins quotes. Now I have gotten phone calls and texts from multiple “insurance agents”. I block the phone numbers on my phone and am on the DO NOT CALL registry. They call from different phone numbers after I block them. It is ridiculous how many calls I am receiving. I get up to 45 a day each day. Please help

Stan on

The spam calls are relentless
Do not be fooled as I was.

Nicholas J Hall on

I was looking for healthcare and filled out the info on www://healthcare.gov. Now I keep getting calls. I received the first one 2 minutes after I hit send. This is ridiculous. They are relentless. I don’t know how to get them to stop. You can block them but they use 1000’s of numbers to get to you.

Maria Jolicoeur on

It is too bad insurance companies make unwanted phone calls for business and invade on our privacy. I got the same thing from Aetna asking if I want a visiting nurse come visit. I told them that I do not need a visiting nurse! A A poor guy in a wheel chair that was having surgery on his leg told me that he cannot find a visiting for when he comes home from the hospital!

SueL on

We had a tenant who lived with us and used my landline phone number for an insurance query. Now the insurance calls are relentless!!! Don’t know the website he used but this is brutal and has been going on for months. He has since moved out and I am stuck with this spam. I am on the Do Not Call list but it doesn’t matter.

Kerri on

I stupidly went through directhealthinsurance dot com. I can’t tell you why I didn’t try the first search result, but I am kicking my butt for it now. I am an avid music listener during the day while I shower and do housework, but not now. I have become an avid ringtone listener the Friday I tried finding out insurance prices, got a lovely quiet weekend, only to be reminded again of my problem. It makes me regret getting married and having to worry about my insurance now.

Hannah on

I’m having the same issue except I can’t figure out which site I put my info into. It’s relentless. I’m afraid that I’ll miss important calls because I now have to have my phone send unrecognized numbers to a silent call. I’m getting 6-10 calls a day for about a month now. When I do answer them and ask them to put me on their “no call list” they say that I gave them my info. I did not! But they won’t tell me what company did. I can’t figure out who it was that sold my info but now it’s in the hands of hundreds of companies. I got private healthcare insurance but at what cost. I’m afraid I’m going to have to change my phone number.

Deedee Tapp on

Obamacareplans dot com as soon as I hit enter the calls started one after another every few minutes for hours. It’s ridiculous if this is legal.

ObamaCareFacts.com on

Whenever you know the site’s name do what you can to report them. That is my opinion on the matter.

Plutonian Fire on

That’s a pretty long, convoluted and lame response to a straightforward question: “how do I make it stop?

The response goes on and on about the “do not call registry” but deftly sidesteps the question of whether the “do not call registry” even applies in the gray area where someone may have requested health insurance information from one source only to have their personal information sold to countless other sources.

Bottom line altogether ignored in the response above is that there is nothing that can be done to “make it stop”

ObamaCareFacts.com on

It isn’t exactly like that. There is no way to just “make it stop.” Instead, there are steps you can take that can help. If we had a surefire way to make any spam phonecall stop, the world would be a better place 🙂


There needs to be a way to check on what your health insurance costs would be without being assaulted by 12 phone calls in half an hour.

ObamaCareFacts.com on

Yes, there is. You can use our partners on our site. A reputable site like ehealth. Or of course, use healthcare.gov. It is just some of these other sites that do that. 🙂

Nicole Long on

This site is awful it calls you relentlessly and they hang up in your face when you ask to be removed! WARNING DO NOT SIGN UP FOR THE QUOTES!!!! They are rude and this is the worst business available.

Sawyer on

pickhealthinsurance has sold my number and I get calls all day, I am a licensed agent in 30 states and none of them have mentioned their license, disclosed call recording, or which company they represent. Many of them are outsourced CSR that are likely unlicensed.

I have emailed them a cease and desist letter as well as registered on the do not call list, threatened to take them to small claims, so we’ll see if it works.

Jay on

Got a quote from Healthinsurance dot net through Pickhealthinsurance dot com and now won’t stop calling me! Dozens of calls in just a few minutes!

ObamaCareFacts.com on

Sorry to hear this, but typical.

Santos Sosa on

Healthinsurance dot net has led to 12 spam calls in less than 12 hours. I’m probably going to have to change my number.

Zack on

Also contact the States Attorney office in your state. They have a business investigation section that will go after people who are behind these Medicare callers

Mark on

I thought I was on ACA site to search for health plans, instead I was on: healthexchangeusa .net
from there site I looked at plans from:
affordablehealthplans .org
join.molinahealthcare .com
quote.firstquotehealth .com
nationalfamily .com
healthsherpa .com
I looked at plans last night. since 8:00am I have been getting aprox. 15 calls an hour.
Something needs to be done to stop these unscrupulous companies from selling our numbers. Something more needs to be done about spam calls anyway.

ObamaCareFacts.com on

Very sorry to hear it, some of these seem more likely to be the culprit than others, but unfortunately there is no way to know just by looking at the sites. That said, it is for sure not Molina, they are a health insurance company and it is likely not health sherpa, as they are I believe a more upstanding company for example. Likely the dot net or the quote one. My gut says that dot net one is the reseller. Thing that really stings here is why you got confused. You got confused, I’m sure, because it was at the top of search, right? So whatever engine you used, it is sad that there isn’t a better way to do quality control when it comes to paid search.

George Zimmerman on

I wanted to learn more about Obama/ Affordable care act, but to get any usable info, the web site required my info.
That’s when I started getting 5 to 10 robot calls a day and text messages from insurance agents coast to coast.
I’ve texted back “NO NOT INTERESTED” and that slowed down the texts. But the auto dialing robots are unstoppable. I’ve answered the phone, told the robot I’d like to speak with an agent, and then they hang up on me.
When I go through all the robot steps to talk to an agent, so I can ask them to stop calling me, a strange thing has happened, my call gets disconnected.
I’ve come to the conclusion that there are “insurance agents” that are cashing in on just making robot calls. I don’t think their trying to sell Obama care, I think they’re charging the government for endless robot calls that they don’t monitor or intend on answering.

Jodi Riggins on

I didn’t sign up for anything or request anything but I’m getting inundated with spam health insurance texts.

ObamaCareFacts.com on

That is frustrating. Best advice is at the top of the page.

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T. on

I am already on the Do Not Call Registry! And the only site I gave my phone number to is the Healthcare.org site!!! Now my phone is ringing every 3 minutes today while I am at work and home with offers for healthcare! Even though I successfully signed up for healthcare from a valid plan from the Healthcare.org website. I need my phone for work. I see many, many others have had this same issue once I looked into it. This is not a normal byproduct of doing business, this is straight up selling our private information and data and not caring! We are not stupid. DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!!!

Barbie Jones on

I keep getting so many calls. I want them to stop Please unsubscribe me.

ObamaCareFacts.com on

We can’t unsubscribe you. Double-check the information on this page for tips on what to do and why the calls are happening!